"How is that even possible?" asked Grimmjow," I didn't have sex with Ichigo."

"No, you didn't," agreed Szayel.

"You know something, don't you?" Grimmjow questions.

Szayel nodded his head. There was something he knew and it was a big tidbit of information for everyone who got impregnated by Aizen. It was much more than that since Aizen was nothing more than an egotistical human with high hopes of over taking the world. In truth, Aizen had nothing to back him up besides science and knowledge. He was not genetically altered like Tousen, Grimmjow and many others. Aizen was like everyone else no matter how great he thought he was. Aizen was a mortal, Aizen was human.

"He didn't use his own DNA when impregnating us," Szayel informed," I was taken but I wasn't the first knocked up. He used genetics from you, Grimmjow. There was also Nnoitra's DNA, Barragon's, Ulquiorra's, Starrk's, Annerio, Yammy and Zommari. Clearly, most of the others died leaving me, Ichigo, Shinji, Orihime, Tatsuki and Nnoitra. Nnoitra wasnt impregnated but was there to try and befriend us. He was acting as a double agent. Rukia died since she was too petite to hold a child."

"What else is there?" asked Grimmjow.

"Well, he injected certain DNA in people," continued Szayel," of course, after Orihime's horrible incident I was to do it. I injected her with Ulquiorra's DNA. He can fly with bat wings but can produce shock waves by clapping his hands together or screeching like a bat. He can blast bullets away with his forces. Ichigo got Grimmjow so their children should have excellent hunting abilities as well as sharp canines as nails. Shinji got Nnoitra which isn't much but he has super strength and multiple arms that can regenerate. Tatsuki got Annerio's DNA which means her child could be like a chameleon. He can blend in to his surroundings making him the perfect assassin. I got Stark's DNA which means my child is great for weaponry. Stark was a prodigy with his brain being toyed with and the fact he is part wolf makes him an avid hunter and an excellent sniper. I tried to pair the others with people they might like. Ulquiorra, Grimmjow and you, Nnoitra were with us from the start unlike the others. Stark is too but he's napping rather than be here."

"How many times has he done this?" Orihime asked.

"You guys were the first batch for his super soldiers," replied Szayel," some of the children might need to use the same code their parents would to unlock their powers but Tatsuki should be fine since it is something that was natural to Annerio. Emily to use her wings she might but not for her shock waves However, these children might gain powers of their own while inheriting their parents. We weren't too sure since you guys were the beta testers in creating mutants."

"This sounds like a fucked up version of X-Men," snorted Nnoitra.

"Will Joel and the others obey Aizen if commanded?" asked Shinji, ignoring NNoitra's comment.

Szayel laughed. "No. They're your children and when you raise them they would only obey you of course. You're their parents not Aizen. There is no DNA from him in any of you. Aizen kept sperm of each of his male soldiers as well as eggs from his female soldiers when he created them. He knocked them under no doubt when he changed your DNA and possibly made you release."

"Who injected you? Grimmjow asked.

"Myself," answered Szayel," he administered a pain medicine and it was rather hard cutting myself open but I managed. Ichigo should have at least a week or two best rest so he can heal from his wounds."

Everyone understood the circumstances and when Grimmjow turned to see Ichigo he saw that Ichigo was already asleep. A small smile formed on Grimmjow's lips as he held the children that were his and not Aizen's. Xander and Nova; such beautiful names for such strong warriors. Even though Grimmjow was human he would enjoy teaching them how to hunt and track so if they ever lost their way or got kidnapped they could defeat their captors. Grimmjow also realized the value in his children. They were conceived in a non-traditional way and it was something that homosexual couples would fight for and the religious nut jobs would try to obliterate because it was unnatural. Grimmjow understood that but these were his children and he wouldn't think any less of them for what they were. Sure, they were considered inhuman and maybe monsters but that wasn't true. They were innocent children who couldn't harm a fly unless they had a fit of rage. Children only acted on instinct and emotions at such a young age rather than being rational. Grimmjow knew he was considered an animal when he was younger. Children feared him for his more feral behavior. If they had accepted him, Grimmjow wouldn't have been reluctant to join Aizen's cause. Yet, Grimmjow knew if he didn't then he would have never met Ichigo. Ichigo was sixteen while Grimmjow was twenty. They hadn't had sex or anything but Grimmjow cared deeply for the orange haired teenager.

Settling down beside Ichigo, Grimmjow picked up Nova who was wide awake while Xander had joined his mother in sleeping. Holding the child in his arms, Grimmjow felt a little awkward but holding his son felt natural. Smiling at him, Grimmjow held out his finger and was surprised to see the little hand grab his finger. The child wasn't super strong nor was he weak but Grimmjow didn't think Nova would try to grab him.

"Hey little fella," Grimmjow greeted Nova," I'm your daddy...You see. I may not have created you with love like your mama wanted but I care for you nonetheless. A bad, bad man brought you into this world but I'll protect you from this. Your mama is sick so when you're older you gotta be easy on him so he doesn't get even worse. We gotta protect him so no one can hurt him like the bad man did."

Nova gurgled at Grimmjow, making Grimmjow think the child agreed with him even though he wasn't intelligent enough to do such a thing. It still made Grimmjow smile at the child. Nova and Xander would be strong. Szayel went back to doing tests and analyzing the data to see if they had the same heart condition as Ichigo. After a couple hours of typing away Szayel announced that the twins would be fine. There was no cure for the condition Ichigo had and eventually his heart would give out. Szayel was surprised it didn't give out during the labor but for now he would have to be relaxed, meaning if the twins acted up Grimmjow would be taking care of their every need apposed to Ichigo until Szayel deemed him safe. Grimmjow knew Ichigo would be downtrodden about it but at least it would allow him to live a little longer. Grimmjow wasn't ready to lose Ichigo. He wanted to at least have some time being a family with them.

"I'll make sure he gets to see you guys grow up," Grimmjow vowed.

Even if it was only for five years, Grimmjow would cherish every single day they spent together as a family because that was what was important to him. He had no family but with Ichigo, he had two children and a boyfriend he adored.

In the end, Ichigo's birth ended up being a catalyst for the other's birth. Orihime gave birth to Emily two days after the twins were born and her birth was something to fear. Ulquiorra was there, someone Oirhime adored as well and even began to start to date. Ulquiorra was as stoic as ever even as Orihime screamed, cursed and threatened to disembowel Szayel. Unlike Ichigo, Orihime was able to give a traditional birth meaning she had to push the child out of her vagina rather than have a c-section. Everyone was afraid of her as she seemed very serious about harming Szayel. All his tools were far away from her grasp as she threatened to kill him. They were shocked when objects began to levitate as her eyes grew full of anger. However, Szayel informed it was just Emily reacting on Orihime's pain and the child wasn't strong enough to actually have the tools stab his body. When Orihime gave that final push everyone felt relief as did Orihime. Objects clanked on the floor while Emily wailed no doubt due to the change in temperature. She seemed like a psychic type mutant which made Orihime groan knowing she wouldn't be able to stop her child as easily as most, especially if she could fly or use sound waves like Ulquiorra.

Next, was Shinji. He went into labor the following day. He had went into labor when he was getting sexed up by Nnoitra in the bathtub. The two were having a nice calming bath since the bathtub was large enough to swim in when the contractions started. He screamed like a little girl at the pain which made Nnoitra pick him up and dry him off much to Shinji's displeasure. He screamed, hit and bit Nnoitra to alleviate his own pain. Szayel almost scream from exhaustion since it wasn't even twenty four hours before the last birth. Many people were joining him in his room and it was more like a maternity ward. Shinji idn't care and demanded that Joel be removed fast or else he would rip out the child himself. An epidural was given to Shinji to came his frayed nerves allowing him to calm down.

"Thank you Szayel," Shinji sang.

Everyone watched as another child was brought into the world. Xander and Nova were quiet through the whole ordeal since they had just woken from their nap before Shinji had came in screaming his head off. They were somewhat interested but ended up resting on their mother's chest in attempts to get another nap in. Joel burst into the world crying and Shinji was thankful he couldn't breast feed because Joel had one tooth already. It was rare and uncommon but shocking. Orihime prayed Tatsuki would go into labor soon because even she knew she might not have enough breast milk to feed four children. Five if Szayel went next. She was sweating and exhausted but Ulquiorra helped her bring Emily to her breast to feed, encouraging Orihime that she did a great job. It was the only thing Ulquiorra could do at the time or bring forth Orihime's ill will. He might actually have to eat her strange cooking if she refused to make him a normal meal. Ulquiorra shuddered at the thought and decided it was best not to trifle with women.

Of course, much to Orihime's displeasure Szayel was the one who went into labor next. Ulquiorra was a doctor in training even as he was with Aizen. They were all with Aizen at a young age and stayed with him until they found his ways to be wrong. Ulquiorra was twenty one like Grimmjow but looked much younger than he appeared but held a more mature look. Stark was the oldest besides Barragon, Stark was twenty eight. Szayel was twenty four. By the time Szayel gave birth, he vowed he would never go through that experience again. He wasn't calm like he thought he would be but was crying through the pains of his contractions and the position Valeska was in. She was born looking human and the only thing inhuman about her was her purple eyes and pink hair. She had none of Stark's traits beside his wavy looking hair. Valeska demanded food right away and was given some of Orihime's breast milk in a bottle with the others got the formula until Orihime was assured that Emily wouldn't become malnourished. The child was surprisingly hungry and after being burped, she fell asleep with ease. Xander and Nova decided to have a screaming match, walking up the other children and began another screaming match making Szayel angered. He had never felt such rage but at the same time he wanted to cry and asleep. Everyone tried to soothe their children which took longer than they thought.

"I wanna sleep," whined Ichigo.

"You just napped," Shinji pointed out.

"Fuck you!" snarled Ichigo," you have twins and tell me how you feel!"

"Joel's enough for me," Shinji retorted," least I have less diapers to change."

"What ever," grumbled Ichigo while yawning.

"C'mon Nnoitra lets take the kids out so everyone cane sleep."

"You're not touching my Valeska!" hissed Szayel while clutching on to his daughter.

Grimmjow, Nnoitra and Ulquiorra raised their hands indicating they would touch the child. Instead, Grimmjow took his twins, Ulquiorra took his daughter and Nnoitra took his son. They made their way to the nursery where they began to sit. Stark knew how to give a c-section as well so if Tatsuki went into labor she would be fine. He knew how to deliver a baby but if there were any complications Stark could handle it. The three males were exhausted as well. Even though they weren't in love with their partners, they all begged not to leave them because they were scared. Each of them understood the fear because they thought Aizen would swoop in and steal the children. It was a miracle they were allowed to take their children out and into the nursery. They realized how tired they were after they began to nod off. They were sitting on a mat and in the end, they ended up leaning on each other while falling asleep.

Stark didn't want to interrupt them, telling them Tatsuki had gone into labor and delivered the child himself. She had a boy, which meant that the twins and Joel would have another play mate. Her labor was an hour long which was very short considering Orihime was in labor for at least five hours. Tatsuki named her child Teito, claiming he would be a great fighter as he grew up. Orihime was the only one who had an inkling of what her child's powers would be. They would have to wait until the children were older before knowing anything about them which was fine with them. They were happy and their children got to be theirs rather than soldiers to an army. Life was good, but each of them wondered when tragedy would strike; nothing was this great without consequences.