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Sam's P.O.V.

I pry my sticky eyes open. My face feels waxy from crying last night. All the memories hit me like a brick. I'm officially alone in this world.

The sunlight penetrates my eyes making me flinch. I stand up using my sore muscles. With my hunter skills, I make my way to civilization.

Dean's P.O.V.

After countless hours of driving around the border of the woods, I head back to the motel where Dad awaits. My mind won't get over the betrayal in his eyes. Sam has done some pretty crazy stuff over the years, but never has he actually run away.

A part of me wants to believe him, but I just can't see Dad hurting his own child. Sam's probably just covering his own ass. He must have gotten those wounds from a typical school bullying. Either way, I'm going to find him.

I park and rush to my Dad who is sitting down eating breakfast. He should be scouring the earth for Sammy, yet here he is. This doesn't seem right.

I wipe the sweat off my forehead and exclaim, "Dad, why aren't you looking for Sammy?"

He glances at me for a second before putting his focus on his food. He murmurs, "He'll come back on his own time."

I can't believe this! Sam could be dead right now and he's acting like this!

"Are you kidding me?"

"I don't like this new attitude of yours," He retorts.

I scoff while grabbing my bag. I can't deal with this right now. I have to find Sammy.

Sam's P.O.V.

With twenty dollars in my pocket and a paper clip I see an old diner. I sigh from relief. I emerge out of the woods and walk into the busy restaurant.

I know Dean wouldn't be in a small diner in the middle of nowhere, but I could help but glance at all the people. Feeling better I sit down in a stool and think about my next move.

I need to hitch a ride away from here. Unfortunately, I don't know where to go. I can't go to Bobby because he'll just take me back to Dad. I have no friends and I'm 15 so it's not like I can get a job. Things just keep getting better.

A thoughtful voice interrupts me out of my thoughts, "Can I get you something, sweety?"

I look up to see a woman in her late 50s in a yellow diner dress. She has dark brown hair with streaks of grey interlaced throughout her hair. I can't help but feel relaxed by her southern accent.

"Um…just water, "I divert my eyes away from her glare.

She prompts, "Is that it?"

"Yeah," My weak voice almost makes me sick. Why am I so intimidated by this lady? If Dean was here he'd do the talking.

When I glance back up she's gone. Okay, get yourself together. As each second ticks by I get more and more impatient. How long does it take to bring out water? Dean could walk in any minute.

My knee bounces up and down profusely. Just when I was about to complain the same lady strolls in with a glass of water. I heave a sigh.

She gently sets the glass down making a clink sound. I heave a sigh and lick my lips. Water has never looked so enticing. I thank her and then gulp the drink down hungrily.

I slam the cup down a little too hard and notice that she's watching. Okay that's not creepy.

"Can I get the check?"

She smiles sadly and says, "Water is free dear. How about we get you something to eat? On the house."

Not knowing what to say I utter while shaking my hands, "I couldn't do that."

"You look like a boy whose been through a lot and I'm not taking no for an answer, "She commands before I could refuse.

She struts away leaving me dumbfounded. Do I really look that pathetic? I mean I have dirt matted in my hair and I haven't eaten in a day or two but does that make me look vulnerable?

A couple of minutes later she comes back with a plate of mouthwatering pancakes and eggs. The part I don't get is that she came back with the food quicker than the water. Whatever, I'm too hungry to care. I scarf down the food like it would disappear any moment. I eat the last bite with a satisfying expression.

She comes back one more time thankfully with a friendly grin.

"Thanks again. You don't know how much this means to me."

"Oh any time darling."

I swiftly walk out and look for a car I could hijack. I know I'm a horrible person for stealing a car after what this nice lady did for me, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I run through the steps in my head just like Dean taught me. Cut the wire blue and red wire and then tap them together. The car rumbled to life and I rapidly drive away.

Don't ask me how I know how to drive because Dean taught me. Every time I think about him it's like a stab to my chest. I need to stop dwelling on the past. I'm never going to see Dean again…