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A Elven Adventure

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

OC Elven Characters:

Sapphire is thirty-five years old with the appearance of a fifteen year old. He has golden blond hair to the hips and tied in a low pony-tail. He has a very slight tan. Dark blue eyes full of innocent, youth, and honesty. His best friend is Callum. He has one older brother by the name of Tarian. He has two Uncles: Damon and Devlin on his mother's side. His mother and father sailed to the Grey Havens fifteen years ago.

Tarian is one hundred years old with the appearance of a twenty year old. He has dark blond hair to his shoulders with a braid on each side of his head. He has slightly tanned skin. Grey eyes full of knowledge and patience. His younger brother is Sapphire. He is taller than Callum.

Callum is forty-five with the appearance of a seventeen year old. He has silver hair to his mid-back and tied in a simple braid. He has slightly tanned skin. Grey eyes full of caution and patience. His best friend is Sapphire. He is taller than Sapphire.

"Make sure my little brother doesn't do anything too reckless." Tarian commented firmly to Callum. "I'm counting on you, Callum."

"I will do to the best of my ability to keep Sapphire safe." Callum informed him. Sapphire walks toward them, smiling brightly, and carrying on his back a large bag.

"I hope I get to meet some dwarves." Sapphire said cheerfully and Tarian wrinkled his nose.

"I hope you don't they are loud, rude, smelly, and not to mention they hate elves." Tarian told his little brother. "Make sure to avoid dwarves."

Sapphire puffed out his cheeks, Callum sighs deeply, and Tarian's arms are crossed.

"I also hope I get to meet humans." Sapphire stated and Tarian gave him a look.

"They are loud, unpredictable, and make sure to avoid them too. Some hate elves while others are a bit too obsessed with elves, but there are a few alright humans. Still avoid the humans." Tarian said calmly and Sapphire sighed to himself. "Be careful of the orcs, golbins, wargs, and trolls. In fact do your best to avoid them."

"I'll be okay.. I'm not alone." Sapphire said in a comforting tone of voice and his older brother pulls him into a hug.

"I wish I could go with you, little brother." Tarian said while hugging Sapphire tightly. "Be safe and don't be foolish."

"Have I ever been foolish?" Sapphire asked and a grin on his lips.

"Yes and I can name all of the times. Starting from since you could crawl." Tarian replied to him, he releases his little brother from the hug, and looks him in the eyes with a deadly serious expression. "Be careful. I mean it. The world out there is dangerous and cruel at times."

"I'll be alright. I have Callum with me." Sapphire stated, he holds Callum's right hand, and smiles brightly at his older brother. Callum's bits down on his lip. Tarian nodded his head and Sapphire releases Callum's hand. "I almost forgot about the maps."

Sapphire walks off to collect the maps and Tarian glances at the silver haired elf.

"I do not disapprove of those feelings you have towards my little brother." Tarian said in a low voice. "However if he doesn't return those feelings..don't make him feel guilty or pressure him into accepting them."

"I would never do that to him." Callum said in a horrified voice and Tarian nodded his head.

"I know just making certain." Tarian stated calmly. Sapphire returns with the maps, takes off his large bag, and stuffs the maps inside of the bag. He closes the bag and puts it on his back.

"I'm already. Are you ready, Callum?" Sapphire asked the silver haired elf and received a simple nod from him. "And now the journey begins..."

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