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Four Seasons

Quietly, the door was pushed open. Little feet made their way over to the bed as a snowy white owl flew overhead and landed on said bed. Standing on tip toes, Harry patted at the figure hidden underneath the covers.


A grunt was all he got. Hedwig hooted and hopped over to where the shape of a head could be seen.

"Daddy," Harry said again. This time he got a groan and some movement.

With a pout, Harry pulled himself onto the bed and crawled over to where the Hedwig was. Lifting the covers, both child and owl stuck their head in.



With a sigh, Severus opened one eye.

"Time to get up," Harry informed him.

"Don't wanna," Severus said, closing his eye.

"But Daddy, I'm hungry."

"Eat Hedwig."

Hedwig gave an indignant shriek.

"I want pancakes."

"And I want people to stop barging into my house, but we can't always get what we want."

"Daaaaddy," Harry said and pouted.

Severus opened both eyes and looked at that stuck out lip. With a playful glint in his eyes, he grabbed hold of his son and started tickling him mercilessly, causing Harry to shriek with laughter.

"Noooooo!" the child squirmed, laughing.

Underneath the covers, Hedwig squawked at being suddenly buried.

Chuckling, Severus stopped his assault and sat up.

"Alright, come on," he said.

With a happy squeal, Harry emerged from out of the covers, jumped out of bed, ran out the room and down the hall. After rescuing the still squawking Hedwig with her feathers all ruffled, Severus made his way to the kitchen.

"Now then, I believe there was a demand for pancakes?" Severus asked when he entered, seeing Harry already sitting at the dining table.

"With strawberries and whipped cream!"

"Oh yes, we mustn't forget that. Very important."

After breakfast, Severus helped a sticky Harry wash up before heading to the boy's room. He picked out Harry's clothes and helped him dress and then went to his own room to wash up and dress.

The two then made their way out their home.

Severus paused to look back, surprised that it was going on four years since he'd moved in here. The house in question belonged to his grandparents on his mother's side; they had left it to him when they moved to America to live out the rest of their years. It was a three bedroom house with a study and a basement. It was situated on a slight hill and behind it was a small wooded area that Severus used to play in as a child.

When the two finally reached the sidewalk, they were greeted by their neighbor, Marjorie "Marge" Dursley.

"Good morning Severus. Good morning, Harry," she greeted them.

Marge was a large, beefy, purple-faced woman with a small mustache. She lived in a rather large house with an even larger garden that was always occupied by bulldogs. Severus did not like her, nor did he like her favorite bull Ripper, although that may have something to do with how the dog stared at Harry all the time.

"Ms. Dursley," Severus greeted politely, placing a hand on Harry's head when the child clung to his leg and hid his face. His dark eyes glared at the bulldog that glared back at him from behind the fence surrounding Marge's house.

"Well, don't just stand there. Come over here, I want to talk to you about my proposal," Marge said.

"I'm sorry," Severus quickly refused, "I don't have time today. Very busy and besides, I promised Harry I would take him to the park first thing in the morning."

Marge didn't look all that happy about being denied her conversation, but she just watched as Severus picked his son up and walked away.

After grocery shopping at the Organic Market, Severus and Harry headed to the park.

"Go, be wild," Severus told him.

Harry grinned and made a beeline for the slide.

With a small smile, Severus headed to over to a bench that had a good view of the children and sat down, placing his bags by his feet. As he watched Harry play, he thought about the child's fifth birthday that was five days away.

He had already sent out the invitations a month ago. Not that he needed to anymore but still... he had also ordered the cake and since everyone else was bringing food (cooked food hopefully), he only had to get the drinks (both adult and non-adult varieties) and find Harry a present.

Well, he knew what his son wanted - a dog.

Not one of Marge's, thank Merlin for that, but a dog nonetheless.

Severus didn't understand why Harry wanted a dog when he already had Hedwig and an entire wolf pack. He supposed it was just a child's thing. Still, he wasn't getting a dog; he already knew he would be the one taking care of it.

So that meant getting the child something else.

"A broom perhaps?" Sever thought then shuddered at the thought of Harry falling off the thing. "Nope, not happening."

As he thought about it, he reached down and dug into his bag of groceries, pulling out a container full of organic chocolate chip cookies that Harry had wanted. With a quick and somewhat guilty glance over at his slide, Severus quickly stuffed a cookie into his mouth before putting the container back.

"I'm telling Harry."

Severus glared up at the grinning man. The effect probably wasn't as effective as he would have liked, with his mouth full of crumbly chocolaty goodness.

Snickering, Jacob sat down next to his friend, his eyes searching for Harry before going back to Severus who by now had swallowed.

"Stalking me again?"

"I'm pretty sure that's Tom's job."

"Ah yes, and I also believe you have your own stalker as well?"

Jacob blushed at the mention of Remus. He opened his mouth to get back at Severus, but was interrupted by a shriek of "Uncle Jacob!" and a blur attaching itself to his leg.

"Hey, Harry," Jacob said and ruffled the black hair.

"Can you please not do that. His hair is already a bird's nest, it doesn't need any more help."

Harry giggled and then frowned when he looked up at his father.

"Daddy? Were you eating cookies before dinner again?"


Jacob snickered again.

After nearly two hours at the park, where both men got dirty and covered with grass and sand while playing with Harry, followed by lunch, the three entered the Snape home. Jacob carried the bags while Severus carried a sleeping Harry.

"I'll put these up," Jacob said, smiling when Hedwig flew over and landed on his shoulder.

Severus nodded before heading upstairs, debating whether to give Harry a bath or just wipe him down before putting him to bed. Looking at the grass stains, he decided on the former.

After bathing his son, dressing him in sleep clothes and tucking him in, Severus headed downstairs where Jacob was waiting with tea and biscuits.

"Your neighbor thinks we're a couple, doesn't she?" was the first thing out of the Medi-wizard's mouth.

"Probably," Severus answered before taking a sip of his tea. It would explain why the woman kept wanting to talk to him, she probably wanted to know if the fact that he was a single father had anything to do with him being gay. That and she probably thought he was doing inappropriate things to Harry as well.

Marge seemed like that sort of person.

"The Dark Lord's not going start popping up in my office again, is he?"

Severus snorted at that.

"Anyway, I came over because I have some questions about Harry."

"What kind of questions?"

"Oh, don't give me that paranoid look. I was just curious to know who would have custody of him, should something happen to you."

Severus nodded in understanding. After all, being a Death Eater didn't guarantee coming home alive. While he was the Dark Lord's Potions Master and didn't see much of the battlefield, it didn't mean he wasn't in danger. He and the Malfoys had already made plans should anything happen to one of them, and he was aware that he would gain custody of Draco should Lucius and Narcissa both die.

"You read about McNair's trial three days ago, didn't you?"

Jacob nodded. He may not be in the Fold but he knew more than anyone, even those in the fold! To be honest, the Medi-wizard was surprised that there wasn't an assassination attempt on himself yet.

"I haven't made my decision just yet but I will make my announcement at Harry's Adoption ceremony."

Jacob nodded and they chatted for a while more before he left.

After clearing away the tea things, Severus went upstairs to wake Harry. He paused at the door to take it in the décor.

Thanks to Remus, his son had developed an interest for pirates and after a lot of pleading (complete with puppy-eyes) Severus had given in. The walls were now painted with pirate ships sailing the foggy seas. At night, the room smelled of the sea and the sounds of waves echoed a soft lullaby. The ceiling changed depending on what time of day it was and Harry's bed was that of a pirate ship complete with a small gangplank.

"Harry." Severus gently shook the boy. "Time to get up."

Harry mumbled in his sleep.

"Come on now, you can't sleep all day despite what Fenrir says."

Finally, Harry awoke and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He then held his arms out towards Severus and gave a sleepy giggle when he was lifted and carried upside down to the kitchen.

"Now, what shall we have for dinner?" Severus asked.



"You had one."


Four days later, Severus was pounced on by not one, but two little hell spawns.

"Morning, Daddy!"

"Morning, Uncle Sevvie!"

Severus glared at the two on top of him. "I was sure when I went to sleep, there was only one of you," he grumbled.

Both boys giggled.

"Daddy, daddy, guess what?" Harry then asked.

"You're moving out and I get my house back?" Severus asked before hiding his face underneath his pillow.

"No," Harry giggled. "It's my birthday today!"

"Oh, is that all?" came the muffled reply, "and how are old are you again, thirty-six?"

"No, I'm five, silly!"

"Five? Well, that is truly a respectable age."

"Uncle Lu'us and Auntie Nessie got me a present."

"Really?" Severus said, grinning at Narcissa's nickname

"I helped," Draco supplied.

"Then it must be something truly amazing," Severus said, peeking from underneath his pillow.

"Uh-huh," Draco replied before tugging on his uncle's arm. "Come look."

Severus allowed himself to be pulled out of bed and down the hall by the two boys to the living room.

"Good morning, Severus," Narcissa greeted.

"Nessie," Severus replied with a grin.

The Lady Malfoy glared at him. Severus ignored her as he greeted Lucius.

"You're early," Severus said.

"We thought you'd want help setting things up."

"Daddy, look!"

Severus turned his attention to his son and groaned when he saw what Harry was holding.

"You got him a sword?"

"It's safe," Lucius reassured.

"For Harry or my furniture?"

"It's a pirate sword, Daddy!"

"Yes, I can see that."

"I got one too!" Draco said excitedly, showing his Uncle.

After promising them their swords later, Severus placed them somewhere safe and sent the two boys up to Harry's room to play.

"So what did you get Harry?" Narcissa asked as she spelled out a "Happy Birthday!" banner.

"Not telling."

Lucius rolled his eyes as the two started to bicker. Then he frowned and looked up at the ceiling.

"What are you two doing?" he called. It had been silent for a good five minutes.

"Nothing," the boys chorused back.

Lucius went upstairs to see what had broken.


Severus watched as his son ran to the Alpha Werewolf, who knelt down and opened his arms for a hug.

"Hey Pup, happy birthday!"

Harry snuggled into the man's arms and probably would have stayed there if not for the Pack Pups demanding his attention, all of them dragging him to play.

"Mutt," Severus greeted.

"Mama," Fenrir returned.

Severus's eye twitched as he remembered that dreaded day despite it also being Harry's first birthday.

"I despise you."

Fenrir smirked and went to greet the other adults.

Ten minutes later, Voldemort arrived.


Severus glared at Lady Malfoy. She was the reason for the Dark Lord's new title, although said Dark Lord didn't mind; he seem to enjoy it even.

"Hello, my little one," Voldemort greeted, hugging the boy.

"Papa, I got a pirate sword!"

Voldemort raised an eyebrow. "Oh, really?" he inquired.

Harry nodded happily. "But Daddy put it away, so I gotta you show later."

Voldemort chuckled at the pout before lifting the boy in his arms and going over to greet Severus and Narcissa. Severus had moved from his spot in the doorway of the study where everyone was flooing in.



Voldemort smiled a little before leaning forward to give Severus a small kiss on the lips.

Severus made a pleased noise and would have deepened the kiss were it not for the five year old between them.


Both men pulled away and looked down at the child, who was wrinkling his nose in childish disgust while Narcissa giggled.

"I wouldn't make that face if I were you, little one. One day, you'll be kissing someone too."


"He most certainly will not," Severus grumbled before making his way to the living room where the party was being held.

"I'm still not sure how you got Harry to into the habit of calling the Dark Lord that," Severus told Narcissa a few hours later. He was in the kitchen, sticking candles in the huge chocolate and vanilla iced cake and shooing away Hedwig who kept staring intently at said cake.

"You and I know it's going to happen eventually, why not prepare ahead?" Narcissa replied.

The blank look made the lady Malfoy sigh before she followed the Potions Master and cake out of the kitchen.

"Happy Birthday, Harry!"

Hopefully, this would be the fourth year running where everyone would get to eat the cake in peace.

Famous last words, apparently.

The sound was just a small crack and yet everyone heard it.

"Severus?" Jacob inquired of the Potions Master who was now holding his jaw with a bewildered expression, his other hand holding a plate of cake.

"It's nothing," Severus said.

"Right," Jacob said, unconvinced. "Narcissa, take his plate. Fenrir, hold him. Lucius, open his mouth."

"Wha—mutt, let me go! Lucius, you come near me and I'll—"

"Say "ah", my friend."

Voldemort chuckled from the living room rug where he was playing with the children as he watched Severus being wolf-and-manhandled.

"What are they doing to Uncle Sevvie?" Draco asked.

"Playing Doctor," the Lady Malfoy answered.

"Hmmm, I think you need to see a dentist," Jacob said after looking into the man's mouth with the aid of a lit wand.

Severus glared at him when he was released. "I'm fine," he insisted.

"Then eat another piece of cake," Jacob challenged, tilting his head at the remainder of the two tiered cake, his lips twitching at the sight of a half hidden Hedwig enjoying it.

On the other hand, Severus was eyeing the cake as though it were Satan itself.

"Thought so, you're going to the dentist," Jacob said.


Jacob's eyes narrowed dangerously.

Two days later, Severus was lying in a rather uncomfortable chair, while Harry looked around curiously from his lap.

Five minutes later, the door opened.

"Ah, so I was right. It is Severus Snape."

The dentist smiled at Severus's surprised look.


"It's been a long time, my friend," Greg said. "Never thought I'd see you here again, not after your last letter."

"Me either to be honest... although I heard you got married."

"Yes, I did."

Suddenly, Severus's vision was filled with bushy hair.

"Hi!" said the bushy hair, "I'm Hermione Ginger!"

"This is my daughter, Hermione Granger," Greg said, his voice exasperated but fond.

"Hello," said Severus, amused by the girl's mispronunciation of her last name, although he suppose 'Granger' did sound a bit like 'Ginger' to a child.

"Who are you?" Hermione asked Harry, who was staring at the girl now sharing his Daddy's lap.

"I'm Harry."

"Are you here to get your teeth looked at too?"

"No, I'm here to make sure Daddy doesn't run away."

Greg snorted from where he was setting up the equipment while Severus sighed.

Hermione frowned.

"Why would he do that?" she asked, looking at Severus as though expecting him to answer.

"Cause Daddy thinks there are subbiscuit tooth fairies around," Harry answered on his behalf.

Greg burst out laughing at the mispronunciation of 'sadistic' while Severus glared at Harry.

"This is why I don't take you anywhere."

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