Garrus Vakarian placed his rifle carefully in its rack. He began to slowly strip the armour from his body. The months since Rannoch had been wearying. The chime of his front door sounded, and he rested his hands on the workbench with a sigh. He wasn't in the mood for guests.

In his underarmour, he walked to the front door and activated the security cam. James Vega waved at him.

"Vega?" he sounded surprised, "What are you doing here?"

"You always said that I should look you up when I got to Omega," the N7 grinned goodnaturedly, "I got us some beer…" he wiggled the pack up at the camera.

Garrus shook his head and just huffed a laugh, "Yeah, come on in." He released the locks and Vega strolled in, a package under one arm, the beer in the other.

He whistled, "Niiiice," glancing around, "I always wondered what the Archangel's pad looked like. Now I know."

"Come on," Garrus crooked his finger, "Grab a seat. I just need to get changed."

"No worries," Vega strolled toward the lounge, "Oh! Here." He tossed the package at Garrus, who caught it easily, "This was at your front door. Didn't set off any sensors…" he shrugged and dropped into a comfortable lounge chair.

"Huh," Garrus stared at the package, scanned it with his omnitool and shook it. He tucked a talon under the tape securing the plain wrapping and revealed the contents. It was a disk inside a foam pack. And a note. He knew that disk. The weapon plans Sabine had stolen. He flicked open the note…and stared.


The packing material dropped to the floor, the disk bouncing on the tile. Vega glanced up, concerned.

"Something wrong, hermano?"

"What?" Garrus glanced up, distracted, "Yes. No…I mean… I will be right back." He headed toward his bedroom suite, clutching the note.

Vega yanked the top off a beer, "No rush."

Garrus walked into his darkened room, and shut the door with a firm hand. He muttered, "Lights, twenty percent." The room lifted to a soft glow and he read the note again.

He jumped when hands touched his shoulders, and the smoky, honey over velvet voice wrapped its way around his senses.

"Hey there, handsome."