The city was desolate, not a single creature moving around within its walls. Well, not living anyways. Instead, corpses walked the ruined buildings, killing any breathing thing they came across.

Vrykolas, Danny thought in disgust as he stood atop an abandoned radio tower. The spidery creatures infected all they feasted on, turning any victim into another mindless flesh eater. The things had spread all over the planet, causing most of the population to drop to less than 2,000, or at least that's what Danny guessed.

The raven haired teen looked to the black sky. He wondered if Sam and Tucker were seeing the same clouds, if they were-

He paused in his thoughts. Did he hear something? Danny held his breath, turning up his ghost hearing to catch whatever sound was being called.

"...-elp!" Echoed through the city, and he was sure he'd heard it this time.

"Someone! Anyone, help!" The voice called again.

Danny, being the hero he was, was going to do just that. "I'm going ghost!" He shouted, throwing his arms up in transformation.

He felt the cool rings flow over his body and opened his newly glowing green eyes. His clothes were replaced with a black hazmat suit and white boots and gloves.

Danny frowned at the crying voice. "I'm coming," he muttered before blasting off into the sky. He trailed the voice, noting the huge amount of vrykolas that had been alerted as well. When he found the owner of the voice, though, his eyes widened.

The person in distress was an African American, and she wore a yellow t-shirt with a black jacket and jeans. That wasn't the most surprising thing though. It was her face. It was... familiar.

He shook his head as he heard her cry out again, backing against a wall as the flesh eaters inched closer. The halfa shot at the vrys, each time hitting them in the head and causing its brains to splatter onto the pavement.

"Aww yeah, headshot," he said to no one in particular as he landed in front of the girl, his back facing her.

The young woman was silent for a moment and he felt shock radiating off of her. "...Phantom?" The girl whispered incredulously.

Danny turned around, grinning nervously. "Hey, Valerie," he answered, rubbing the back of his neck.

She stared at him, stupefied, the her eyes widened as she pointed at something behind him. "Look out!" She cried.

He spun back around, an ecto beam charged in his right hand. He was too slow though, for the moment he saw the creature, it lunged.

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