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Present Storybrooke

It was still the middle of the night when Henry woke up. He jumped out of bed and ran straight down the steps. Just as his feet hit the floor, his grandparents came into sight, all standing in the kitchen now. They all three took a minute to size up the others.

"So…the curse just broke." David started, assuming they had all just in fact had the same dream.

"Yeah but…I don't know how. We were both in class." Henry said, looking at his grandmother. She looked just as confused.

"Where's Emma?" She asked, glancing around.

"I don't think she ever came home. She would have given me the necklace." They all looked around but the blonde was nowhere to be seen.

"You think she may have something to do with this?" David asked.

"I don't know. I don't know how she would have. But none of this makes sense."

"We need to find Emma." Henry said and right then, Mary Margaret's phone rang. She grabbed it and opened it instantly.

"Emma?…oh, sorry…what?!…is she okay?!…where's Dr. Whale?…get him there, we're on the way." She hung up and faced her concerned family.

"What happened to Emma?" Henry asked, clearly trying to stay calm.

"That was a nurse. She said they went to check on Regina and found Emma unconscious on the floor. They can't wake her."

The panic was clear in all their expressions, but the family managed to hold it together and all got ready quickly and took off for the hospital. They were directed to the same room Henry had been in and when they got there, they found both Emma and Regina there, beds side by side.

"What the hell is going on?" Mary Margaret asked immediately, seeing a yawning Dr. Whale walk into the room.

"I'm sorry Miss Blanchard, I just got here, I'm still catching up. But it seems your daughter may be in a similar condition as Regina."

"What?! How is that possible?" She asked and Henry walked slowly between the two beds. He hadn't seen Regina since she went under the spell and realized now why Emma hadn't let him. He didn't like this at all.

"I don't know, she said earlier she was doing some magic to try and help Regina. I told her though that it was too late."

"Too late? What do you mean too late?" David asked now, standing next to his wife.

"Regina is dying. Whatever she's done to herself, it is killing her fast."

"Dying? Why didn't you tell us?"

"As I told Miss Swan, I didn't realize everyone was suddenly so concerned with the woman. Anyway, when I told her that, she was rather upset. I thought she left, but my nurse said they found her on their nightly rounds. They also realized how bad Regina had gotten so they brought them both in here."

"So Emma…she's what? In there with Regina?"

"I don't know if it's the same thing yet. She presenting the same, but we'll need to do some tests and we can see if she's going down as well." He used that calm doctor voice that infuriated everyone else in the room.

"This makes no sense at all. How would Emma fall under as well?" David walked over to look down at his daughter, extremely uneasy at the sight of her so still.

"He said she was using magic. Maybe she pushed it too far." Mary Margaret said as she tried to calm her frantic nerves.

"Maybe she found a way in." Henry said quietly, looking a little pale now as she stayed in between his mothers.

"Well we can find out." Mary Margaret's words grabbed everyone's attention.

"How?" David watched as his wife walked over to the bedside table. There was a bag of belongings they realized were Emma's. She pulled out the necklace and held it up.

"I'm going to take a nap." She said simply.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes. If she's there, really in there, we can find out what she did to get there and how to get her out." She seemed nothing but confident but David was completely flustered.

"You think you can just fall asleep?" He finally asked as she relaxed back in one of the chairs.

"Maybe not without some help… Dr. Whale? Can you give me something?" She asked and the man complied, finally being somewhat useful.

Henry kept looking between his mothers, not knowing what to do. David held Mary Margaret's hand while Dr. Whale gave her a sedative. The drug worked quickly and with one more lazy smile, Mary Margaret closed her eyes.

"It's gonna be okay Henry." David tried to sound reassuring. Henry just pulled up a chair, unwilling to be anywhere but between his moms.


Mary Margaret had taken only a few seconds to gain her surroundings. She had know about when she would be in the dream world, knowing the curse had broken a little while ago. Sure enough, when she opened her eyes, she found herself standing in a group of her closest friends, including David and Henry, all in the middle of the street. No Emma in sight.

Archie had come running up, speaking about the mob at Regina's house. Henry had immediately spoken up again, though with much more passion this time she realized. David had agreed and everyone set off for the former queen's home. By the time they arrived, there was a crowd again, Dr Whale at the woman's door.

Mary Margaret was relieved that David had agreed to hold off the mob and let her approach the queen. It had taken just a bit of convincing, a quick reminder of how the woman had not been evil here and that she knew she and their daughter were friends and could be inside. Luckily, this David's only memories of Regina here were good ones.

Henry had been just a tad harder. He of course wanted to see his mothers this instant, but Mary Margaret managed to convince him to stay with David. She knew helping Prince Charming would be appealing to him and the boy complied.

She had maneuvered her way through the people and moved straight to the door. Just as she went to yell she was there, it swung open to reveal her surprised daughter.

"Mary Margaret?" She said and the short haired brunette knew instantly this was her daughter. Her real daughter that is.

"You want to tell me what you're doing here?" She asked and Emma glanced back at Regina before responding.

"Well I came over to-"

"Not in her house…in her realm." She said and Emma and Regina's mouths fell open.

"Oh…" Emma replied.

"Yeah oh, you wanna let me in?" She asked. Emma moved away and Mary Margaret shot a glance at David to show him what was happening. She turned and walked straight into the Mayor's house for the first time.

"So you…you're-"

"Wearing the necklace. Yes." Mary Margaret interrupted her daughter. She glanced around before stopping to take in the nervous almost guilty like expressions on the two women before her. She watched Reina shake herself and replace the look with pseudo confidence.

"So I guess you figured it out…good." Emma seemed to be wrapping her head around it still and Regina had yet to make a sound.

"Well luckily a nurse found your body." She said it in a way that made Emma feel like a teenager in trouble.

"I'm sorry about that." She said and Mary Margaret sighed before reaching out and pulling Emma into a hug.

"I'm just glad you're okay." She said before pulling back.

"I didn't mean for this to happen. I was trying to wake Regina up but somehow, I came here." She shrugged.

"Well what were you doing? Maybe we can reverse it or something." She immediately saw the hesitation and pink coloring her daughter's face. "Emma?"

"I…uh…well I had tried-"

"She kissed me." Regina spoke up, surprising both Emma and Mary Margaret. Emma gave her a look that was completely ignored. Mary Margaret looked between them both.

"Come again." She said, eyes landing on Emma.

"I…look it's a long story but…uh…me and Regina…"

"Oh God…" She looked both of them up and down again and reevaluated the scene before her. "Emma…were you here when the curse broke? In this house?" She looked like she was preparing for a physical blow.

"…Yes." Emma said in a small voice. Mary Margaret sighed.

"Well…I guess this helps explain Henry's line of questioning yesterday." She said absentmindedly.


"I'm going to have a lot of questions later but It's not important right now. We need to figure out how to bring you two out of this, and apparently we need to move quickly."

"Two?" Regina asked, taking a hesitant step forward.

"Come on Regina. We're not going to leave you behind now. And from what I've heard, you don't have a lot of time." They shared a look but it passed quickly.

"Well I…I don't know how to reverse the spell. What Emma did should have worked. I mean if she was able to get to this realm and we were able to break the curse here… It should have worked." She repeated, starting to pace the room.

"So you just kissed her and then woke up here?" Mary Margaret directed her questions at Emma again.


"And you two broke the curse here?"


"Are we all caught up now?" Regina asked with a small bite. Emma gave her another look.

"Excuse me but we need to think of something here. I'm just trying to figure out what happened." They all paused for a moment. They could hear David outside, talking down the citizens. Emma glanced out of the glass next to the door to see Henry standing proudly by his side.

"What exactly were you thinking when you kissed me?" Regina asked and Emma spun to face her.

"Geeze Regina I thought we went over this." Emma said, a little offended but Regina immediately shook her head with a raised hand.

"No I'm not- I mean literally what were you thinking? Everything you've been able to do with magic, you- you're powerful Emma."

"You think I sent myself here by accident?"

"I don't know."

"If she did, could she get herself out the same way?" Mary Margaret interjected.

"Again, I don't know."

"Well I don't know. I was kind of panicking and mad and desperate and I had just woken from using the necklace to be with you and I wanted to be with you again…"

"I don't know but if you were thinking too much about that…or maybe just feeling too much emotion about that, you could have pushed yourself here." They all paused for another moment to think that over.

"Well…whoops." Emma said and got an eye roll from both women in the room.

"Alright well again, if she got herself in, she should be able to get out right? If you two…you know…" She waved her hand in between them, still adjusting to them and unable to say the words she meant. "And Emma makes a point of getting back to our realm…"

"You're asking me to kiss your daughter?" Regina asked, purely for the reward of Mary Margaret's expression.

"I'm asking, Regina, for my daughter back. Which means she needs to break through this spell again. However that needs to happen." She said carefully and Emma just stood back, looking in between the women curiously. And they had yet another moment of silence.

"Well I'm in." Emma finally said with a smile. Regina wanted to be annoyed but when the blonde winked at her, the impulse disappeared.

"Alright then Emma." She said, walking to the Savior.

Mary Margaret looked suddenly very uncomfortable. Emma was trying to ignore her discomfort and Regina was just enjoying both of theirs. She stood directly in front of Emma, reached a hand to her waist and pulled the blonde forward.

"Wait, if this does work, we're sure I'll be able to wake you right?"

"That's up to you dear." Regina tilted her head, smiling lightly to cover her own fear. She leaned in towards Emma but the blonde suddenly jerked back.

"Wait I'm not ready." She said and Regina sighed. Mary Margaret looked sympathetically at her daughter and spoke.

"Emma. You can do this. Look at everything else you have done. Regina's right. You are powerful."

Emma looked back at Regina. She surprised them both when she wrapped her arms around the woman's neck and pulled her into a tight hug. She sighed when the brunette's arms wrapped snugly around her waist. Mary Margaret watched on in fascination.

"Come now Emma. It's time to wake up." Regina smiled as she pulled back to look Emma in her eyes. "Just feel. You want to wake up. Feel it." She encouraged.

Regina locked her arms around Emma. She had a hand clutched in the fabric tightly, the fear she was trying to hide subconsciously causing the action. Emma slipped her fingers into brown locks right as their lips met, sealing immediately. There was everything in the kiss. Heat, passion, love, and even magic. But when the women pulled back, they still stood staring into each other's eyes.

"Emma you have to feel it-"

"I did! I promise." Emma defended.

"Well try again." Regina said and Mary Margaret shook her head, still slightly in shock but oddly amused at the same time.

"Fine." Emma took a deep breath before closing the distance again.

This time she really did put everything she had into the kiss. She felt her love for Regina and her whole family and how desperately she wanted to be all together. She pressed her lips to Regina's and they deepened it immediately, tongues meeting and sliding against the other. Mary Margaret had to look away until the two parted again, breathing hard this time.

"I don't understand." Regina said with a huff. She pulled back a bit but the two stayed touching.

"I think I do." Mary Margaret spoke up, gaining their attention. "You're not really here. I mean we're all here in this world but at the same time…we're kind of not. Our bodies aren't here. Like when David was under, I tried to wake him from the inside but couldn't."

"So in a way, we're not really kissing." Emma said slowly. "But I mean we broke the curse here."

"But that's part of this world, which-"

"Isn't real." Regina finished with a sigh. "We can't break the spell from the inside." She spoke softly but then Emma perked up.

"But we can from the outside."

"Yes dear but we're both trapped…inside."

"But Henry isn't. If he and I could break the real curse, he should be able to now." She smiled and looked expectantly at the others.

"I can't imagine anyone having a stronger love than Henry." Regina admitted with a small smile in return. She shifted her eyes to Mary Margaret. "You can wake from this correct? Get back to them?"

"Yes. I just went to sleep with Gold's necklace on so I could talk to you both."

"Fantastic. Then it's time you woke up. Tell Henry…tell him to kiss Emma…" She paused for the just the briefest moment and although Emma wanted to say something, she knew now wasn't the time. "…I wouldn't think he has the ability to…transcend into this realm…" she paused again to give Emma a look. "…but tell him just to think of his love for her and waking her. Nothing else."

"Okay, I can do that. But I can't get there until my body wakes up."

"What about when you sleep here?" Emma asked.

"I suppose but I'm not sure."

"Well I'll be happy to knock you out dear." Regina interjected with a smirk.

"Regina?!" Emma looked hard at Regina but the woman just shrugged.

"I just mean I can wave a bit of magic. She'll be fine." She was still smiling and Mary Margaret looked hesitant but nodded.

"I'll be fine. We don't have time to waste."

"Splendid. I suggest you take a seat on the couch. It won't do well for the Prince to come running in and find you out cold on the floor." She turned and walked into the next room. Mary Margaret hesitated a second before following and took a seat on the couch.

"You sure you can do this? Remember your magic was kind of on the frits last time."

"Yes but after that kiss I'm feeling a bit…rejuvenated." She repressed another smirk when she noticed the red coloring Mary Margaret's cheeks. Before anyone had another chance to react, Regina waved a hand over the woman and she was out instantly.

"That was easy." Emma muttered. She moved right next to Regina and took her hand.

"If this doesn't work-"

"It'll work." Emma interrupted. "Henry can wake me, I can wake you. Now that I know to take it down a few notches on the magic." She grinned sheepishly and Regina rolled her eyes.

"Listen to me. I have every confidence Henry will wake you successfully. But if you can't wake me…just…thank you. Thank you for trying."

"I'm going to wake you okay? I will." She pulled Regina to her. They met in a soft kiss and met each others eyes again. It was when Emma opened her mouth to speak again that the world went dark.

Present Storybrooke

Mary Margaret's eyes shot open as she woke. David was sitting by her side and after looking at both mothers, Henry joined them.

"What happened? Is she there?" David asked quickly.

"Yes. And she's fine. But she can't get out herself."

"Then what do we do?" David asked and Mary Margaret looked to Henry.

"I get to wake her?" He said excitedly.

"Yes but we need to move quick before-"


They were interrupted by the loud beeping of the monitor. It started beeping faster over and over. They all stood abruptly in panic.

"What's happening?!" David asked but they noticed all nurses running to Regina's side. Dr. Whale came in and immediately started checking things.

"What's wrong with her?!" Henry asked and tried to go to her, but David held him back by the shoulders. The monitor sped up even more before making a continuous sound.

"She's crashing." Whale said, much too calmly.

"We have to do something!" Henry yelled and pulled from David.

"Henry, kiss Emma! You can wake her and she can get Regina." Mary Margaret yelled urgently. David knit his eyebrows but remained silent in his confusion. Henry took a step before Whales voice stopped him.

"She's gone." The words were emotionless and made Henry's blood run cold.

He took a step forward and glanced at Emma. Then, before anyone could react, he ran straight to Regina's side. He didn't hesitate as he jumped on top of the bed. He didn't notice the tears filling his eyes as he hovered over his mother. He didn't hear the voices all yelling around him. In that moment, it was only him and his mother.

"I'm sorry Mom, I love you. I do I love you." He whispered and pressed his lips to her forehead.

For those next seconds, no one breathed. Not even the doctor or nurses. Definitely not Mary Margaret and David and especially not Henry. It was only a couple seconds but it felt like hours. And then the woman who was now the focus of everyone's attention sucked in her deepest breath and refilled her deflated lungs.

She snapped her eyes open and her head leaned up a few inches as her wandering gaze focused. She immediately saw the water filled eyes over her and her jaw opened in shock.

"Henry?!" She reached up to him but the boy collapsed on her. He buried his face in her neck and his arms wrapped tightly around her.

Regina couldn't believe it. She barely comprehended what was happening as she moved to hug him tightly and then her own tears started falling as well. His weight was almost crushing her but she loved it, letting out what sounded between a laugh and choked sob. She blinked a few times and placed a hand on his head and rubbed circles on his back with the other.

"You woke me Henry…you woke…me." She said it somewhere between a question and statement, not noticing his almost teary eyed grandmother holding a hand over her mouth across the room.

"I had to." He said, trying to calm his own crying. He sniffed a few times as he pulled back to look her in the eye. "I love you."

"Oh I love you too Henry. So much." She cupped his cheek and couldn't help the watery smile on her face. It took her a minute, but she then noticed Mary Margaret and David by the other bed. Then she saw Emma. "Think it's time we woke Emma?"

"Yeah." He said with a smile. Regina hugged him again as they sat up.

It was the most amazing feeling. Henry had woken her. He could never have done that is he didn't truly love her. She hugged him a bit tighter before the two finally got up. Henry walked right over to Emma's bed.

"Henry wait." Mary Margaret stepped forward, surprising everyone.

"What, why?" He asked in confusion. Mary Margaret smiled at him before glancing at Regina.

"Lets let your mothers work this one out."

Her words surprised everyone again and she pulled Henry to her. David was the most confused but was silenced by a look from his wife. Regina rose her eyebrows but was grateful for the opportunity. She moved over to Emma's side and smiled down at her.

She gently reached out a hand and brushed blonde hair off the sleeping woman's forehead. She let her hand cup Emma's cheek gently as she leaned down over her.

"I honestly never saw this day coming. Ever. But I guess I can't really deny the truth now. I do love you." She whispered the words and brought her lips directly onto the savior's. It was a simple kiss and she let her lips linger an extra second before pulling back. She showed no surprise as Emma's eyes opened in the same fashion her own had moments before.

"Regina?" She spoke softy, smiling only a second later.

"And that is how you do it." Regina said in a cocky tone, still hovering above. Emma just laughed and leaned up to peck her lips again.

"Thank you for waking me. It got super dark after you disappeared on me."

"Are you afraid of the dark Miss Swan?" She smirked.

"Oh shut up." She laughed again and started to sit up.

She stopped when she noticed the other people in the room, all staring at them. She tried not to start laughing again when she saw her father's expression. Henry finally couldn't take it and ran to his mothers. He grabbed them both simultaneously and Regina fell backwards onto the bed. They all three held each other and completely forgot about anyone else.

"I knew it." Henry mumbled into Regina's shoulder making both mothers laugh.

"Is anyone going to explain this to me?" David whispered to Mary Margaret.

"Just let them have this moment okay? She earned it." Mary Margaret replied, smiling as she watched the tears of joy slip unnoticed down their former enemies face.

Future Storybrooke

Regina stood with her arms crossed, hugging herself against the sudden chill in the air. She had a slight sad frown etched across her face as she looked down at the headstone. She was a little lost in her thoughts in the moment and didn't notice anyone else until two arms circled around her waist from behind, pulling her in snugly.

"I thought I'd find you here." Emma said, leaning in to drop a kiss on the woman's cheek.

"Yes well it's the anniversary…of his death. I wanted to pay my respects."

"I know…me too." They stayed like that for another few minutes. Regina placed her hands over Emma's, relieved the younger woman was here to share the moment.

"I'm sorry…about Graham. He never had to die… He shouldn't have. I'm sorry." She repeated, her frown deepening. Emma moved her hands to Regina's hips and turned her around.

"I know you are. We do miss him…" She paused to look at the man's name etched into the headstone. "…but we all forgive you. And we all love you." She punctuated her words with a soft kiss on Regina's lips.

"All? That's a bit of an exaggeration dear." Regina relaxed more as Emma's arms kept a comforting hold on her.

"Maybe just a little. But all the ones who matter do." She smiled warmly, getting one from Regina in return. "Which is why we shouldn't keep them waiting." She pulled back and took Regina's hand.

"I suppose you're right." She gave one last look at the former Huntsman's grave before walking with Emma.

"So are you ready for this?" Emma asked as they walked hand in hand.

"A little nervous of their reactions, I'll admit. But I feel better knowing Henry is so excited."

"Everyone will be. I know it." She squeezed Regina's hand with a smile. They were nearing the diner now and both subconsciously slowed their pace for a little extra alone time.

"Everything's going to change." She pointed out, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves.

"I don't think this changes things much more than you already did. You know…when you cast that little spell." She joked with a wink. Regina smirked back at her, both of them stopping to face one another again.

"Mmm I don't think that was the moment."

"Okay." Emma laughed. "Then what was 'the moment' then, that everything changed?" She asked and Regina lifted a hand to brush the hairs out of Emma's face tenderly.

"It was the moment I saw you in Boston. The first and only time so far I've seen you in a dress." She said and Emma shook her head.

"Well if a dress has the power to change everything I can't just wear one any day." She grinned and Regina rolled her eyes.

"Well I will have you in one again soon, my darling." She lifted Emma's left hand and kissed her knuckles, right on the brand new engagement ring, shining brightly.

"I guess you're right." She leaned in and pressed her lips to Regina's softly. "I love you."

"I love you too." She kissed her again before finally pulling back.

"Alright let's go tell the family before Henry spills the beans." She tucked her hand inside Regina's, making sure the surprise wouldn't be revealed early and the couple entered the diner filled with their friends and family.

In only minutes, everyone inside were all smiles and congratulatory words for both women. Regina had been only slightly surprised when Belle and Katherine had enthusiastically jumped in to volunteer their help in planning with her. The friendship she received from them, completely voluntary, was an adjustment she was still making.

She had even endured David's fake interrogation about her 'intentions' with his daughter, noting the playfulness and appreciating the new way she was treated. Mary Margaret was the biggest surprise. Even if the woman had shown support from the beginning, her acceptance of Regina would always be something not completely understood by her.

She had known it was only right to approach the woman, being that she was the mother of her soon to be wife. Still, she had felt a bit awkward.

"I see you survived David's talk." Mary Margaret mused when the Mayor approached her.

"Yes. Although I believe I will not survive should I 'hurt a single hair on Emma's head'." She quoted with a small smirk.

"Ah yes. Well he can be a little protective."

"Well…I would never hurt a hair on her head, I love her hair." Regina said, distracted by the sight of the blonde and not thinking through what she was saying. She looked startled over at Mary Margaret to see the woman smiling, amused.

"So do I." She said and her tone was clearly amused as well.

"So this…me and Emma…it doesn't bother you?" She didn't know why she was asking, but she just couldn't help it.

"You make her happy Regina. And she does the same for you. That is something I want for both of you, and now that you two have found happiness, everything is better. How could I possibly be bothered?" She asked with a kind smile. Regina took a deep breath.

"Thank you." She felt a bit awkward but smiled despite the feeling. Things might still be a little uncomfortable, but her current happiness overshadowed the need for anger or hate.

They had parted ways and Regina had caught up with her over excited son. Emma joined them shortly after and the family of three departed together. As they walked to their house, receiving smiles from the other passersby, Regina couldn't help the joy and excitement of knowing she had changed everything.


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