"Guys is it just me or is Mr Sweet staring at me?" Jerome whispered as he looked over his shoulder at Mr Sweet.

"What do you mean?" Nina said. Jerome, Alfie and Amber were at one table and Nina Fabian and Patricia were at the one right beside them.

"He has stared at me ever since I bumped into him in the hall" Jerome whispered looking over his shoulder again to see Mr Sweet staring at him again.

"It's probably nothing" Fabian said as he got back to work.

"Yea, you're just being paranoid" Patricia said as she turn in her seat to talk to Eddie.

"I'm serious he is staring at me" Jerome glare at Mr Sweet.

"It's the first day of school, he probably thinks you and Alfie are going to pull some 'first day of school prank'" Amber said.

"Yea you're right, Amber" Jerome said, the words felt funny coming out of his mouth "Only I've been to busy with all this Sibuna stuff to organise a prank" Jerome huffed.

"Well he doesn't know that" Amber said as she and everyone went back to work.

Jerome took one more look over at Mr Sweet he was writing, then staring at him, then writing again.

Lunch finally came, Jerome went home at break to get his item.

He walked into the clearing to see everyone gathered around a fire.

"We having a BBQ For lunch?" Jerome laughed.

"Do you have your item?" Amber asked ignoring Jerome's joke.

Jerome took a photo album out of his bag. It was something he couldn't live without. On bad days he would come back to Anubis take out the photo album and he would be reminded of a happier time. He had his baby pictures, His birthdays pictures at home, up until he was five, after that all his birthdays were at Anubis house. There were pictures of him and his dad, him and his first dog, but some that he cherished the most were the one's with all his family around him as he held Poppy for the first time.

"That's your most prized possession?" Patricia asked in disbelief. Jerome looked up from the album and answered.

"Yea it's got all of my best memories" Jerome answered he didn't notice the sad face that everyone gave him he was to busy looking through the album smiling, everyone in Sibuna felt sorry for him.

"Throw it in the fire, Jerome" Amber said breaking the silence. Jerome's head shot up and looked at her like she was crazy.

"Are you insane?!" Jerome said as he clutched his book to his chest to keep it safe.

"It's how you become a full Sibuna" She answered.

"Well I'd rather stay a half Sibuna or a Sibuna in training, but I Will NOT throw this in the fire, These photos could never be replaced" Jerome argued as he put it back into his bag.

"Maybe if you do want I did" Nina said as Jerome began to leave. He turned around due to curiosity.

"And what was that?" Jerome asked.

"I threw in something a little less special but still very special to me" Nina said "Maybe you could throw in one picture instead of them all?"

Jerome thought about it before taking his book out again and looking for the photo that would be burned. He sat down on a rock so he could see all his photos, Alfie came to sit beside him to see his photos.

"Aw you we're such a cute baby" Alfie said pinching his cheek and saying it in a baby voice, This got the attention of all the girls even Patricia to come look at the baby photos.

"that's not me you idiot" Jerome said as he took out the photo he wanted "That's Poppy, that's me holding her, my dad on the left and my mum on the bed, it was taken when poppy was only a few days old" Jerome explained as he went over to the fire. It was the only picture he had of the entire family together.

"OH ancient god of Anubis house we pledge our self's to your secrets and your quest. We make this sacrifice as a pledge." Amber said and Jerome threw in the photo watching it burn "Good now repeat after me" Amber said as she put a hand over her eye "I 'Insert name here'"

"I Jerome Clarke" Jerome smirked

"being of sound mind, promise to protect the secrets of Anubis house and stand by my fellow club members." Jerome repeated every line

"SIBUNA" Amber said, Jerome and everyone else copied her.

"Well now that that's done we can get to figuring out this next riddle, did you bring the box, Jerome" Nina asked looking at the newest Sibuna.

"Of course" Jerome said as he took it out and grabbed the paper.

"Let's see what this says" Fabian said as Jerome unfolded the paper.

"When the sun and moon meet thy eye, the night in which water is dry, put together the keys will band and there were once stone the treasure will stand" Jerome read aloud becoming more confused by every line.

Victor and Mr Sweet were making their way to the gatehouse. there Miss Denby waited for them.

"Hello gentlemen" She greeted them.

"Let's make this quick, lunch is almost over" Mr Sweet argued.

"Oh that's right, worry about your little school and all the brats inside of it" Miss Denby said harshly.

"May I remind you that one of those 'brats' is the one" Mr Sweet said.

"Are you any closure to finding out which one, Eric?" Victor said.

"I have my eye one a few, yes, but like I said we need to be sure."

"Have you got everything for the eclipse?"

Mr Sweet and Victor looked at each other. no one answered.

"Will that's great The eclipse is a week away and we can't do anything because of dumb and dumber" Miss Denby shouted as she walked back to school.

"Which one am I?" Eric asked "Dumb or Dumber?"

Victor glared at him as he walked away "Make sure you find out which on is the bringer" Victor yelled as he walked back to Anubis house.