Screaming. There was someone screaming. Valerie shot up from her bundle of sheets, holding her crossbow like a bludgeoning tool. The person sounded like they were in real pain.

Cautiously, she untangled herself. She didn't remember anyone else that was with her... Wait. Phantom! She ran to the front of the store, where the cries were coming from. There, she found the white haired teen.

He was thrashing, and bioluminescent tears leaked from his eyes. He was obviously in pain, but from what, she didn't know. Valerie dropped her weapon and inched closer to the boy.

By now, her was curled into a ball, his glowing aura dimming by the second. "Make it stop," he whimpered, holding his head. Valerie paused. Stop what?

He screamed again, but this time, green soundwaves came out of his mouth. The young woman cried out as she was thrown against a wall. She covered her ears to block out the wail, which barely did her any good. The noise sounded like death and she was sure that it shattered the glass windows at the front of the building.

The cry went as quickly as it came though, and Valerie heard an audible thump of something falling to the floor. She opened her eyes and gaped at her surroundings. All of the store was in ruins, and in the middle of it laid Phantom.

He was unconscious, and his appearance had changed drastically since she had last looked at him. His pure white glow was now laced with green and his clothes were torn. He no longer had fingers, but long, needle-like claws. And his body? His entire body had grown at least by five feet, with spidery limbs that reminded her of the corpses she had seen outside. His mouth was jagged, with hints of fangs poking out of the corners.

"Ph-Phantom?" She ventured, picking up her crossbow and wielding it like a baton. Valerie inched closer, reaching her hand out carefully to touch his arm.

His eyes shot open, and she gasped again, dropping to the ground and scrambling away in fear. His eyes were his typical neon green, but the pupils had sharpened into cat's eyes and were a golden yellow, and the whites of his eyes were a duller yellow. He turned toward her and she screamed, lifting up her crossbow higher.

The white haired ghost... no... zombie? The white haired zombie cocked his eyebrow in confusion. "What's your problem?" He asked, his voice still layered with echos, but had a slight scratch to it. "And what's with my voice?"

Valerie blinked and lowered her weapon. He was still the same? But... he had gotten bit, and his appearance had changed, but she just hadn't expected him to turn into a zombie in the first place. "U... um," she stuttered, before handing him a broken mirror.

He looked at her in confusion before reaching his hands out to take it from her, but paused as he saw his hands. His jaw dropped, and a look of terror passed over his face. He snatched the mirror from her and examined his new features.

Expressions flew by in seconds, finally ending in disbelief. He laughed nervously. "This is a joke, right?" He asked incredulously. "I can't be... one of them."

Valerie only shook her head. "No, you really look like that," she whispered.

Phantom's eyes widened. "No...," he muttered. He brought his shaking hands to his face, turning them over multiple times. The teen lifted the mirror up again, his eyes wide. His hair seemed to ruffle up more, reminding Valerie of a cat in distress.

"NOOO!" He screeched, tossing the mirror against the wall and causing Valerie to flinch as it shattered. "This can't be! What do I do now?! How can I see my family like this?"

The young woman's eyes widened. "You have a family?" She asked in surprise, causing Phantom to freeze. She had never thought that a ghost could have relatives.

Phantom's shoulders drooped. "I... yes, I do, but..." He trailed off as he stared at the floor, his hair covering his eyes. "It doesn't matter."

She looked at him in disbelief. "What do you mean it doesn't matter? They're your family!" She cried. She then paused. Why was she trying to help him? He was just a ghost. Well, a zombie ghost.

"My parents didn't like me as a ghost, would they like me now?" He muttered. "Heck, even you don't like me," he added, turning away from the huntress.

Valerie felt a pang of guilt. There he was, trying to get his family to love him, but they wouldn't. Of course not, he was a ghost, for crying out loud! And here she was, trying to hunt him down and hurt him just because of one mistake, not like she wanted to admit that. All she had wanted was someone to vent her anger out on.

"Um... Phantom," the young woman started, setting an awkward hand on his arm. "Do you know why I haven't hurt you since you found me?"

"Because you don't have your ghost weapons and you have a strange sense of justice?" He suggested, turning to face her with a spark of amusement and curiosity in his eyes.

"No!" She growled, a tick forming under her jaw. "Will you shut up so I can say it? It's kinda... eh... hard to admit."

Phantom cocked an eyebrow. "Ok...?"

"It's cause you're the only kind face I've seen since Amity," she stated with clenched teeth. "... I trust you. And I'm sure your family would still care for you if you told them who you are." Her eyes then softened and she punched him in the arm.

He yelped and jumped back, rubbing his arm. "What was that for?" He cried incredulously.

She smirked at him, then bent over to pick up her crossbow. "For showing weakness in front of the enemy," she replied. "By the way, this is a ghost weapon, I just ran out of ammo," she added, lifting her weapon for him to see.

He backed away in mock nervousness and was about to retort something when a screech in the background made him wheel around to look at the shattered front windows. There was a growing crowd of vrykolas trying to pile through the broken entryway. "Time to go," he growled, lifting up his recently sharpened fingers.

Valerie hooked her crossbow to her belt and lifted up a broken coat rack. "Shall we?" She asked, the smirk still plastered on her face.

"With pleasure, gorgeous," he answered, a fanged and crooked grin plastered on his face.

The huntress snorted and ran forward to destroy the invading corpses. He leaped in next to her, going toe to toe with the vrys. Yeah, he could make it to his family and friends with Valerie's help.

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