A Thousand Beautiful Things by Faith Valconbridge.
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Dedicated to Hannah

Pre-Story Notes:

Summery: Accidents happen everyday, like someone accidentally hitting you in the face with a ball and then you mutually getting off with them in the school showers. Now Dean's not saying he's gay, but the thing he has going with Castiel isn't exactly straight either and he isn't even sure if it matters any more.

Inspired by the idea by Substiel on Tumblr: "Cas full on rebelled against heaven. Like if you think about it Cas is kind of a little shit. So why are there not more AU's where he is a rebellious teenager whose parents blame Dean Winchester for "corrupting him" like I want Cas sneaking out while Dean waits up the street for him in the impala. I want Cas to get drunk and have lots of sex with Dean only to have to straighten up early Sunday morning and go to church with his family."

Rating: MA

TAGS AND WARNINGS: Alternate Universe - High School, Fluff and Smut, Teen Romance, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Explicit Sexual Content, Implied/Referenced Abuse, Minor Violence, Religion, Homophobia, Internalized Homophobia, Sexual Confusion, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Explicit Language, John Winchester's Bad Parenting, Fatherly Bobby Singer, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Church Sex, Library Sex, Underage Drinking, Impala Sex, First Time, First Kiss, Coming of Age, Outdoor Sex, Phone Sex, Switching, Eventual Happy Ending, Teenage Rebellion, Barebacking, Falling In Love, Blasphemy, Not Beta Read, Use Of Offensive Words, Slice of Life, Loss of Virginity

This fiction will be novel length and is currently in an editing phase, I appreciate your patience. Please be aware to be constructive when giving feedback, past history of poorly written reviews have made me reluctant to finish this story and due to my mental health issues, mostly unable. Due to a high demand and wonderful encouragement from the readers I have decided to take a shot at completing this. Though I can't promise it will be smooth sailing. :( The more reviews I receive, the quicker I will be to update as it cheers me up and gets me into a great frame of mind.

I am british! So this is written in british-english and have no idea how the American schooling system works so I'm kind of going off Wikipedia and my own experience of school. This is also my very first supernatural AU so be gentle with me, when I started this story I had never read a high school AU before, so I really hope it's different to what else is out there.

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