~ Chapter 10 ~

The Frightening Conclustion....

An exhausting and tormenting hour and a half later

*Chiri and Mits lean back from their projects, throws away all hair accessories that were used, and claps their hands*

Mits: *clasping hands together with big watery eyes* It's a masterpiece!

Chiri: *wiping forehead* Yeah …but who had to restrain them? *unclasps her Nuriko bracelets*

Mits: Yes… but who had to think up these new hair styles?! I had to search deep down for results like these! *points to all three seishi tied up and squished into a tight corner with really funky hair*

Chiri: Hmm…cant say I didn't think that was a bad thing, y'kno… *grin*

*Mitsukake bites rope in two to escape, then whips out a pocketknife and bends down to cut Chichiri and Tasuki's rope*

Tasuki: Watch it!! *trying to dodge Mitsukake's knife edge* You know how to use that thing?!

Mitsukake: *big grin in Chichiri and Tasuki's face* ……….No! *goes for Chichiri's rope instead*

Chichiri: O_O! NO DA! *Chichiri and Tasuki chew their rope for their lives*

Mitsukake: Awww…….and I almost had it! *snaps fingers and puts the knife away*

Chiri: O_O *stares* THAT'S what you call 'deep down'?!

Mitsukake: *brushes himself and coughs*……. WELL! I don't call this deep down! *pokes hair which was taken out of it's headband and gelled straight up and shaped to a cylinder shape*

Chichiri: I feel like some sort of feather duster no da! I cant even balance my own hair no da!! *stumbles*

*Oh yeah! Chichiri's hair is out of his ponytail (that's some long hair! o_O) and gulp gelled into thick spikes on either side of his head, including his bangs as well*

Tasuki: Well ya know what I feel like? A damn helicopter! *holds up two separate pigtails that are stiff and sticking straight out on either side of his head*

Chiri: ….Oh yeah….sexy. They really turn me on! *rolls eyes and screws up face, trying not to laugh*

Mits: *oblivious with huge watery eyes* It's perfect! Oh cursed my fate which bestowed upon me this talent!!!

Chiri: *puts hand on her forehead feeling her temperature* Are you SURE you're feeling all right?

Mits: *completely out of it* Oh, dearest me! Have I not felt any better!

Chiri: *gets in her face with a thoughtful look* She looks ok…. Hmmm…..I think she inhaled too much hairspray. Either that ….or she thinks she created a masterpiece …*turns around and stares at Mitsukake, Chichiri, and Tasuki blankly* when she just took them from Hey Arnold. *tries really hard not to laugh*

Mitsukake: Why must we suffer such humiliation?! *grabs his cylinder hair and mangles it*

Tasuki: *gets fan and puts it in his hair* I will put an end to this misery!

*Chiri blinks suddenly and runs out of the half broken sliding glass door, leaving Mits sitting on the floor with her watery eyes*

Chichiri: And what makes you think that would work no da?!

Tasuki: Hell fire destroys anything! *prods hair*

Chichiri: Annnnndddd….you wanna destroy your hair and become totally bald no da?

Tasuki: *blink* Well….I wouldn't if I could fly! But even these things wont let me accomplish my lifelong dream! ;_;

Chichiri: Uh-huh…..riiiight no da *falls over from the weight of his hair*

*Chiri busts through the door, breaking the rest of the glass so it was just practically a hole in the wall*

Chiri: *kicking down the door, holding a garden hose* Rapid fire! *sprays it at Tasuki, Chichiri and Mitsukake full blast (especially at their hair)*

*Mits gets wet accidentally and blinks*

Mits: *sitting up suddenly* Hey! You're ruining it!! *crosses arms while the three seishi making glubbing noises*

Chiri: *turns off hose and throws it behind her out the door* Woah! Where'd that come from?! Hehehehe *grins* ….. *mock shock* Hey! Look-at-that! *points at seishi who are standing in a straight line grinning really wide with their hair completely wet and down* Their-hair-looks-bet-ter already! *pushes them out (and theyre still grinning like idiots) the door* Let's go guys!

Mits: *tapping foot with eyes closed*…..well….now I know what Mitsukake's hair looks like when it's down…

*stops tapping and crickets chirp*

Mits: ….*opens eyes a little* ….Hmmm maybe they drowned… *walks outside*  Wonder where they are. *walks around and clears throat* HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?! HHHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?!?!?!?! WWWWHHHHEEEE----*gets hit on the head by Mr. Snuffles' head* OW!!

Chiri: *from the dark yard* SHUT UP!

Mits: Then where the hell are you?! *picks up Mr. Snuffles head* What's --- O_O AHHH! *throws it far away* The horror! The horror! *runs forward in zigzags*


Mitsukake: OOF!

Mits: Oop…*bends down where she is and pokes the thing she stepped on* Wonder what it is…

Mitsukake: Urghrghhghgh…

Mits: I think I killed it…

Tasuki: REKKA SHINEN! *blasts Mits*

Mits: *falls over* Owww….

Mitsukake: @_@ Owwwwwwww

*Chiri grabs tessen away and throws it across the yard and continues chopping the tree in her yard*

Mits: *rubbing head* 9_9 What are you doing?

Chichiri: No daaaaaaaaaaa!

Chiri: Getting Chichiri down! Bwahahahahhahaha….*chopping gets louder*

Tasuki: Stand by for falling tree! *whips out hard hat that says "Tasuki" on it and puts it on*

Chiri: TTTTIIMMMBBEERRR! *throws axe away and glomps falling Chichiri*

Mitsukake and Mits: AHHHH! *dodge flying axe*

Tasuki: *pushing tree of his head and taking off hard hat* Ya know ….when are we gonna get some sleep 'round here, huh? I'm f****** tired!

Mits: True…but not sure…Chiri?

Chiri: Huh?

Mits: *shakes head* Uh, never mind.

Mitsukake: Since the room inside is soaked…we gotta sleep out here! *eyes close and immediately falls asleep*

Mits: o_O;; *jabs him* Well ….HE wasn't tired!

Chichiri: Not at all no da! …. *gets squeezed by Chiri* Gak! x_x

Tasuki: *yawns* Nope….

Mits: *yawns* Nuh-uh…

Chiri: *yawns really loud* Nahhhh …. What're you lookin' at?! I'm not yawning!

Chichiri: Can't…. Stay…. Awake…. No da! *falls asleep right away and his head rolls forward which bonks Chiri's head and sends her asleep too*

Tasuki: Well…it's just you an me …

Mits: Yep….

….10 minutes later…. (and much snoring)

Tasuki: *bloodshot eyes* You can't win!

Mits: *bloodshot eyes* Who's the champ! Bring it on! *eye twitches*

Tasuki: Eeeeeeeeepp *both eyes twitch* …. Aaakk…can't….

Mits: *twitch* …..stay…

Tasuki: …..awake!

*both pass out*

Narrator from SpongeBob(That guy with Jacques Cousteau's accent): And so …our helpless victims passed out from total exhaustion from their traumatic experiences, one after another. How we pity they're tortured souls. …..And how we laugh! Ha Ha Ha!

The END!

….or is it?


Chiri: *sitting at keyboard*(funny how it started with mits and ending with chiri… yep funny, funny, funny….) How we have suffered! *puts back of hand on forehead*

Tasuki:… what the hell was that about?!

Chichiri: *munching popcorn, which Chiri and Tasuki keep stealing*

*romantic music plays quietly in background at first, but gets louder*

Chiri: *closes eyes and eyebrows twitch as she hunches over the keyboard* The music….*grabs Mr. Snuffles' head*

Chichiri: *looks over her shoulder* Da? *eyes get big as he sees Mr. Snuffles' head getting squeezed in her hands* GAH! DUCK!

*Tasuki and Chichiri dive out of the way as Chiri hurls the head at the stereo*

Chiri: ….WHY WONT IT STOP?! *stereo explodes*

Mits: Too many violent attacks, huh?

Mitsukake: Ha ha ha ha ha ha…..why am I laughing?

*Tasuki, Chiri and Chichiri suddenly jump up and stand in a line in front of the flaming stereo*

Chiri: *grabs phone and holds it upside down* Yes mayor! We're on our way! *throws phone to the side*

Chiri: All right, girls! Move out!

*Tasuki, Chiri and Chichiri run in place for 5 seconds then stop and put hands on hips*

Chiri: The Powerpuff Girls are here!

Tasuki and Chichiri: *in background with fists in the air* Yeah! (No da!)

Chiri: ATTAAAAAACKKKKKKKK! *all dive at stereo and beat the living s*** out of it, even when it's on fire*

Mits: Holy crap….*hides behind Mitsukake*

Mitsukake: Yeah! Go, Powerpuff Girls, go!

Mits: …o_o'….

*Tasuki, Chichiri and Chiri emerge very burnt but standing in a line with hands on hips*

Chiri: We saved the town of Citysville! Now the evil flaming stereo will no longer disrupt you and it's eardrum-shattering music will never be played again!!

Tasuki and Chichiri: Thank Suzaku!

Mits: I thought we liked that music….

Mitsukake: And the day is saved….Thanks to….the Powerpuff Girls!


What to look for in the sequel-

-What did Mits get in MTV studio?

-Will Chiri and Mits ever be sane again?!

-Didn't they like the romantic music?!?!?!

Stay tuned!!!!