A/N the 1st: This has absolutely nothing in common with the movie. I like the title.

A/N the 2nd: "..." is Sam's bitchface.

Word count: 327. I usually hit 100 words exactly. Not this time. I miss extended brotherly scenes like this on the show.

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: goo. The boys make the most of a hunt gone slightly wrong. Ninety five percent dialogue. gleeful!Dean in big brother mode, wee!Sam in full bitchface.

"You're soooo cute! Yes you are! Yes you are!"


"Goo goo gaa gaaa-"


"What, Sammy?"

"Sammy is a chubby four year old."

"Which is exactly what you are right now. And your point is?"

"I'm. Not. A. Baby."

"You were zapped, now you're acting like one. Enough with the bitchface. You're scaring people."


"Dude, chill. Broom Hilda's toast. Life goes on."

"We're sitting in the park." Sam crossed his arms in front of his chest and glowered at his older brother. The effect was truly frightening. People passing by looked, flinched, and kept on walking. "You're using me to pick up women."

Dean was unimpressed. "I am not. I'm using you to get phone numbers from women. There's a difference."


"You're a regular chick magnet like this. Better than that time that bruja zapped you into a standard French Poodle!"


"I dunno why you're so damn upset about this. According to Bobby you should turn back to your regular state of Sasquatch-ness in three days."

"Sasquatch-ness. That's not a word."

"It is now."


"We might as well go. Quit looking at me like that, Sam. People are gonna think I beat you or something."


"Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face!"

"Hmph. You're not Heath Ledger. This isn't Batman."

"Wow. Bitch much? I shouldn't tell you this but I'm such an awesome big brother I'm gonna tell you anyway. I got fireworks in baby's trunk. We can come back here after dark and light up the sky."


"Yep. Boomers. Rockets. Everything you like."

Sam's bitchface vanished in a heartbeat. His smile was warm and bright. "Okay!"

The young blonde woman walking by smiled back. "Oh, what a beautiful little boy!"

"Yes ma'm!" Dean smirked. He grabbed his little brother by the shoulders with one arm and squished the boy hard against his side. "He's my pride and joy. A chip off the old block!"

Wee!Sam's bitchface was fearsome indeed.