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Chapter 7 – SH

I couldn't believe it. Explain myself? In what way? I looked up at him over my shoulder. "It's hard to explain this much awesome, Ed, I don't know what to tell ya," I said snidely. Paul guffawed from the sidelines, grossly showing everyone his chewed-up sandwich.

"Amusing, Jacob," Edward sniffed. "But I'm speaking about letting groupies onstage. Allowing them to sing with no contract, no union cards, no paperwork! Really, Jacob! Who is responsible for this?" He looked around the room menacingly, not scaring anyone.

"Uh, Ed," I said, digging at him just a little more for the fun of it, "why would you immediately think it was me? You were the one who was backstage. Why didn't you stop them?"

"It was that one guy, Jasper I think?" Blondie chimed in. "He heard us singing and said we were good. He miked us and told us to go out there!"

"Jasper?" Edward asked, momentarily distracted from his usual douchiness. See, it's my personal opinion that Edward is afraid of Jasper. I don't know exactly why – though Jasper could strike fear in anyone. It was something about the eyes. Something about the way he could get people to do his bidding. He was okay, don't get me wrong – but there was a reason I didn't hang out with Jasper much. He seemed a little…dangerous. I think Eddie thought so too.

I decided to razz him some more. "Where were you, Eddie? I thought you were babysitting the gotes?"

Edward pulled out of his stupor and sneered at me. I knew I was being a dick to him in front of the band, but he shouldn't have called me out with everyone around. He had to be pissed – he never did that before. "I have many obligations during a show, Mr. Black," he said, emphasizing the Mr. I happened to have a quick meeting with the video crew who was shooting your song. Is that enough of an explanation?"

"I was just asking," I grinned facetiously. Then I noticed my virgin giving me a look. What was that face for? She seemed to be…disapproving. I gave her the little head-shake, shoulder-shrug with a confused expression, like I was asking, "What?" She didn't say a word, just looked away.

Shit. She was disappointed in me. And I sure as hell didn't want that, nor did I want her siding with Masen when he was trying to get in her pants and stake a claim before me. Yeah, that would happen…over my dead body. I looked back to Edward quickly. "Hey, Edward, sorry about that. You kind of surprised me by asking me to explain myself. I didn't know they were singing backup until I turned around and saw them, and that's the truth." Bella turned and smiled at me, sweet and shy. I was forgiven.

Edward was as amazed as the rest of the band by my apology. The room fell silent just as Jasper and Emmett entered with the gotes of choice for Paul and Seth.

Uh oh. I didn't think this through at all. Now what? Embry was already gone, which meant he was in the band bus with his gote. Now there would be rampant carnal knowledge taking place on every available flat surface, just like after every show. Seth already had his hands up his gote's blouse, sucking her face like there was no tomorrow. Paul was inching over on the futon and unbuttoning his jeans. And even Emmett was eyeing Blondie with lust. I had to get Bella out of there – but where would I go?

Luckily, Edward saved me. "Mr. Whitlock, a word?" he said to Jasper in as menacing a voice as that pansy-ass Brit could muster.

Jasper rolled his eyes and shoved his hands in the pockets of his dingy jeans. "I already know, Masen. I wasn't supposed to let the girls onstage. I get it. But they sounded great. I mean, didn't they sound great?" he asked, turning to direct the question at everyone.

Paul tore himself away from his gote's lips long enough to growl, "Leave him alone, Edward. It's about time we got some female backup." It was saying a lot that Paul took time to say that when he was just getting busy with his evening's entertainment. Usually it took something with the urgency of a nuclear attack to drag him away from his groupie.

"They did sound good, they gave the song a little something extra," Quil added, taking a slug of rum and Coke, his favorite after-show libation. He had some exotic Latina beauty kneeling in front of him. I didn't want to know what was coming next. I had to get Bella out of there before everyone's clothes came off.

With Edward pontificating in the corner, I stood and pulled Bella up by the hand. "Let's get some food and go somewhere quiet," I said close to her ear. I could see by the look in her eyes that she was getting extremely uncomfortable. She nodded. We walked over to the food table and loaded up a couple of plates with goodies, then I refilled my drink and we quietly slipped out of the dressing room.

We walked for a few steps in silence down the dark hallway. Roadies scuttled from room to room, moving equipment and storing items for the next night's show. Bella was quiet, and my mind raced as I tried to think of somewhere I could take her where we wouldn't be disturbed. I wanted to talk that distressed look out of her eyes. She was too innocent to have seen so much.

The room that Emmett had put her and Blondie in when they first got to the show was open, and I pulled Bella in there. There wasn't much in the way of furniture, just those two folding chairs, but it was good enough for now. Bella and I sat down and began to eat.

"There," I sighed. "That's better."

"Is it always like that in the dressing room after a show?" she asked.

"Always like what?" I asked, hoping she didn't see the shenanigans.

But my hope was squashed when she blushed furiously and said, "Um, like…" I couldn't make her say it, so I rescued her.

"Yeah, the blatant sex everywhere? Pretty much."

"Oh," she said in a small voice. We were quiet for a minute while she sipped her diet Coke. "Well…thanks for taking me out of there."

"Yeah, sorry I didn't get you out sooner. It does get a little uncomfortable." I managed a nervous laugh. I couldn't believe how edgy I felt around her. But this time she rescued me. She laughed out loud.

"Oh, come on! Last night you were right there with them! Rosalie told me what you guys did!"

First I was like, who the hell is Rosalie? But then it was my turn to blush. My virgin knew what I was doing with Blondie last night? I felt like a total tool. But she saved me again, loudly laughing at my discomfort. "I can't believe I got Jake Black to blush. That's gotta be a first!"

For a second, I was surprised that she wasn't pissed. And then I started laughing too. She did - she got me to blush. That was some sort of accomplishment. We laughed together for a minute, enjoying the moment. I couldn't believe I was in a private room with a gote and I wasn't in her pants yet. In fact, I wasn't even thinking of it. I know I thought I'd get some from her tonight, but now I didn't even really want to. Well, that's not exactly true - I wanted to, I just didn't think it was cool. She was so sweet, so innocent...so classy. I didn't want to, I don't know...defile her or whatever.

I watched as she ate the sandwich and sipped delicately at her Coke. Those lips...yeah, my thoughts were far from pure. But for some reason, I was holding back. What was that about? At first I couldn't put a name to it. But then a word popped into my mind: respect. I respected this chick. What made her so different from any other gote?

I was pulled out of my deep thoughts by a loud scuffle in the hall. It sounded like a fight; there was cussing, shouting, banging. The virgin looked with trepidation at the door.

"What's that?" she asked fearfully.

"I dunno," I answered, standing up and putting my plate of food on the floor next to my keg cup full of vodka. "But I'm gonna find out." I strode purposefully toward the door.

"Wait, Jake!" she said frantically. I turned back.

"What?" I asked.

"You might get hurt!" she said.

I laughed like it was the funniest thing I ever heard and opened the door to the hall.

"What the fuck?" I yelled before I even knew who was out there. It was dark in the hall and it took a second for my eyes to adjust to the light. There were at least three people out there, and as they came into focus, I could see it was Jasper and Paul, and maybe Emmett. Then further down, I saw Blondie crouching against the wall, her hands over her ears.

I was incensed. To fight like this was practically a given, since Paul and Jasper were at each other's throats on a daily basis, but to do it in front of a lady…well, that wasn't acceptable in my book. I pushed my way into the hall and past the two brawling forms and gathered Blondie protectively in my arms.

She was crying. I pulled her through the fighting idiots and we ducked into the room where I'd left Bella waiting. Bella was immediately all over her cousin, an alarmed, "Oh my God, Rose, what's wrong?" spilling out of her mouth. Without waiting, I went back out in the hall and slammed the door behind me.

I muscled myself between the two brawling jerks and pushed them apart using pure brute force. Neither of them was a match for me, but I wondered why Emmett hadn't stepped in before this. I held them apart at arm's length, like you see in cartoons. "The fuck?" I demanded, swinging my gaze between the two of them.

"Lemme at the fucker, Jake, seriously," Paul shouted.

"I'll rip your fuckin throat out, Lahote," Jasper answered belligerently. Emmett finally spurred himself into action and grabbed Jasper's arms, pinning him from behind. As he dragged him away, I went face to face with Paul, trying to calm him down.

"Come on, Paul, take it easy, don't do this. You already got a cut on your face, the last thing you need is another one," I said, picking the wrong argument. I never said I was smart.

"And that's another thing!" Paul said, his black eyes narrowing at me. "You motherfucker, cutting my lip all to shit. It's no wonder I needed help tonight." He jabbed a finger into my left pec.

What the fuck was he talking about? I looked at him, confused, then turned to Emmett, who was pushing Jasper away down the hall.

"What is this asshole ranting about?" I asked loudly.

Emmett grinned at me over his shoulder. "That's what the fight was about. Jazz is pissed because Masen chewed him out. He told Paul that he needed the chick backup because he couldn't hit the high notes." This seemed to piss Paul off even further and he struggled against me as he tried to go after Emmett. I didn't honestly know what he was thinking; on his best day, he could never take a brute like Emmett.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Paul. Simmer down," I said dismissively, holding him against the wall without any difficulty. "You try to fight Emmett and you're gonna get yourself killed. Come on, get back to your gote. I'm sure she's waiting."

Paul seemed to shake off the anger and he looked back at me, suddenly lucid. "Yeah, that's right!" he said as if only just remembering that he was Paul BelAire and had chicks swarming all over him all the time. "Shit, I hope she's still there!" He sidestepped me and hustled past Emmett and Jasper, not giving either of them a second look. I shook my head, laughing.

"One track mind," Emmett said, watching him go past.

I sauntered down to where Emmett stood, still gripping Jasper. "Why didn't you stop this, Em? You could take both of these knuckleheads." I elbowed Jasper, and he elbowed me back. Ouch.

"Because I agree. Paul can't hit the high notes. I wanna try and sell Masen on keeping those two on. Get ourselves some road wives, huh?" He raised his eyebrows at me suggestively.

Before I could think of anything to say, four of Milwaukee's finest came barreling down the hallway, batons drawn. It was just a blur of blue, and suddenly we were surrounded.

"Police! Hold it right there!" the first one said. "None of you move! Police!"

All three of us, well versed in dealing with cops in our youth, held our hands up in front of us, palms out. Emmett began laughing, shaking his head from side to side. "Fuckin' Masen, man," he muttered. I rolled my eyes.

"We received a call that there was a fight going on here," the lead cop said, calming down somewhat. He was older, maybe in his mid-thirties, a burly guy with a complete cop-look, crew-cut, ice blue eyes, surly face. I grinned at him to show him I wasn't a threat.

"Yes, sir, there was, officer," I said. I could be ultra-polite when I wanted to be. Or when I knew I had to be. "I took it upon myself to break it up. I didn't want the ladies upset." I nodded in the direction of Bella and Blondie, who were just sticking their heads tentatively out in the hall. The rest of the cops saw that the big emergency was averted and started sliding their batons back into their belts.

"I see," he said skeptically. "And who was fighting? These two?" he sounded doubtful as he indicated Emmett and Jasper with a tilt of his head.

Emmett guffawed loudly. "Yeah, right!" he chortled.

I gave him a look. "No, sir, it was this young man and another member of the band, Paul BelAire. He's back in the dressing room." The cop made a move to go down the hall but I cleared my throat loudly. "Uh, I wouldn't recommend going in there, sir. Everyone is having sex." I couldn't think of a better way to put it.

"Nothing I haven't seen before," the cop said dismissively. As one, they moved toward the dressing room and burst through the door.

There were muffled, "Hey!"s and "What the fuck?"s as the cops moved through the dressing room looking for Paul. "Mr. BelAire?" the head cop was heard to say loudly above the uproar.

Paul's answer was predictable. "Seriously, Masen?" he demanded. We could hear Edward's stammering response.

"I – I'm sorry, officers," he hastened to apologize. "I believe the altercation has been averted."

I rolled my eyes at Emmett. "He's an idiot," he observed.

I turned away from Emmett and Jasper, shaking my head, and went back to the girls. Emmett followed me after a minute, and Jasper went reluctantly back to the dressing room. I didn't hear any more from the dressing room and I didn't want to. Emmett shut the door to the little room and looked around, absently draping an arm across Blondie's shoulders.

"What were you two doing in here anyway, Jake? There's no furniture or anything," he asked.

"We were just sitting over there eating." Bella pointed innocently toward the chairs, and Emmett smiled a nasty smile at me.

"Not what you think, Em," I said wearily. "It's like Bella said."

"Pig," Blondie grinned at him.

"Come on, Jake, let's blow this place. We'll go back to the hotel," he said, pausing to snuggle Blondie's neck.

I looked quickly at Bella, whose face was turning bright red. All the sex talk was getting to her, and now she seemed flustered and uncomfortable with the discussion of the hotel room.

"Come on, Em, back off," I said, putting an arm around Bella for comfort.

"Oh, shit, I forgot - you got a virgin here," Emmett said. He was sincere, but damn, he really didn't have even one brain cell working. Why call her out on that now?

"God, Em!" Blondie said, slapping him across the pecs with the back of her hand. Then she reached out to Bella and said, "Bella, it's okay. We can stay at the hotel in our own room."

"Let's just go to the hotel and see what we can come up with," I said. Bella still seemed worried and shy, but I knew I wouldn't try anything. I just couldn't really say it in front of Emmett and Blondie. I'd tell her as soon as I got her alone.

Emmett called the car service and we took a quick trip across town to the hotel. Unfortunately for Blondie and the virgin, the hotel was booked full. But instead of leaving, the girls came up to my room, which was better than Emmett's in any case. Emmett was in a bottom tier room and he was forced to room with Jasper and two other roadies as well, so my room was much more preferable. Besides, my extras were paid for; his weren't.

The first thing we did was order up some room service. A couple of bottles of Ketel One and some diet Cokes, along with whatever Emmett and Blondie wanted. After a couple of drinks and some snacks, Emmett and I started talking while the girls looked through the mini bar and perused the movie channels.

"Masen said something about getting those two on waivers for tonight, and possibly tomorrow. I seriously think we should add 'em to the roster," Emmett told me.

"Masen is up for this?" I asked. "He was so pissed that they were even onstage!"

"Yeah, but did you see the crowd's reaction? Come on, it's the biggest you guys've ever had. The girls gotta have something to do with it. Masen isn't stupid."

"Why not just get pros?" I asked, playing devil's advocate. I knew this would be a question Paul would ask, and I wanted an answer on the ready just in case. That I was relying on Emmett for my arguments said something about my sobriety at that point in the evening, but surprisingly, he came up with a lucid argument.

"These gotes are better than pros," he said. "First of all, they don't even know they were supposed to get paid for tonight. Plus they have that star-struck quality. No pro could fake that. Besides, they're hot. You never know what you'll get if you order a pro."

He was right on all counts. They would be cheaper, more into it, and prettier than any hardened pro. Of course in my drunken stupor, I completely forgot that Masen had a stake in keeping my virgin with the band. He'd have way more chances with Bella if she was actually riding in our bus, across the miles where things got boring fast. But that didn't occur to me then. I was only thinking of myself, and how nice it would be for me to be able to see and talk to my virgin all the time.

Of course, no one even considered asking the girls if they wanted to do it. We just assumed that anyone in her right mind would say yes to this kind of invite.

"What are you guys talking about?" Blondie asked from her perch on the bed.

"Nothing," I answered, while Emmett blurted, "We want you guys on the tour to sing backup. You up for it?"

I gave him the dirtiest look I could muster, while Blondie threw herself at Emmett. "Ohmygod, YES!" she squealed. "That is the coolest thing I've ever heard! Bella! We could sing backup for the Wolves! It would be so epic!"

My virgin looked apprehensive. "Are we really good enough?" she asked uncertainly. God, she was so fuckin cute.

Blondie's face fell while Emmett stared at Bella like she had three heads. "You don't ask questions like that, little virgin. You just say, 'Hell yeah'," he grinned.

Bella ignored the virgin comment. "No, but seriously, would your manager, Edmund or whatever his name is, be okay with that?" she pressed.

"We can talk to him," Emmett answered. "I think we can sway him." I loved the fact that my virgin didn't even know his name.

Bella still didn't seem convinced. "What about school? What will we tell our parents?" she asked.

"Oh my God, Bella, lighten up for once! How many chances like this will we get?" Blondie said, beginning to get testy.

"She's trying to think of everything, Blondie. Give her a break," I said, rescuing her from her cousin.

"Rose has a point, though," Bella said. "I do tend to overthink things. Maybe she's right. We could just do it for a week or so, right?"

I looked at Emmett. Once the fans got used to chick backup, we'd need to keep it up. Granted, we could change backup at any time, get hotter and hotter women to perform like a lot of touring bands do, but I was starting to like the idea of having my virgin right there every day where I could see her and talk to her all the time.

"Well…" I began.

"You girls should just try it out," Emmett said. I could tell he was only placating Bella and that his idea was to keep them on. After all, he was the one who mentioned road wives.

See, back in the days of the true groupie, there were what they called road wives. Just like the name suggests, these girls would be on tour and they'd essentially play the role of your wife. They'd do all the traditional wife jobs, like make sure your clothes were clean, get your food ready for you, and schedule all your social obligations along with the manager of the band. While I wasn't necessarily in need of that kind of assistant, I was the first to admit that I wouldn't mind Bella being around all the time. I still didn't know what made me feel the way I felt around her, but it was an addictive feeling, a feeling I liked, and one I didn't want to go away.

Bella looked at me with a little flicker of hope in her chocolate brown eyes. "Would that be okay with you, Jake? I don't want to be here bothering you," she said.

She really had no idea how I felt about her. I tried hard not to look too eager, from force of long habit. You don't want to let on too much with a chick, even if she's an adorable virgin that you just wanna get to know better.

I shrugged nonchalantly. "Yeah, sure, that's fine. It would be fun, don't you think?" I tried not to grin too wide.

She sighed in relief. "Okay, that'd be great!" she said, smiling sweetly at me.

"Awesome," squealed Blondie. Emmett immediately pulled out his phone.

"I'm calling Alice right now," he said. "She'll get the paperwork rolling."

Emmett had a very annoying habit of calling people and leaving them on speaker. We would have to hear both sides of this conversation. More often than not, he'd even tell the person he was calling who he was with. I held my hand up and mouthed to him that I wasn't there. I didn't want to poison the call with my presence. Alice and I weren't the best of friends.

"What is it, Emmett?" she answered impatiently after only a half a ring. She was always impatient, though.

"Hey, Alice, how's it going?" Emmett asked, his big, friendly, obnoxious personality coming through.

We heard her sigh and Emmett winked at me. I grinned, shaking my head. Leave it to him to push her buttons. "It's going great," she said sarcastically. "What do you want?"

"I'm here at the hotel with those two chicks that were singing backup after the first break," he said. See? Always telling everyone everything he knows - where he is, who he's with...

"Hello, ladies!" sang Alice, ever the friendly public face of the Wolves.

"Hi," they answered self-consciously in unison.

"We were thinking it would be good if they came on permanently, at least for Made of Win," he said. Leave it to Emmett to dispense with the niceties.

Alice was silent for a minute. "Actually, it's funny you ask. I was just discussing that very thing with Edward. We'd have to get them on retroactive waivers for the show tonight and at the very least through the weekend, and then they'd need to apply for the union cards. I think I can push them through so they'll be up to standard by the Tuesday night show in Miami. Can they come to the arena tomorrow a little early, say around three? Then I can get their paperwork started. We'll need to take some publicity photos too. We'll try to fit those in before the show. And they'll need costumes. I'll talk to wardrobe. What are your sizes, ladies?"

Damn, that girl's mind was like a steel trap.

"Um, this is Rosalie. I'm like a six," she said.

"And I'm Bella. I'm a four. Or a two in some stuff, but then it's usually not long enough," she said.

"Okay, those are your rack sizes?" she asked. I thought for a second she was referring to their boobs, but the lack of reaction from them and Alice's next words made me realize what she really meant. After they'd both answered calmly in the affirmative, Alice said, "We'll have the seamstress do some quick alterations. Your things for tonight looked good, though. We can send them to the cleaner's if we decide to use them. In fact, why don't you get them ready and send them down to the hotel dry cleaner's tonight? Then if we can't find anything suitable, we can have you wear those."

"But it's my only shirt!" Bella protested, as Blondie pulled hers right off over the top of her head and made a move to go to the closet for the dry-cleaning bag.

"I have a couple of shirts for you," I said quietly, so Alice wouldn't hear. Bella turned to me with a worried expression.

"Is that Jacob Black?" Alice asked sharply. Shit! Chick had amazing hearing for someone in the rock world.

"Uh, yeah," Emmett admitted. "We're in his room."

"I might've known..." she muttered, annoyed. Then she said louder, "Okay, that's fine. It's better actually, because he's booked in a luxury suite, which means all we have to do is call the desk and they'll pick up the cleaning now, and have it ready by six am tomorrow. Jacob, I'll call the desk. Have the ladies put their clothes from tonight in the bag and hang it on the outside of the suite. They'll be up in ten minutes."

"Pants too?" squeaked the virgin.

"Yes, I'm sure Jacob has a pair of sweat pants you can use, honey," she said in a kind voice. I nodded at Bella, getting up to look through my luggage. I grabbed a pair of Spongebob fleece lounge pants and a t-shirt and handed them to her. They'd be huge on her, but at least she'd have clothes. She got up, her face as red as a Christmas ornament, and grabbed the bundle, heading for one of the bathrooms.

Blondie had no such qualms. She dropped her drawers and put her clothes into the bag, following Bella into the bathroom. She was out in a few seconds, the bag full. She opened the door in her underwear and hung the bulging bag on the knob. Then she wiggled back over and flopped on the bed on her stomach, kicking her ankles up behind her. She looked like the beginning of every teenage boy's first porno.

Bella was much more self-conscious. She shuffled out of the bathroom looking like a little kid dressed in her big brother's clothes. She'd rolled the legs of the pants up, but they were still hiding her feet. The shirt came down to her mid-thigh. Belatedly I realized it was a shirt I'd borrowed from Emmett a long time ago for a workout and had the following emblazoned on the front: "Strippers love my pole."

As soon as Emmett saw her in it, he gave out a laugh that filled the room. Bella crossed her arms over her front and glared at me.

"Shit, baby, I didn't realize I gave you that shirt!" Quickly I got up and dug through my bag, searching for something more appropriate. "Mustache Rides, 25¢." Nope. "Frunk as Duck." Nope. Another one of Emmett's: "I like to snatch kisses and vice versa." Good God. The least offensive thing I could come up with was a shirt that said "Single and Disease Free" with a drawing of a guy doing a thumbs up. Seriously. I needed some new clothes.

I gave her the Disease one and apologized again as Blondie and Emmett giggled like two little girls. While Bella changed, I surveyed the situation. Blondie was working on her second keg cup full of straight vodka. Emmett was completely trashed on Jack. They were getting busy on the bed, and Bella was about to walk back in. Just as Emmett slipped his fingers under Blondie's bra, the bathroom door opened and I cleared my throat.

"Uh, Em, are you guys gonna go down to your room?" I asked loudly.

He looked at me, his eyes getting a little bleary. "Uh, yeah, we probably should, huh, sugar?" He kissed Blondie on the nose.

She pushed out her bottom lip in a little pout. "But I'm practically naked," she said sexily. I could feel myself getting just a little hard. Damn. That gote knew how to work it.

"Yeah, I'm sure there's a robe in the closet. Just don't steal it; Masen goes apeshit if we take a robe. They charge like $300 for them," I told her, going to the closet more to hide the boner than to help her find the robe. I grabbed one of the robes and tossed it at her. With a smile, she slid off the bed and put the robe on. If possible, she looked even sexier with it on than she had in just her underwear. She fixed it so just a hint of her rack was visible and somehow got it to split at just the right point to show a long expanse of firm, sexy thigh.

"Bella, you'll be okay, right?" asked Blondie as she tossed her hair over her shoulder on her way out with Emmett. Bella looked doubtfully from me to the one king size bed.

"Uh…" she said.

"Great, we'll see you tomorrow. Ohmygod, I'm so excited!" she squealed on her way out. The door shut behind them with finality and Bella looked at me.

Now, I liked this girl. A lot. And I could see she was apprehensive. I decided to turn on the Jake Black charm and work it. She'd be in my arms in that bed in no time. Okay, we probably wouldn't do it, but I wanted to plant the seed that the horizontal bop was definitely on the horizon.

"Don't look like that, baby," I crooned, Sweet Jake coming out to play. She blinked up at me, her eyes huge and scared. "Everything is gonna be fine."

Her eyebrows met and she gave me a look. "How is it gonna be fine? There's one bed!" I knew she was just nervous, and letting the nerves get to her. Already I knew it wasn't like her to yell.

I reached out and pulled her in to me by the shoulders. "It's okay," I told her. "It's a big bed. There's lots of room. We don't even have to touch each other." I grinned down at her, but she still seemed anxious. "Come here," I said, pulling her by the hand over to the bed. She tried to dig her heels in, but I was too strong for her. I sat down and pulled her down next to me, putting a friendly arm around her shoulders.

"Jacob Black, don't you dare try anything," she said, her voice shaking. Wow, she really was nervous. I'd take care of that though, no problem. I was used to this kind of thing. I smiled at her, shaking my head.

"It's fine, honey," I said smoothly. She didn't look convinced. And then…

My fucking phone rang. It was Masen.