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A girl was walking through Olympus, with white and black hair, one sea green eye the other a sky blue her name Flare. Flare sighed as she stopped at the doors that lead to those stupid gods. Sighing on more time she opened the doors. What she saw amused her greatly the Gods where bickering with them self's. Hades was there as was his wife. Flare after getting over her amusement.

''A fine way to keep from being called children.'' Flare said amused when they all stopped to look at her they all flushed. ''Thought you'd like your bolt and you, your helm back.'' Flare said finding it hard not to laugh at there flushed face's. ''Now you have your toy's back I'm out of here!'' Flare said turning to leave as a voice stopped her.

''You dare to leave with out are word?'' Zeus thundered. Flare turned to face him a black look on her face.

''I don't dare I do you incompetent moron!'' Flare said Zeus made a vary good impression of a fish out of water at that. The Gods where trying not to laugh. ''I would have thought a God would have someone to get to the bottom of what hapined before trying to kill his own niece guess I was wrong. Really why should I give anyone who kill's kid's for what there mother's or fathers did!'' Flare added now she was openly scolding them. ''Your all moron's! Acting high and mighty when your kid's are fighting for there live's to get your shit back!'' ''Going after the one's you can kill and making them suffer for what you did. So pleas tell me why I should! Leaving half of your kid's to suffer abuse from there mother or fathers!'' Flare said this so coolly you would have thought she was an Ice Goddess.

They all sat there at Flare started leaving again only for a flash of light.

In a house in a dark void a flash of light and. Flare and the Gods and Goddess's that she had been scolding. Flare was staring blankly.

''The fuck just hapined?'' Flare asked looking around she sighed. ''I just wanted to go home and sleep of my PMS is that so wrong!'' Flare yelled to the roof making the male's in the room flush and move away.

''TMI!'' Apollo yelled Flare got an amused glint in her eye.

''By the way it's my first oh and did I tell you all how stressing being call a thief and everyone literally trying to kill you is add that and what do you get?'' Flare said making the girl's nod now under standing.

Apollo and the guy's looked quit pale now. Just as a flash of light and books where on the table. Athena read the note.

'Dear Gods and Flare you will all be reading about Flare's life in the form of books.

From the Fate's

P.s Flare don't kill the Gods!'

Flare looked at the books annoyed and a new note flashed into her hand. Flare read it smirked and walked over to a wall she knocked on it and a little door came into sight. Flare opened it only to be met by liker Flare lit up like a kid in a candy store. Grabbing the whisky and sitting down on a couch stated drinking.

''Oi your to young to drink!'' Poseidon said about to take it from the girl only for her to glare at him.

''Take my happy and you go bye bye.'' Flare said growling he flinched and being the brave God he was hid behind Zeus.

''There another PS.'' Athena said.

'P.S.S To the Gods don't take her happy drinks she'll kill you the moment you touch it.'

This amused some of them.

''Dame why the fuck do these brats get to read my life?'' Flare moaned. ''Hermes and Apollo sit next to me you the only one's I wont kill.'' Flare said they grinned and sat on both side's of the girl.

''Oh fox i never knew you love me so much.'' Apollo said grinning.

''No me she love's me!'' Hermes fake huffed and they play fight making Flare laugh.

''Hmm don't know though your both good.'' Flare said laughing at there flush.

''Oi don't make it sound so dirty!'' Hermes said chuckling.

''Aww why not?'' Flare asked amused.

''Cause we haven't gotten that fare.'' Hermes fake whispered.

''Hay you both know I'm an innocent miner you pedophile's!'' Flare said puppy eye's, they snorted.

''Innocent my ass!'' Apollo said tickling her.

''Apollo stop!'' Flare laughed when Hermes join in. ''Hermes!'' She laugh.

The other Gods watched some amused at the cute seen others looked about ready to kill.

''Do you three know etch other?'' Hades finally asked making them stop.

''Ya! She's the one who prank'd Zeus remember the pink dress?'' Apollo said making them fall over laughing.

''What!'' Zeus thundered.

''I prank'd the God's big deal.'' Flare said.

''I'll Read first!'' Athena said picking the book up.

Flare Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

''Antone have Dajavu?'' Flare asked making Apollo nod grinning.

I met Drag the dragon.

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