Maybe the test was wrong. Tests can be faulty, right? I shook it a few more times, but there it was. Just staring up at me. That damn red plus. In that small second my whole world crashed around me. I was meant to go to college, then get married and then possibly have a kid. And now I have to skip straight to having the kid. After my father passed away and my mother fell into a crippling depression, I took over the household. It was hard, and I promised myself I wouldn't have a child unless I was absolutely certain I could care for it. And I sure as hell can't care for a baby when I'm only 16. But before I make plans concerning this baby, I need to tell him. He should know that he's going to be a dad.

I wait outside the coffee shop, my eyes searching up and down the crowded street for a sign of him. I feel a weight on my shoulder and I flinch, my head flicking around to glare at whoever touched me. But instead of being met with the eyes of a stranger, I'm met with piercing grey eyes, staring at me intently.
"Gale," I breathe. He kisses my cheek and slides into the seat in front of me.
"Hey Catnip," he says with a small smile. I smile back until I realise why we're here.
"Uh," I stutter a few times, trying to figure out how to best phrase what I'm about to say. There's not exactly a way to sugar-coat it. "Gale, uh, I'm… Well, uh, it's hard to explain. But, uh, I'm… pregnant. I'm pr-pregnant. A-and you're the father," I say quickly. A few looks register on his face. I'm only able to make out shock, and then… rage?
"No, I'm not," he spits. "You whore. Who else did you sleep with, because that kid sure as hell is not mine!" His voice rises as he says this and people turn their heads to look at us. Gale gets up and kicks his chair out from underneath him, collecting his things and walking away. I jump up and chase after him, grabbing his arm and trying to stop the flow of tears already threatening to pour out.
"Gale, please, stop!" I say quietly, tugging at his arm and trying to get him to stop. He shoves my arm off and picks up his pace.
"Don't come near me. You disgust me! You filthy slut!" He's yelling now and the tears are freely flowing down my face.
"Gale, no! I didn't sleep with anyone but you! Please, just let me explain!" I beg him, reaching for his sleeve and attempting to pull him back. He stops and I think he's going to let me talk. But all he does is turn around and push me to the ground then runs off. I'm shocked more than I am hurt. Gale's never hurt me or spoken to me like that. And I'm too shocked to move. I just sit here, on the pavement, ignoring all of the help being offered by other people walking down the street. After about ten minutes I finally pick myself up and brush the dust from my pants. I make my way home, stopping at the bakery to pick up a loaf of bread. I choose the bread and I'm about to pay when the person serving me recognizes me.
"Katniss?" I hear a familiar voice say. I look up and see big blue eyes. Eyes that match those of my biology partner Peeta Mellark.
"Peeta. Hi," I say, trying my hardest not to sound like I've been crying.
"Are you okay?" he asks me. I nod but before I can help it I've burst into tears. He rushes around the counter and grabs my shoulders, turning me to face him. "What's wrong?" I just shake my head and run out of the store, leaving behind the bread. I run until I'm safely home and in the comfort of my bedroom. I lie down on the bed and just cry and hug my pillow. After I don't think I can cry any more, I get up and leave my room, intent on eating something chocolate. In the kitchen I find a tub of ice-cream and grab a bowl and a scoop. I'm about to scoop my ice-cream out when I hear a knock at the door. I trudge through the living room and open the door, expecting to find Prim's friend Rue. But who I don't expect is Peeta Mellark, holding my bread and soaking wet from the rain I hadn't even noticed was pouring.
"Peeta?" I ask. He nods and holds out the loaf of bread I was meant to purchase today.
"You forgot your bread," he says as I take the loaf and pull my purse out of my pocket.
"Oh. Thanks. How much was it?" I ask, but he just shakes his head and steps back out into the rain.
"Don't worry about it," he says as he turns and starts walking away.
"But I didn't pay!" I yell over the thunder that's decided to make an appearance. "And you're soaked. You must be freezing!" He just shrugs and continues walking, waving as he turns the corner. I watch until he's gone and then close the door, walking into the kitchen and setting the loaf on the kitchen counter. My chocolate craving has come and gone and I set the ice-cream back in the freezer and instead take out the butter and a knife. I chop a slice of the bread that Peeta just brought over and spread butter over it. I finish the slice in no time and before I know it I'm onto my fifth slice. I put what's left of the bread away and throw the butter into the fridge. It hits something glass and I hear a crack. Shit. I look in the fridge to assess the damage and then I spot what the butter hit. A wine bottle. What's that doing in here? It's half empty and was hidden behind a carton of milk. But… Mum quit drinking months ago… After Dad died Mum started heavily drinking. She was drunk nearly every day and was never even sober enough to talk to us half of the time. Then she started going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings where she met somebody named Haymitch. Now she's quit and they're good friends. But if she's quit, why is this in here? I don't want to think about it anymore and I pour the remainder of the wine down the sink. I walk into my bedroom and crash on the bed. Prim should be home from karate soon and then I can talk to her. I drift into a dreamless sleep and eventually I hear my door open. "Prim?" I rasp as I sit up. I see her standing in the doorway dressed in her pyjamas and she comes in and sits on her bed.
"Hey," she says with a smile. "You were asleep for a while and I didn't want to wake you."
"What time is it?" I ask. She points to the clock and I look to see 10:14 flashing on the screen. "It's late. Why aren't you in bed? You've got school tomorrow."
"I couldn't sleep," she says nonchalantly. I move over in the bed and pat the space next to her. She immediately gets under the blankets and snuggles next to me. In a few minutes we're both asleep.

"Prim! Hurry up, we're gonna be late!" I screech as I wait for her at the bottom of the stairs.
"I'm coming, I'm coming!" she yells as she pulls her jacket on and makes her way down the stairs. We yell bye to Mum and then jump in the car.
"So are you excited?" I ask a bouncing Prim sarcastically.
"About what?" she asks as she stares out the window at the passing fields.
"I don't know, what's gotten you so bouncy?" I ask with a smile. She simply blushes and refuses to answer. "Ooh, is it a boy?" I tease. She reddens and burrows her face into her hands. "It is, isn't it? Tell me Primmy, who is it? Tell Catnip!" I stop once I realise what I'd just called myself. Only Gale used to call me that. And now he won't be calling me anything because he hates me.
"Katniss, are you okay? You look a little pale," Prim notes. Suddenly a wave of nausea takes over and I pull the car over quickly and jump out, holding my hands over my mouth until I'm by the trees where I empty the contents of my stomach into the bushes. Prim rushes up behind me and grabs my arm once I've finished retching. "Are you okay? Do you need to go home?" I just shake my head and make my way back to the car. Once in the car I turn to Prim and tell her I'm fine.
"But do you have any gum?" I ask. She smiles a little and reaches into her bag, pulling out a small packet of mint gum. "Thanks," I say as I pop a piece into my mouth. We pull into the school parking lot and I get out, grabbing our bags from the back, handing Prim her floral yellow one and slinging my plain boring brown one over my shoulder. I walk with Prim and she walks off to her campus while I make my way towards mine. I look up at the school entrance to walk up the steps and I'm met with a sneer and a shove. Both of which came from one Gale Hawthorne.

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