Tiny is one of the cutest characters in the show and I felt so sorry for him when he got yelled at by Lucky and chased around by that shadow (Mr Big). I had wondered what happened after Bonkers confirmed the criminal was at the Velveteen Cheese Factory, because it's nightime when they get there. So I created a one shot. Do read, enjoy and review please! :D

Bonkers had been outside the bathroom door waiting for Tiny for five minutes.

'Come on, Tiny!' he called. 'What's keeping ya?'

The giant pink toon hamster opened the door of the bathroom, a crack.

'I don't wanna go' he squeaked.

'Come out here and talk with me, pal' Bonkers said in a sweet tone.

Tiny slowly made his way out.

'That shadow has haunted me so much, Bonkers. I don't wanna see it again'

Bonkers took one of his paws and stroked it.

'I'm scared too Tiny' he admitted. 'I'm not fond or those things myself, but we both have to go to that Velveteen Cheese Factory. We need you so you can lure the shadow out and that way we can bust whoever is following'

'But I'm scared!' Tiny cried, tear dripping from his eyes.

Bonkers couldn't help feeling sorry for him.

'I know Tiny. You just need to be brave. Face your fears and all' he said.

'Can't you just hypnotize me to be brave? Like you did before to help me remember where I first saw that shadow?' asked Tiny.

'No' said Bonkers, firmly. 'I can't do that. Trust me. Hypnosis doesn't solve everything. You just need to learn how to be brave'

'What is "brave" anyway?' Tiny asked curiously.

Bonkers smiled. 'Well here's an example. I'm scared to go and see this shadow guy too. But being scared isn't gonna stop me from doing so. So basically "brave" is when you're scared of doing something, but you do it anyway because you have to or want to'

'So it's ok to be scared?' asked Tiny in a small voice.

Bonkers nodded.

Tiny was silent for a minute.

'Well...ok. I'll come and help you'

'Atta boy!' said Bonkers, patting his back. 'And don't you worry Tiny. We'll make sure you're never haunted again!'

'Oh, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!' Tiny grabbed Bonkers into a hug, then released him. Bonkers was a little thin from the giant hug but he went back to normal after a few seconds and smiled.

Just then, Lucky entered.

'You guys coming?' he said. I've bee out here for ten minutes. Let's go nab this shadow!'

'Coming, Lucky!' said Bonkers.

They all walked out into the night, to the squad car.

Tiny was too big to fit in so he was asked to run alongside them. It was no trouble to Tiny at all.

Five minutes later, they reached the cheese factory.

Before entering, Bonkers turned to Tiny who was shaking a little and kind of backing away.

'Be brave, Tiny' said Bonkers.

Tiny took a deep breath and followed Bonkers and Lucky in.