This is it. The final chapter. This fic started off as a tiny one shot that grew into something I never expected. Thank you all for reading and reviewing your thoughts meant a lot to me. I'm so glad so many of you enjoyed this fic, my very first angst fic.

"I want out!"


"Don't you 'baby' me, Finn Hudson!" Rachel yells, taking up one of the pillows off their bed and throwing it at Finn. "You aren't the one who is 100 weeks pregnant."

Finn rolls his eyes, picking up the pillow and putting it at the foot of the bed, "You're only 37 weeks."

"Only 37 weeks? Only 37 WEEKS? Finn, my due date was over a week ago, I am currently a week overdue. This baby was supposed to be born a week ago. I've been sitting in this bed for 10 weeks. I've been staring at these pink walls for ten weeks. I want out of this bed now!"

Finn gulps as he takes a cautious step towards the bed, "How about I fix up the couch for you and you can relax in the living room? Or maybe on the patio?"

"Finn, it's the middle of November why would I want to freeze my ass off in the cold?" Rachel grumbles. She shifts on the bed trying to get comfortable for the millionth time, "Did you finish building the crib?"

"I was…"

"Finn, the baby could be here any minute, we can't bring the baby home with no crib!" Rachel complains, "If she gets here before that is finished. You can stay in the nursery and she'll just sleep on your side of the bed."

Finn sighs taking a deep breath before he speaks, not bothering to point out that for the first few months their daughter will be sleeping in the little bassinette that Shelby bought for them, "I'm in the middle of building it. Do you need anything before I get back to it?"

"I'm not an invalid Finn, I can do things for myself." Rachel snaps as she picks up her iPad balancing it on her large stomach, essentially dismissing him.

Finn rolls his eyes but quickly walks away, knowing nothing he says will be the right thing anyway. He goes back to the nursery which looks almost the same as it use to be as the guest room, but instead of the twin bed in the room, there is a large space for the crib which is partially built. Instead of the deep blue on the walls it's now covered in a warm baby pink. They knew that the nursery would not be completed before the baby was born, but Rachel insisted that her daughter at least had pink room. Luckily, the baby will be staying in their room for a few months, so they still have time to fix up the nursery as best as they can.

Finn looks at the partially constructed crib and sighs; he's just about to grab one of the planks of wood when Rachel calls out to him, yet again. Finn sighs, waiting to see if she yells out her demand like she usually does, but instead she screams his name yet again.

"FINN! Are you deaf?" She screams.

"I'm coming Rach!" Finn calls out with a roll of his eyes, taking his time as he walks down the hallway, "You know, if you want me to finish this crib you should stop…"

Finn trails off when he walks into their room his jaw dropping. Rachel is standing at the foot of their bed, gripping the bedpost for dear life. She is standing in a small puddle of liquid her eyes wide in terror gripping her stomach, "The baby's coming!"

"What?" Finn asks numbly still looking at all the fluid dripping down Rachel's legs.

"FINN!" Rachel screams again, groaning in pain, "Don't just stand there! Help me out of these clothes, we need to go to the hospital!"

Finn shakes his head, bringing himself back to reality, and quickly walks over to Rachel, mindful of the puddle on the floor, "You want to change before we go?"

"I'm not going like this!" Rachel grumbles, as she slaps him on the shoulder for good measure, "Just help me get these clothes off."

Finn looks at her soiled pants, trying not to frown, but he groans when Rachel slaps him again, "Now is not the time to get squeamish Finn Hudson. Childbirth is not a clean, easy process. The baby doesn't just magically appear out of thin air all cute and clean."

"Sorry, I just wasn't expecting so much of that." Finn says gesturing at everything on the floor.

Rachel rolls her eyes she tugs her t-shirt off throwing it in the puddle, using her foot to let the t-shirt soak up most of it. She then grabs Finn's arm, her nails digging into his forearm, "Just help me to the shower, you can clean that up while I'm bathing."

"You're going to shower too? Rachel you're in labour." Finn protests but he helps her to the bathroom, knowing if he doesn't she'll just try to make it there on her own.

"Labour can last for hours, Finn. Complete strangers are going to be poking and prodding my business for the rest of the day; I refuse to go into the hospital smelling like amniotic fluid. Just help me with my pants, you know I can't bend over to take them off."

She slaps him again and Finn bites his tongue to refrain from groaning in pain as he helps her tug off her pants and underwear while Rachel takes off her bra. Once she is standing in the shower and Finn makes sure she is okay, he hurries out of the room to clean up the mess (he knows if he even thinks about leaving it she will yell at him) and then gets her clothes for her, along with her hospital bag that has been packed already.

"Finn! Just because my contractions are far apart and we have time, doesn't mean we can waste all of it!" Rachel yells from in the bathroom.

"I was just…"Finn trails off not bothering to finish after the glare he receives.

He helps her out of the shower, biting his tongue as he helps her get dressed, silently praying that this will be a fast delivery.

Four hours later, Finn is sitting in Rachel's room watching as Rachel's dad Leroy holds up his phone to Rachel showing her pictures of rocking chairs. He bites his lip nervously as Rachel's expression hardens and she groans in pain as a contraction hits. Once it subsides she turns to Finn glaring at him pointedly.

"Mr. Berry, could you do me a favour?" Finn asks politely, as he gets to his feet, "My mom is suppose to be here soon, can you call her just to make sure everything is okay? I would, but I'd have to go outside to make the call and I don't want to leave Rachel."

"Oh, sure Finn. I'm sure between your mother and I we can decide which rocking chair to pick for the two of you." Leory says happily, Finn can tell he's still buzzing with excitement, despite the fact that they have all been in the hospital for over four hours and there has been very little progress with Rachel's labour. "I'll see you in a bit bumble bee."

"Thank you," Rachel says breathing in relief, and accepting the glass of water from Finn, "I'm pretty sure I was two seconds away from taking his phone and throwing it out of the window. Or better yet throw him out of the window."

Finn bites back a laugh knowing that he is only glad that Rachel's wrath was no longer focused on him, but if Rachel sees him laughing she would most likely turn on him again.

"How are you so calm?" Rachel asks slightly breathless, she winces as another contraction hits and she grabs Finn's hand squeezing it tightly.

After a few deep breaths, from the both of them, and Finn wipes Rachel's brow slightly he smiles warmly at her, "Oh I'm constantly freaking out, wondering if we have everything she needs. If the two of you will be okay, but I know everything is on you now, so the least I could do is pretend to stay calm for you."

Rachel smiles up at him tiredly, gesturing for him to come closer to her. When Finn looks at her wearily, Rachel rolls her eyes, "I'm not going to slap you."

"Remember that for the next contraction." Finn says only partially teasing as he leans over as she pulls him in for a kiss.

"The kid is barely out of the womb and the two of you are already going for another one?"

Both Finn and Rachel pull away to see Puck standing at the doorway grinning, a stuffed bunny in his hand. On seeing Rachel's stomach Puck frowns, "You haven't popped the kid out yet?"

"Does it look like it, Puckerman?" Rachel growls.

Finn sighs as the good mood he tried so hard to get her in completely wiped out because of Puck and his comment, "Dude, I thought you were in Miami? Last time we talked you said your pool business was booming."

"It is, but I came home for Thanksgiving. I actually just drove straight here." Puck looks at Rachel with a grin, "You were waiting on me Berry? You shouldn't have."

Rachel glares at him, about to retort when another contraction hits and she groans in pain.

"Wow, you look like you're dying there, Berry."


Finn sighs, shoving Puck out of the door, "Go home. I'll call you when the baby is born."

"Rachel don't forget, Finessa is an awesome name!" Puck calls out, laughing when a cup comes flying towards him but hits the door instead, "You still have the worst aim than anyone I know."


"Dude, just go already." Finn says in exasperation, closing the door on Puck, he looks across at Rachel apologetically.

He grabs the small hand towel to wipe her forehead, but Rachel slaps his hand away, "Don't touch me."


"No, just leave me alone, get another cup or something." Rachel grumbles, "Everyone is pissing me off now. I know you're trying to help but I just…ow damn it!"

"Are you okay?" Finn asks in concern, ignoring her earlier words and taking a step towards her.

"No, Finn. I'm in labour in case you didn't realize." Rachel snaps as she rubs her stomach, " I'm not okay. My body is feeling as though it's being ripped into two so it can get ready so I can push a bowling ball through my vagina. So, no Finn I'm not okay!"

Finn winces, bracing himself in case she slaps him again, but at the same time the door opens and he breathes a sigh in relief when his mother and Leroy walk into the room talking animatedly. His mom has a stuffed bear in her hand along with a balloon attached to its hand. Seeing an opportunity to leave, he places a quick kiss on Rachel's forehead, rubbing her stomach simultaneously, "I'll be back."

He sprints out the door, not waiting for a response. Once he's outside he takes a deep breath, saying a silent prayer that her labour progresses faster, he's not sure how much more either of them can handle.

"No! Check again." Rachel demands as she sits up as much as she can while glaring at the nurse that is sitting between her legs, "You're wrong. I demand a do over."

"Babe…" Finn says calmly, but winces when Rachel squeezes his hand tightly.

"No, it's been ten hours. I refuse to believe that I am only 8 centimeters. She's wrong. I want Dr. Montgomery to check me. My contractions are more frequent than any other time and it's been ten hours. I can't possibly only be 8 centimeters. Get Dr. Montgomery to check, tell her I'm ready to deliver."

"Ms. Berry, you know you have to be at 10 centimeters before you can deliver." The nurse says calmly as she pulls off her gloves, "Everything is going well, you are doing fine, the baby is not in distress. Your labour is progressing perfectly, just slowly."

"I want Dr. Montgomery." Rachel says stubbornly, "Get me Dr. Montgomery."

"Rachel." Finn warns, looking at the nurse apologetically.

But the nurse just smiles, "It's okay Mr. Hudson, I'll get Dr. Montgomery. She wants to talk to the two of you about your options in case the labour does not progress."

Finn eyes widen, and he feels Rachel's grip tighten on his hand, and he knows this time is not out of anger but out of concern, "Are you saying she can just stop? But what about the baby?"

"Some mother's don't progress further than 8 centimeters and usually there are ways to try to further move things along, but with Rachel's history a C-section may be your best option. But I'll get Dr. Montgomery she can explain everything to you."

Once she leaves the room, Rachel turns to Finn her eyes filling with tears, her voice breaking as she speaks, "Finn…"

"Hey, it's gonna be okay." Finn promises, as he kisses her forehead, "You're both going to be okay. You'll see, our girl is just a little stubborn, we shouldn't expect anything less from her."

Rachel giggles lightly at that, wiping her face in Finn's t-shirt as he scoots onto her bed with her, "Are you going to tell me something cheesy about she's so comfy inside me she just doesn't want to leave?"

"Would it help?"

"I wish. She has to be okay." Rachel pleads. She groans again as another contraction hits squeezing Finn's hand again, "Finn, I'm so tired."

"I know baby." Finn says softly kissing her forehead as he slips off the bed to get pour her a glass of water, "You can do it. You're the strongest person I know."

"Can you push for me?" Rachel asks tiredly as she takes a sip of water.

Finn chuckles, "You know if I could I would."

"You're the best boyfriend in the world, you know that right?" Rachel declares as she yawns, resting her head on Finn's shoulder, once he's seated next to her yet again. "I wish I could just put this on pause, sleep for an hour and then I can start it back."

"I wish you could just have her now, so you would no longer be in pain and we could meet her."

"I like your wish better." Rachel says, "I just want her to be with us."

"Me too, Rach." Finn says in agreement, placing his hand on her stomach, "Me too."

Almost an hour later the door to Rachel's room opens and Dr. Montgomery walks in hurriedly as she slips on her gloves, "Rachel, Finn I'm so sorry for the wait, one of my patients had to have an emergency C-section. Marie told me that you weren't quite there yet. I'm hoping now things have progressed."

"Someone else had their baby in that short time?" Rachel whines, she looks at Finn annoyed, "Everyone is having their babies, why can't I have our baby?"

Finn eyes widen and look across at their doctor for help, he's not sure how he's supposed to answer that question and still be in Rachel's good graces. Dr. Montgomery smiles, patting Rachel on the knee as she places Rachel's feet on the stirrups, "How about we figure that out now? How far apart are your contractions?"

"About three minutes or so." Finn answers for Rachel, wincing when yet another contraction hits and she squeezes his hand tightly.

"Good news, everything is looking well, and you're ready to push." Dr. Montgomery says, chuckling at the matching looks of shock both Finn and Rachel give her, "Let's move you to the deliver room.

"It's time?" Rachel asks numbly as one of the orderlies come into the room, helping her into a wheelchair, "Finn, we're gonna have a baby."

"I…" Finn has no words, but squeezes her hand as they move out of the room.

They have been waiting for hours for this moment, and now that its upon them, Finn is at a lost of words, he's body numb. He follows diligently to all the instructions the nurses give him, as he scrubs his hands clean. When he enters the delivery room, Rachel is panting as her contractions are even closer together, on seeing him she holds out her hand pleading for him to come to her side. He makes two large strides to her side, taking her hand in his own.

"You're ready babe?" He asks softly kissing her knuckles as Dr. Montgmery and her nurses continue to prep Rachel and monitor the baby's heart rate.

"I don't know." Rachel whispers frighteningly, she looks up at Finn her eyes wide, "What if I can't do it?"

"Of course you can." Finn promises, "You are the only one that can help her. You're dying to meet her right?"

"Yea." Rachel says breathlessly as another contraction hits and she moans in pain.

"Are you ready to push Rachel?" Dr. Montgomery asks,

Rachel looks at Finn with fear, Finn just smiles at her warmly, "You can do this baby."

Rachel then nods at Dr. Montgomery, who instructs her on the next contraction to push. When the next contraction hits, Rachel lets out this loud scream, Finn is pretty sure if he hasn't lost his hearing, he's probably broken a finger or two.

"Is that it?" Finn asks numbly when she releases his hand.

"Do I look like superwoman?" Rachel snaps at him, grabbing his hand yet again, "Do you see a baby Finn?"

Finn winces and decides its best he does not say anything, he holds back his own groan when Rachel's nails dig into his hand as another contraction hits. Dr. Montgomery is offering words of encouragement, she asks Finn if he would like to see, but Finn declines when Rachel's grip on his hand tightens yet again.

"One more push Rachel." Dr. Montgomery says encouragingly, "You're almost there."

"You can do it Rach." Finn cheers, breaking his own vow, just as Rachel yells yet again as another contraction hits.

With that final contraction after a few moments of tense silence, the small room suddenly erupts into loud cries as Finn and Rachel's daughter makes her presence known.

"Oh My God." Finn says in awe as the nurse places the screaming baby on Rachel's chest.

"Finn, look at what we did." Rachel says tears streaming down her own face as the baby's cries immediately stop at Rachel's voice. Rachel's hand rests on the baby's back as she looks at her lovingly.

"She's beautiful." Finn says softly, running his finger along the baby's soft curls on the top of her head. "I love you both so much."

"I love you too." Rachel whispers. She tears her gaze away from their daughter, to look up at Finn, smiling through her tears as he leans forward to kiss Rachel soundly on the lips.

The baby scrunches up her face, at the slight jostle, but other than that she doesn't move, just simply sighs pressing her tiny face against Rachel's chest. Finn is so enchanted by his daughter he doesn't hear Dr. Montgomery call out to him, until one of the nurses taps his shoulder.

"You want to cut the cord, Dad?" Dr. Montgomery asks brightly.

Finn nods taking the scissors from the nurse, once that is done, the nurse stands over them smiling warmly at them, "I'm just going to take her, to clean her up okay?"

Rachel nods, removing her protective hand from the baby's back, frowning when the baby immediately begins to cry from being moved. Rachel looks at Finn her eyes wide, "Stay with her? Make sure she knows that one of us is with her."

"You're going to be okay?" Finn asks her with concern as he wipes her sweaty brow with the back of his hand.

"You can go on ahead, she's in good hands." Dr. Montgomery promises.

Finn looks across the room where their daughter is still crying loudly, and then back at Rachel who smiles at him tiredly, "Go on, Dad."

Finn grins at that pressing a firm kiss to Rachel's lips one last time, before hurriedly making his way to their daughter his heart aching at her tiny cries of protest as the nurse cleans her off and measures her. He looks on in awe as he watches his daughter, his heart full, no other moment in his life can ever top this moment.

"I think Daddy, is dying to hold you." The nurse whispers to the still crying baby as she grins up at Finn expectantly.

Finn's eyes widen as she gently places the baby in his arms, moving his hand so he cradles his daughter's head. Finn looks down at the small bundle in his arms and he feels his eyes fill with tears when she nuzzles his chest, her cries immediately subsiding once she's comfortably in his arms.

When she opens her tiny eyes to gaze up at Finn as he whispers softly to her, Finn realizes that moment is the greatest moment of his life.

He's a father.

"Can I call them now?" Finn asks, once the baby is comfortably lying in Rachel's arms as Rachel leans against the bed, her eyes heavy with sleep, "Between, my mom and your dad I'm not sure who is going to break down the door first. The nurse said she had her own little paparazzi group in the nursery. They have already seen you, but they didn't get to hold her yet. Don't want to anger the masses."

Rachel laughs wholeheartedly at Finn's words, "I think the little princess is up for some visitors."

As soon as she says that the door to her room and everyone comes barging in, their parents making a beeline for the bed, Santana, Kurt trailing behind them. His mom squeals in excitement as she gently takes the baby from Rachel's arms.

"Mom, careful." Finn protests as his mother nuzzles the baby's cheek with her nose, breathing in deeply.

"Finn, I've been a nurse longer than you've been born and I'm a mother I know how to hold a baby." His mother says with a roll of her eyes, she looks down at the baby and grins, "She's beautiful."

"She's stealing your limelight." Kurt teases referring to Rachel's daughter. He hugs her, as all the grandparents are too busy fawning over the little baby.

Rachel smiles tiredly at him, "She's the star."

"Dude, they aren't going to drop her." Santana says in amusement, nudging Finn in the side, laughing at the way Finn is anxiously watching their parent's pass the baby around.

"I'm sure we'll get her back in one piece, baby. Relax." Rachel says calmly watching Finn in amusement, "He hasn't let her go since he first hold her, only letting me hold her."

"Poor kid is gonna be smothered." Santana says in amusement, she looks at Rachel closely, "How are you feeling?"

"Good. Amazing. Exhausted," Rachel sighs with content watching as her fathers' talk animatedly to her daughter, "I'm so happy, I can't explain it."

Santana grins tugging Rachel into a hug, "Congrats Rach. You guys did good. She's cute too."

"She's amazing." Finn says in awe, his gaze still fixated on the baby.

"Rach, I think you've got some competition there." Kurt teases. Looking at his brother in amusement.

"She's the only other girl, he's allowed to love more than me." Rachel teases, sending Finn a smile. She sits up more when she sees her Daddy bringing the baby for her. Once the baby is in her arms, she immediately calms down, nuzzling Rachel's chest.

"See, she knows her mom." Leroy says warmly, just before he kisses Rachel on the forehead. "I'm so proud of you bumble bee."

"She is kind of perfect." Rachel says proudly, as she looks down at the now sleeping baby.

"Are we going to be referring her to as she for the rest of her life?" Santana asks pointedly, she scrunches up her face in thought, "You didn't go with some crazy Broadway name did you?"

Finn laughs, grinning at Rachel who nods at him to tell them, "This is Emily Carole Hudson."

"Oh Finn." Carole gushes putting her hand to her chest before she engulfs Finn in a hug.

"I'm guessing you like it mom?" Finn asks in amusement as Carole hugs him tightly kissing him on the cheek.

"It's perfect," Carole says peering at the her granddaughter, "I can just eat her up."

"Okay honey, why don't we leave the kids for the night. I'm sure they are both exhausted." Burt says, he looks at Finn and Rachel thoughtfully, "I guess the two of you aren't really kids anymore are you?"

"Dad, are you going to cry?" Kurt teases from on the other side of Rachel's bed, tearing his gaze away from his niece to look up at his father.

"My baby has her own baby." Hiram sobs out, "She's so beautiful."

"It's okay honey." Leroy says soothingly rubbing his husband's back, he looks across at Burt, "I think Hiram has the crying grandparent thing down for all of us."

"Okay, all of you need to leave." Kurt says suddenly, "You're overwhelming my niece."

"Kid can't be bothered with any of you and your waterworks. She's out cold." Santana says in amusement, peering down at the sleeping baby in Rachel's arms, "She's really cute."

"I know." Rachel says proudly, running her finger gently against the baby's cheek.

When she stifles a yawn, Finn stands deciding its time their crazy family leaves, "Okay guys, I don't want to kick you out but…"

"Ah Papa bear has spoken. It's time for us to leave Finn with his family." Leroy teases warmly as they all start to empty out the room. He shakes Finn's hand firmly, "Congratulations Finn. I know we've had our differences these past few months, but I'm proud of you, of both of you."

"Thank you." Finn says softly watching as Leroy kisses an exhausted Rachel before he leaves.

He looks at Rachel warmly, she's staring down at the baby still in awe, "Do you want me to take her back to the nursery?"

"Not yet." Rachel says softly. She smiles at their sleeping daughter, her heart feeling like it would explode. She runs her fingers gently against the baby's tiny hand that is clasp against her small chest that is moving slowly up and down "I just want to watch her. We did this Finn."

"It's surreal." Finn says as he slips into the bed next to Rachel, running his finger against Emily's tiny foot that is peaking out from below her blanket, "She's so tiny."

"She's absolutely perfect." Rachel says softly, pressing a gentle kiss to the baby's forehead, "I don't know how we thought we could have ever given her up."

"I know, looking at her now. I can't imagine ever letting her go." Finn says softly, "I think I always knew that but it took almost losing the both of you to realize I could never let her go."

When Rachel doesn't respond, Finn looks up to see that she is sound asleep her grip on the baby never loosening. Finn smiles warmly slowly easing the baby out of Rachel's arms, Emily fussing slightly at being moved "Hey now, let Mommy sleep."

She calms down immediately which makes Finn smile widely, he looks at the tiny cot that the nurses used to transport Emily from the nursery to Rachel's room, but then sinks down in the chair, forgoing the cot for now. He's perfectly content to hold his daughter as she sleeps.

He gazes at the tiny life in his arms, watching the small splatter of freckles that already litters Emily's tiny face, her cheeks rosy as she breathes in deeply as she sleeps soundly in his arms. All the fear and apprehension about her arrival seems to have completely disappeared once he looks at her. He looks down at their daughter and he knows without a doubt he'll do whatever it takes to take care of his family.

He, Rachel and Emily are a family now and he couldn't imagine it any other way.

One month later.

She rolls onto her back, the sun streaming into the room; the sound of soft singing pulling her out of her slumber. She slowly pries open her eyes, her eyelids protesting due to a lack of sleep. Her heart warms at the sight before her, all the exhaustion slowly slipping away as she watches Finn swaying by the window, softly singing to their fussy daughter.

"C'mon baby girl. What's wrong?" Finn asks softly as he places a kiss on Emily's tiny head, "You're going to wake up Mommy. It's my singing isn't it? You prefer Mommy's right? Don't worry I do to."

Rachel giggles at his words, smiling tiredly at Finn as he turns around to face him, "Hey."

"Did we wake you?" Finn asks worriedly as he makes his way towards their bed.

"It's okay, I love waking up to you singing to our daughter." Rachel says warmly, frowning when Emily starts to cry, "What's wrong Ems?"

"I think she's hungry." Finn says as he rocks the baby, waiting for Rachel to get ready to nurse Emily

"Takes after her father." Rachel teases as Finn hands her Emily, "Don't you worry about Daddy Ems, he's always hungry when he gets up as well."

Finn laughs watching as Emily latches on to Rachel's nipple as soon as she is in her mother's arms, drinking hungrily. "She was really hungry."

Rachel laughs as she leans against the headboard, "She's always really hungry."

"I feel like that was directed at me." Finn says with a laugh as he gets into bed, "Do you want the pillow?"

"It's okay, I like holding her like this." Rachel says, she runs her pinky against Emily's cheek, "Slow down baby girl."

"Does it hurt?" Finn asks curiously peering down at Emily, who's eyes open at the sound of his voice. He grins down at her, "Hi Emmy."

"It only hurts when she gets really excited." Rachel says softly, giggling at Finn who is now making faces at Emily, who stops nursing to gaze up at Finn with wide eyes, "Finn, you're distracting her, stop it."

"Whoops, sorry Ems." Finn says, he rubs his finger against her cheek, coaxing her to start back nursing. Once she does, he moves away and out of her line of vision so that she can eat properly.

"I didn't think it was possible to love a person so much." Rachel says softly, watching as Emily's eyes start to droop and she continues to nurse, "Like I thought I knew what love was, with you, my parents, Kurt. But, this is something I…"

"It's consuming," Finn says softly, "You feel like all those feelings you had before is multiplied by the millions and even then it's only a fraction of how you feel about her."

"I feel like every time I look at her, I experience a rainbow of emotions." Rachel confesses, "These past 4 four weeks haven't been easy, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I don't know how I thought I could have taken one look at her and been able to give her to someone else. I love her so much Finn, sometimes I'm afraid to let her go, almost as if she'll just disappear if I do."

"She's not going anywhere. She's stuck with us for the rest of her life." Finn says, he then peers over Rachel's shoulder grinning at Emily, "It's that right Ems?"

Emily's tiny eyes flutter open at his voice and she releases Rachel's nipple yet again. Rachel groans, "Finn, she needs to eat. She's going to get fussy if she doesn't eat."

"Sorry, I'll make us some breakfast while you feed her." Finn says he places a kiss on Rachel's forehead and then rubs Emily's stomach, "Scramble eggs and toast?"

"Thank you." Rachel says gratefully, as she tries to coax Emily back to her breast, "Daddy is so silly. C'mon baby girl aren't you hungry?"

But Emily just gazes up at Rachel in wonderment, Rachel can't help but smile, "You're the cutest baby in the world, but if you're going to stay cute and healthy you gotta eat. That's it; I knew you couldn't have been full already. You are your father's daughter, in more ways than one."

Rachel smiles down at her daughter, the baby's hand resting on her breast as she nurses hungrily, "I'm sorry I ever thought I could have given you away. You mean more to me than anything in this world. I promise you, I'll do everything in my power to make sure that you have everything you need and that you will be happy. I love you so much baby girl."

Rachel smiles warmly as Emily looks up at her with wide eyes, still nursing, "I may not be able to give you everything, but I can promise you one thing, no one will love you more than me and your daddy."

Rachel sighs as she brushing Emily's curls, closing her eyes as her daughter continues to nurse. She's a mother now, she's responsible for this tiny life in her arms and she wouldn't have it any other way.

The End

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