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Be forewarned, this is pure chaos!! It gets a WHOLE lot better as it progresses; so don't lose interest so early into the story! lol ^^

Let's begin, shall we?

All was quiet …

…to quiet…

~ Chapter 1 ~

Fushigi A-kugi : The Idiot Adventures

Chiri: Aw! This is boring! *fast forward*
Mits: *low voice* What are you doing?
Chiri: DA! *grin* Getting' to th' good part!
Mits: *holds forehead in hands* I've got a feeling.... This'll be interesting....
*screeching sound*
Chiri: DONE!
Mits: So we can get on with this fic? Let's go already!
Chiri: Okay! But it's gonna be weird no da .....*cracks knuckles*

*mits is suddenly in her room in front of her computer*

Mits: Weird? I don't think I can write anything weird.... but I'll Try *Cracks knuckles heres chiri scream from down the street NOOOOOO YAMETE!!!* (hates the sound of cracking knuckles)


Hmmmmmmmmmm *ponders*

This sucks.... I suck at writing fanfics

Mitsukake: Well maybe you should think about something to write about

Mits: Like what?!

Mitsukake: A plot

Mits: A plot? What is this plot you speak of?

Mitsukake: *smile* well hmmm.... A good plot is a.... umm love story!

Mits: *wink* OOOO a love story?! *Bats eyelashes*

Mitsukake: yeah....

Mits: ok.... But can't, Chiri's going to write one about you and me already

Mitsukake: Oh what is it about?

Mits: Nothin'

Mitsukake: That's hard to believe.....what is it about?!

Mits: NOTHING!!!!

Mitsukake: *grabs the back on the computer chair and turns it around and puts his face right in front of Mits* What is it about?!

Mits: *Makes really big, funny eyes* Are you trying to be incriminating? HA *sticks out tongue* You'rrrrreeee noooootttttt sssssccccccaaarrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg mmmmmeeeeeeeeee ^_^

Mitsukake: HUFF *Sits back down on circle chair* o_O Fine... don't tell me....I'll just read it later

Mits: Um.... how?

Mitsukake: *sits up and fluffs that pillow that was behind him and lays back down. Then puts his finger on his chin and thinks* When Chiri is writing it I'll sneak up behind her and take a look

Mits: *rolls eyes* Yeah and she won't notice the 186 cm, big burly man behind her -_-' and if she doesn't... she needs some major work done on her eyes and I think Chichiri and Tasuki would see you too

Mitsukake: Tasuki and Chichiri as so addicted to that TV and the show Sailor Moon (MWA HA) that they wouldn't notice me walk in even if I came in with my marching band

Mits: Oh you really have a marching band?! (Sora Ga Mieru)

Mitsukake: yeah.. it's called The Marching Headband

Mits: -_-'....jeez, if that's not the lamest thin-

Mitsukake: HEY! Come on! It's not that bad!

Mits: Umm.....ok whatever you thinkie kake-poo

Mitsukake: o_O

*Suddenly on the closet door they hear BANG BANG*

Mitsukake and Mits: *look at the closet* o_O

A voice from inside: WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR FOOT IS?!

Voice number 2: GET THE F*** OFF ME!!!

Voice Number 3: ACK NO DA!!

Mits: OH JEEZ! *runs to closet and opens the door and watches Chiri, Tasuki, and Chichiri fall out of the closet and on top of each other*

Mits: *Looks down and watches them struggle to get up*

Mitsukake: *Rushes over to them and helps them up*

Mits: Fancy meeting you guyz here

Chiri: Yeah....well we were aiming for your bedroom....but....AHEM *nudges Chichiri* we didn't.

Chichiri: Heh-heh *Sweat drop* the wind was blowing.... to messed up my navigational skills no da


Chichiri: Tricks, no da?


*Knock knock*

Mom: Ummm Joanna? Is someone else in there with you?

Mits: *hits tasuki in the back of the head* No MOM! It's just the TV!

Mom: are you sure?

Mits: Yes Mom!

Mom: oh....ok *walks away*

Chiri: BAKA! *hits tasuki in the back of the head too*

Tasuki: Hey! What is this?! Abuse Tasuki Day?!

Mitsukake: Sorry to break this up, but, not to be rude, why are you guyz here?

(start reading really fast)

Chichiri: Oh yeah, No da! We're here on a mission!

Mits: What kind of mission?!

Tasuki: An damn important mission!

Mitsukake: Is it a hard mission?

Chiri: A Very hard Mission!

Chichiri: And we need your help, No da!

Mitsukake and Mits: We'll Do anything to help!

(ok you may return to your normal reading speed, thank you)

Chichiri: *Throws down kesa on the floor* Every one on, no da!

Mits: Were going now?!

Chiri: Yes! *Jumps on Kesa* It's the fastest way to travel!

Tasuki: *sigh, slowly walks on* But not the safest

Mits: umm.. * walks on and Mitsukake follows her on*

Chichiri: Next stop! The Bakery! *Slams staff on kesa and teleportion begins*

Mits: THE WHAT?! O_O *tries to get of kesa....but it was to late*

*Scene changes to the front of a bakery*

Mitsukake, Tasuki, Chichiri, Mits and Chiri: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...........*lands* OWWWWWW

Chiri: We never seem to land on a soft piece of land

Tasuki: *Rubs head* Never... that'd be too nice

Chichiri: I Try no da!

Mitsukake: *raises left hand to himself* I wonder if I can heal myself...

Mits: *gets up really fast and runs to Chiri and grabs her by the collar* WHY ARE WE AT A F****** BAKERY?!?

Chiri: the....the bakery's muffins are missing!!

Mitsukake and Mits: O_O;;; *jaws drop open*

Mitsukake: You brought us here because the bakery doesn't have.....MUFFINS?!

Chichiri: HAI!..It's national tragedy NODA!!


*A blue screen Pop's up and words pop up:
Episode: #7

Mitsukake and Mits: O_O;;; *exchanges weird looks*

Mits: *whispers to Mitsukake* What the heck was that?

Mitsukake: I have no idea.....I think they finally went over the deep end

Mits: *shakes head* and they were so young

*They watch Chichiri, tasuki, and chiri run into the bakery*

Mits: *Sigh* Lets go Fushigi Detective Mitsukake *Walks into bakery*

Mitsukake: Fushigi What?! What the F*** are you talking about?

Mitsukake and Mits: GASP O_O

Mits: No way....

*Chiri was suddenly wearing a purple dress, high heals, pink stockings, green scarf, and a head band, Chichiri was wearing a white shirt and blue bellbottom pants and a orange handkerchief tied around his neck and Tasuki was wearing a green shirt and long brown bellbottoms*

Mits: Holy-....*looks at Mitsukake* What the heck is-......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

*Mitsukake was wearing a Scooby doo costume*

Mitsukake: What?! What are you laughing at?! *looks down*.... Oh my gods....*sees mits rolling on the floor with laughter*....Hey mits?

Mits: *gets up wiping tears from her eyes* Yes Scooby?

Mitsukake: Look what your wearing

Mits: *uh oh, looks down* OOOOOHHHHHH! Of course..... Velma

*Mits is wearing a red skirt with a orange sweater, red shoes and orange knee-high socks*

Mitsukake: Not to mention the big framed square glasses....


Mitsukake: Stop calling me that....-_-

Mits: Ok, Scooby * and walks to the scene of the crime*

Mitsukake: *mumbles*

Tasuki: I found a clue!

Chichiri: That's great no da!!....what is it?!

Tasuki: a trail of muffin crumbs leading *points to the back room* to there!

Chiri: OK lets go follow it!

*the 3 run into the back room*

Man: Hey what are you doing here?! GET THE HECK OUT!

Chichiri: Where the Fushigi Detectives and were allowed to go anywhere that's needs a search no da!

Man: I don't give a S***! Get out!

Tasuki: NO WE'RE NOT!

Man: Oh yes you are!

*Mits and Mitsukake are still in the bakery next to the counter listening to this*....O_O;;;;; *twitching ears*



Tasuki: OH YEAH?!

Man: YEAH!

Tasuki: Ok then.....*long pause*

Man: ooooooooo what are you going to do with that? Wind me to death? Oooo I'm so scared

Mitsukake: O_O;;;; uh oh

Tasuki: REKKA SHINEN! *hear the sounds of blasting fire*

*Chichiri and Chiri run out of the back room. Mitsukake pushes pass them and runs into the backroom*

*Chichiri, Chiri, Mits listen from the bakery*

Mitsukake: BAKA!!! *BOOM, BANG, Clanging of pots and pans*

*The big dog comes back out dragging the unconscious body of tasuki with him*