Sherlock Holmes' greatest problem wasn't that he was an occasional user of cocaine.

It wasn't dark red velvet and rich deep purple in antique silver.

It wasn't that for almost his whole adult life, Sherlock had consistently pushed away friends to keep them from harm.

It wasn't that his elder brother Mycroft had fought this trend and found himself in a relationship with Gregory Lestrade.

It wasn't that Jim Moriarty had once again plotted to ruin his life, this time failing.

It wasn't even that there was a long and complicated road ahead for Sherlock and John.

A road filled with uncertainty and newness, but also compassion and love.

No, Sherlock Holmes' greatest problem was that he was utterly and completely in love with one Doctor John Watson.

But, you know what? That's not so bad, and do you know why?

Well, Doctor John Watson, he loves Sherlock too.