"A-ahh..! G-Gilbert! Faster!" I panted in sexual ecstasy as Gilbert thrusted in and out of my entrance, pumping my member at the same speed. He rammed balls-deep into my prostate, and I arched my back as I shouted out Gilbert's name. I gripped the bedsheets in my fists as Gilbert began to thrust harder, kissing me hungrily, and he shoved his tongue through my lips. His hands then gripped my hips, helping to drive himself into me

I opened my eyes. I was still clothed, but I was sweating, shaking, panting, moaning, and blushing brightly... And Gilbert was staring at me wide-eyed, blushing a red that could rival even his EYES, and his nose was bleeding. Out of ALL the nights I could sleep, and out of ALL the nights I could have had a sexual fantasy, and out of ALL the sexual fantasies I could have had... It just HAD to be the one where I slept next to Gilbert, and had the fantasy about Gilbert. Oh, maple, have I got some explaining to do...…

"Birdie...? Matth- Canada, do joo know zat joo talk in joor sleep..." The Prussian exhaled shakily, and I squeaked loudly as my face became bright red as I buried my face into his neck.

"Oh maple! I'm so sorry..! I-I don't know w-what h-happened...! For the l-love of all t-things Canadian, I'm sorry..." I yelped nervously, clinging onto Gilbert as tight as I could, and Gil just used a steady, gentle hand to stroke my head, holding me close as he did so.

"Birdie... It's okay. It vas all a dream. I vas just concerned vith joor moaning... Und panting... Und squirming... Und grinding... Ja." Gilbert chuckled, lightly kissing the top of my head. I bit my lip and smiled down at him as I was pulled into his lap, and I gave him a soft kiss as my night blouse hung loosely against my skin. I slowly moved to straddle his lap, careful to not break the kiss, and I gently wrapped my arm around his shoulders, using the other hand to hold against the side of his head as we kissed. He pulled away, and he scooped me into his arms as he laid us down again, hugging me close.

"I luff you..." Gilbert whispered, gingerly kissing the tip of my nose. I giggled quietly at the touch, scrunching up my face, and I snuggled into him.

"I love you too, Gilbear..."