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In the dream, Annie was floating in a bottomless lake. She was lying on her back, wearing a white dress that should have been sinking her. Instead, it helped her float and she glided aimlessly through the still waters. Her head hit against something, and she moved so that she was looking at the object in the water. It was a small wooden fishing boat, similar to the one her grandfather had taken her out on many times when she was young. Annie swam around to the side and pulled herself onto the deck, using the rusty ladder attached to the side.

Everything on the boat was the same as it had been when she had been twelve years old. The floor still creaked, the paint was still chipped and when Annie pushed the cabin door open, it still creaked like it had before. Her white dress was heavy now, and seemed to grow heavier with every breath she took.

"Hello?" She called out, because surely somebody must be on board. "Granddad?"


The voice was coming from the deck, but Annie had already been up there. Frowning, she shoved her way back through the door that led to the deck. A figure was leaning against the railings, facing the water. He was definitely not her granddad.

"Um?" She muttered. He spun around, and Annie recognized him as soon as his bronze hair caught the light.

"Annie." He grinned.

"Finnick!" She gasped

"I've missed you." Finnick didn't grin like he had when they were fourteen- this grin was animalistic, feral.

"You killed my mother." Annie accused. If her memories were true to her, and she was sure that they were, Annie's mother had yelled to her that day as she swerved to avoid a lorry, narrowly missing it. Annie had run towards the car, but Finnick had knocked her down. When she had pulled herself free, the car was off of the road and her mother was bleeding out on the dashboard.

"But Annie…I had to knock you down." Finnick mocked her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"No you didn't!" Annie batted his hand away. "She was fine until you knocked me down!"

"Oops." Finnick snarled. He gripped her arms and dragged her towards the railings. She screamed out for her mother, her grandfather, for the Finnick that used to be.

"Now you'll see her again." He laughed, before throwing her over the railing. This time, Annie's dress didn't help her float. The heaviness she had carried around with her since she pulled herself free of the water was now the thing that was sinking her.

When she woke up, Annie was screaming. Almost immediately a nurse was in her bedroom, brandishing a needle.

"No!" Annie yelled at her. "It was just a bad dream, I swear!"

The nurse looked at her with doubtful eyes, but slowly lowered the needle.

Annie took a deep breath, attempting to stop the trembles that usually resulted in her being sedated and pushed away in a wheel chair. I can do this. She thought to herself. Just think of happy places. Images flashed through her mind. The beach house her mother had owned, their house back in Pensacola, beach days with her friends and eating ice cream in August. Slowly, she started to calm down.

"Not a bad one?" The nurse asked when Annie's trembles had almost stopped. Terrible. She thought to herself. At Panem, if you stop the spell yourself, which Annie occasionally could, then it was a minor attack.

"No." Annie forced a smile. "Not at all."

"My name's Beetee. I work as the technical support here." A thin man wearing wire glasses nodded at Finnick.

"I'm Thresh. I help out with the gardening and the cafeteria, my little sister Rue's admitted here." A huge guy with dark skin said, taking a bite out of his sandwich.

"Paylor. I'm the head psychiatrist." The woman sat opposite Finnick grunted. Mentally, he sighed. Really? I have to spend all my time with this group of people? A nerd, a charity head and some shrink.

Finnick glanced up from his plastic plate, blinking when he realised that the whole table was staring at him.

"Um, I'm Finnick. I'm a vandal and I don't want to be here." He said, shrugging his shoulders.

"And I'm Tiffany." A bleach blonde girl slid into the only free seat, next to Finnick. "But you can call me Tiff."

"Finnick." He grinned. That's more like it.

"Tiffany's a maid. She's actually supposed to be working right now." Paylor said sternly, but Tiffany only shrugged.

"You got a maid outfit?" Finnick asked, winking.

"Of course. Maybe if you're lucky, I'll let you see it." Tiffany giggled, placing her hand on Finnick's chest. Before he could reply, Finnick felt a sharp tug on his ear. He was pulled out of the seat and dragged out of the room before he could even yelp.

"Flirting with the staff is not allowed, Mr Odair." Mags said once they were stood outside of the dining room.

"Aw, Mags." Finnick whined.

"I remember you, Finnick. You made it through reception. You made it all the way to Annie Cresta's corridor before we caught you. I made my security guards drag out a fourteen year old boy, who was kicking and screaming for his best friend. Please be the man she would want you to be." Mags walked off, leaving Finnick in the corridor with his jaw on the floor.

"So…What do you do for fun?" Finnick asked, drumming his fingers against the arm of his chair. The patient sat opposite him glowered at him, and refused to say a word. She had olive skin, grey eyes and her hair was braided messily. Finnick rolled his eyes and sighed.

"No? Okay." He leaned closer in. "Look, Katniss. Mags said that I need to get more acquainted with the patients, including you.. Don't want to get to know me? Fine. Your loss."

"She won't talk to any of the male volunteers except Gale." Finnick turned around when he realised that the person was talking to him.

"Huh?" He grunted intelligently.

"My name's Finch." The girl said, sitting down next to Katniss.

"Finnick." He said. He was so grateful that one of the patients was actually talking to him that he didn't notice Finch's face fall.

"You know Annie, don't you?" She asked uneasily.

"Yes, is she alright?" Finnick asked. His eyes had visibly widened- if this girl knew Annie, he wanted to know everything that had happened since she was admitted.

"Ask her yourself." Finch shrugged and pointed towards the doors.

Finnick turned around slowly. Annie Cresta, his childhood best friend, had pushed open the door to the lounge and walking in slowly. Finnick noted that she was paler than before, and not a lot taller. Her pretty dark hair was messy and she had an insane glint in her eyes- but to Finnick, she was still his beautiful best friend.

"Annie." He breathed. The four years it had been since he had seen her seemed to evaporate into nothingness as he made his way towards her.

"Annie." Finnick said again, louder this time. He reached his arms out to pull her in for a hug.

Annie let out an ear shattering scream and kicked him hard in the groin. She backed away from him, and then Finnick saw the fear and hatred in her eyes when she looked at her old best friend.