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September 2012

Ichigo sat by himself in the corner of the room. He had been kidnapped; thrown here like a rabid dog by none other than Souske Aizen. Others sat around the cold room, each person looking so different than the other except for the similar terrified look on their faces. The single door in the room was locked from the opposite side. No escape. Slowly the temperature of the room started to drop until it was borderline blizzard, and with the lack of either furniture or blankets Ichigo and the others curled into themselves for heat. It wasn't fair that they had to endure such cruelty from a man such as Aizen and Ichigo wondered what made him as twisted as he was. Ichigo was fairly normal and he shouldn't have let this happen to him considering his condition.

Ichigo had always been weak. Doctors said he didn't have much longer to live, so he had been an easy target for Aizen. An easy pick-up. Maybe he would die early and get out of here faster. That's what he wanted, at least. To die would be better to live with the treachourous monster who took joy in harming those around him. He didn't love, he didn't care and Ichigo considered him a sociopath. An egotistical, narcissistic sociopath.

The door opened and their captor emerged with bodyguards surrounding him. What Ichigo wanted suddenly didn't matter anymore. It was all about Aizen and if anyone tried to disobey him they would face punishment. The bodyguards would get to partake and Ichigo thought they might have enjoyed it making them just as sick and twisted as their boss.

"Good morning. Here is your daily nourishment, so eat up lest you die early."

His voice only made Ichigo's anger rise even more. It made Ichigo want to die early just to see him have less a chance of getting what he wanted. After being treated like nothing more than a mere pet, death was welcomed in Ichigo's eyes. However, he had tried to starve once and one of the guards had force fed him by shoving food down his throat. Ichigo vomited afterwards but that wasn't a concern to Aizen and he forced Ichigo to clean it up.

A burly man dropped a tray of food in front of Ichigo, and another man delivered glasses of water. Ichigo peeked down at the tray: mashed potatoes, green beans, and peanut butter. That was the worst fucking meal possible and Ichigo wished he had the motivation to throw it at the man. Yet, Ichigo couldn't since being in captivity his strength had diminished all together and he didn't feel as angry as he used to be. Though he was weak, Ichigo was the shell of a man he once was.

"Let us out of here!"

Ichigo looked up. In the center of the room was now a pink-haired man with his brow set in a defiant line. He looked like someone Ichigo would have disliked on any normal day, but this wasn't normal, and Ichigo was impressed with the guy's risky outburst. The fact that he was standing up was surprising since he was thin and more petite looking. Ichigo figured he was more the nerdy type rather than the fighter. He had glasses at one point but they had been taken away in a form of punishment and would return to the man once he had learnt his lesson.

"You have no right to do this to us. Release us, you monster!"

Ichigo froze. The two bodyguards came up on the pink-haired man's sides and held his arms easily. Everyone cringed as he screamed and went slack, and the silence that followed made the empty syringe that fell that much louder. They had so easily pinned him and drugged him that it made Ichigo fear his own life just like the others in the room. There was no point in a coupe de tat since they would all be crumpled bodies twitching in their own pile of blood.

"What the hell did you do to him! The fuck is happening?" A tall man yelled. Aizen looked him over as the grin on his face never wavered. What a twisted fuck.

"Don't worry. We'll all have our private meetings later. Eat up!"

With that Aizen turned on his heel and exited the room, the goons following behind with the pink-haired man still in their arms. The door slammed closed and the room was filled with a new-found darkness. No one would know what was happening to the pink haired man and they suppressed shivers that threatened to come forth in the fear of what the pink haired man would look like once he returned.

"Damn it! What the hell's goin' on here?" the tall man screamed again.

"I-It's so dark." a crying woman.

"Hang on, I think there's a light switch in here somewhere."

Shuffling was heard as someone stood and went to the wall nearest Ichigo. He mumbled a light 'sorry' as he accidentally kicked Ichigo's foot, but kept moving on. Some kept talking as the minutes in darkness went on. There was no escape and they'd never be able to leave the room they were trapped in. Even if they managed, there were probably many goons surrounding the area meaning that fighting was futile. Ichigo hated this feeling of helplessness especially when people had treated him like an invalid when he was growing up with his sickness. One day he'd get better and one day he'd be strong enough to fight but right now Ichigo was an exhausted boy who needed his rest.

Ichigo was about to fall asleep when the lights in the room finally turned on. Blinking shock, Ichigo was surprised on how many people where in the room and the man who was standing near the switch.

"Yes! Found it!"

Everyone cheered, and many people stood to thank the blond man. Now that the lights were on everyone was looking at each other, soaking in every detail. There were more than they anticipated and the voices were yet to have been matched to the faces. Introductions would need to be in order soon and Ichigo was almost scared to have to be stuck with everyone since the weak never survived long.

"Quiet down, quiet down! Look, let's introduce ourselves. Might as well be friends while we're locked up in this hell-hole." the blond man waited until everyone was quiet. "Good, I'll start. I'm Shinji."

The person closest to Shinji's right was a woman with dark hair and tear stained cheeks. "Rukia."

The tall man shrugged nonchalantly. "Nnoitra, and the man they took was my bud, Szayel."

Ichigo looked up shyly when their eyes turned to him. He cleared his throat. "Ichigo."

A average sized tomboy was holding a sobbing red-head. She shushed the crying woman gently like a mother would. "I'm Tatsuki and that's Orihime."

Shinji nodded. "Good. Let's play nice, okay? Also, let's get everyone huddled around each other. I have a feeling this is going to be a long, cold night."

Ichigo lost track of the days in that cell. Every now and then the guards would come back with the food and water, and with each trip they took someone with them. It was horrible but no one actually knew what was going on. Ichigo figured each time they came was the start of a new day. The people they took weren't brought back. Ichigo looked at his tray full of food. He wasn't hungry. None of them were. They food wasn't appetizing and Ichigo prayed that food wasn't forced down his throat once more. He had enough of that and his stomach wasn't used to eating so even if he had it would just come back up.

Shinji still sat in the room, leading the occupants as best he could. Ichigo sighed and rubbed his tired eyes. Rukia was gone, and so was Orihime. The Szayel guy hadn't been seen since he was taken either. Their numbers were diminishing and soon enough none of them would be left. Did that mean that Rukia, Orihime and Szayel had died? If they had, wouldn't Szayel have been made an example of and had his corpse thrown in the room? Ichigo didn't know and he was so confused on the subject. He wanted to go home!

The next day Nnoitra was taken, and the next Tatsuki. Ichigo feared that he was next.

Shinji looked at Ichigo. "Look, it's either you or me next. Whatever happens, be strong. We'll try to find a way out, okay?"

Ichigo nodded. He had lost his voice days ago among the depression. There was no point in trying and it only made Ichigo fel weak. It seemed that Shinji would keep his will for survival and Ichigo prayed that Shinji would be the last of them taken so that they didn't loose their only light in this dark nightmare.

As luck so had it, they took Shinji with them next. Their light was gone and things weren't the same.

Ichigo looked at the flooring with a blank stare. He was alone. Minutes passed so slowly Ichigo thought he might go crazy, and as he tried to sleep off time Ichigo found he couldn't anymore. So he sat and stared, awaiting his time to be taken. Ichigo awoke when the door creaked open. He stood and walked to the guards like a good, tame prisoner, and he didn't fight the needle in his arm. As darkness surrounded him, Ichigo sighed in relief. Hopefully, he would stay this way.

6 Months Later- March 2013

Ichigo sat at the cafeteria table with the rest of his friends. They all looked the same: defeated.

Soon after their capture Aizen had taken each prisoner to his room, injected them with another unknown liquid, and raped them until he felt satisfied. The initial rape had hurt so bad Ichigo thought he was dying because death wasn't that painful. It had gone on for hours and Aizen had taken one of his drugs to assure he kept an erection for several hours meaning it was non-stop having cum in his ass. The drug itself increased Aizen's stamina and Ichigo actually passed out a few times due to pain.

Ichigo looked down at his swollen stomach. Aizen was using them to test his new chemical; not only did it allow males to become pregnant, but it made the infants born perfect. Perfect to the point of dangerous. Ichigo didn't feel anything for the offspring spawned by the monster who held him and the others in captivity as if they were nothing but animals. Ichigo was a human and had rights yet now they had been stripped from him and he was nothing but a toy; a toy Aizen would get rid of once he was bored and had no use for.

"Ichigo, you need to eat." Szayel pushed Ichigo's tray closer to him, urging him to take in the food.

"I know it."

"Look, do it for the kids at least."

Ichigo flinched. With his right hand Ichigo caressed his stomach. He had always wondered why he was so much larger than everyone else, but Aizen had been delighted when he told Ichigo the news. Twin boys. Aizen had high hopes for Ichigo's offspring. However, Ichigo wished that they weren't there and he shoudl feel horrible for his lack of enthusiasm but he felt nothing for the boys within him. These children shouldn't even be here because they would come into a world with parents who didn't love each other and would only be used for tools. His children would be tools for Aizen and would no doubt become perfect soldiers. Ichigo felt himself sneer at the word perfect; perfection was impossible. Perfection was in whoever was looking for it just like heaven. There was a heaven for everyone but everyone had different opinions on what it'd be. A fat kid might have a heaven of being skinny or a place full of delectable food that would never make you fat. A horse lover would have a heaven full of horses. Aizen's idea of perfection was sickening.

"Okay-look, okay. I got it." With his right hand still rubbing his belly, Ichigo took the fork in his left and began to eat. It hadn't taken long for them to find out the food actually wasn't poisoned, and after that discovery they actually began to eat the food handed to them.

Ichigo stuck a spoonful of mashed potatoes into his mouth and swallowed it gently. It wasn't the best and was somewhat dry but it would suffice for now. The meals gave little nutrition and Ichigo would kill for some Kool-aid or even a grape soda but Aizen refused to accommodate to their food cravings.

"Have you thought of names yet, Kurosaki-kun?"

Orihime was a pretty girl carrying the daughter of a monster, but she never once referred to her as anything but nice. She loved the child, no matter the father, and encouraged the others to love their new children as well. She was a ray of sunshine and refused to have any ill will towards others no matter how evil they were.

"No, not really. You?"

The smile that lit up her round face was bittersweet, even if she didn't notice. It was strange that she didn't know and though she showed no ill will towards anyone, she did have her moments of unhappiness like the others. She may have been ditsy and tried to be happy but deep down the others knew her pregancny hormones were making her feel the opposite to what she was used to

"Emily." The red-headed girl muttered. "I want to name her Emily."

"If Aizen even gives us the choice." Shinji muttered into his fry. The air got seemingly colder with his words and suddenly all of them froze.

"Of course, you can name them. I owe you that much, don't I?"

No one said anything, no one moved. Aizen watched them all with a creepy smile, a masochistic smile. They were afraid of what he would do since the sadist didn't mind harming those around him for his own arousal at times. Ichigo didn't fear for himself or his unborn children but more so the others. They seemed to have a semblance of endearment to the children inside their newly formed womb but Ichigo didn't think he'd feel such motherly love towards something created in such a horrendous situation.

"Ichigo, I would like you to come with me, please." ordered Aizen but the 'please' just for appearances sake. If Ichigo said no...he would only be taken by force, and that he understood. They all did.

"Okay." Ichigo followed Aizen down the familiar path to his bedroom, the room where everything began. An uneasiness fluttered in his stomach, and Ichigo placed a reassuring hand there to calm his little twins. He may not have felt much towards them but he sure as he didn't want his stomach being their own personal punching bag.

Aizen threw the door open and pushed Ichigo inside. The lock clicked behind them, and Ichigo tensed. He knew what was going to happen but he had to ask anyway or else he'd feel even more dread.

"What-what are you doing?"

"Right now? Fucking you. On the bed, now."

Ichigo turned around to gauge Aizen's face, and to his horror found that the dark-haired man was being completely serious. The man was a deranged lunatic! Was he really willing to risk the pregnancy with the only person who had twins. Ichigo wasn't the only one with boys but he had twin boys which meant they'd make better soldiers in Aizen's eyes. The way Aizen fucked was brutal and no doubt would cause a miscarry.

"I'm pregnant. With twins." Ichigo tried to reason.

"No matter, now on the bed."

Ichigo's mouth fell open, then closed, and back open. Finally he bit down harshly on his bottom lip to control himself. The blood didn't even register in his head until it was flowing steadily. He had to be strong because he didn't want to take this shit anymore. Who cared if he was weak, he needed to grow a backbone.


Aizen blinked. "No?"

"No. I'm not having sex with you."

Aizen's eyes went from confused to furious in less than five seconds. Ichigo walked backwards with every step Aizen took towards him, fist poised for use. Each footstep made Ichigo's heart beat faster until he was sure he was seconds away from an anxiety attack. He knew what would happen and the next setence spoke by Aizen filled him with more dread than he thought he could ever feel.

"You're not worth it." Aizen said. "I figured I'd have to get rid of at least one of you, but not you."

Aizen sighed. "Oh well."

"N-No! What the hell! These are your kids!" Ichigo's shouted.

Ichigo's back hit the wall, and at that moment he knew: he was dead. Him and his children. In that moment he realized he did, in fact, love his children, and he wanted them safe. They may have been born out of a horrible circumstance but that was no reason to kill the innocent. Ichigo didn't want them to die and he felt what one would call paternal instincts kicking through. He was going to die but he didn't want his children to die nameless.

Nova and Xander, Ichigo thought to himself. That's what your names would have been.

"I can always try for twins again," replied Aizen," there are fertility drugs I can use on the females to increase egg production. If I'm lucky I could produce triplets that would far surpass those pathetic twins you would have reproduced.:

The sudden noise from the door being kicked in made both occupants jump. Ichigo closed his eyes tightly, willing away whatever the hell was going on in the room. He had no idea what was going on but he really hoped it was that coupe de tat or even the police. That would be heaven and Ichigo would no doubt never leave his room if he got his freedom He'd never let himself in this same situation again. This was the owrst experience of his life.

"Fuck!" Ichigo cracked his eyes open as Aizen cursed. The brunette chanced an angry look at Ichigo before barreling out of the room at top speed. In his place stood a man Ichigo couldn't help but stare at. The fact that the almighty Aizen swore was a real jaw dropper as was the man in the room.

"Are you Ichigo?"

Ichigo nodded, his hand automatically going to his stomach. Ichigo had to protect the ones inside him encase the mystery man was really there to kill Ichigo rather than save him. The other man's neon blue eyes followed the movement, his eyes staying on the bump attached to the teenager. For a few seconds the man watched the stomach, in either awe or disgust. Ichigo didn't know which and he didn't want to know.

"Who are you?" Ichigo said in a soft voice, almost a whisper.

"Heh." The man smirked. "I'm your savior. You're welcome."

Ichigo's heart stopped. Someone was here to save him! All of them, hopefully. Just as Ichigo began to express his thanks, his legs gave out. From the stress, he told himself, from the stress. For a moment Ichigo thought he'd be the murderer of his own children, but a strong arm wrapped gently around him and held him upright. He might survive and he'd get to go home. Ichigo felt tears brimming in the corner of his eyes. He would be able to see his family and friends. The fact that he was pregnant by a man who raped him and drugged him hadn't really come to his brain yet since he was overwhelmed.

"Who a-are you?" Ichigo asked once again with a weak voice. Darkness was threatening to take over him, and his mind was losing all rational thoughts. He wouldn't have long before he succumbed to the sleep his body desired.

"Me? I'm Grimmjow. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques." Gently said man brushed Ichigo haphazard hair out of the way of his brown eyes. "And I'm here to help you, Ichigo Kurosaki."