I do not own The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey. Doing an experiment :) by making a text adventure (First time doing something like that) using my OC Elves by using something called Quest which is free ^_^ ...It took me a couple of hours to figure out how on earth to upload it onto the website...It's not complete or anything like that.

A Elven Adventure

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Explanation of the names:

I picked the names Tarian, Damon and Devlin, and Callum from a website which has some Elvish Name Translation Boy Names.

Tarian/Thandion means Shield.

Damon/Sadron means Loyal. Devlin/Bregolien means Fierce.

Callum/Cugedhion means Dove.

I picked the English names Tarian, Damon, Devlin, and Callum over the Elven spelling because the English spelling is easier to spell/keep track of...I decided on the name Sapphire because I thought it would be a bit interesting ^_^ having an Elf named after a Gemstone.

"The stars are beautiful. They shine so brightly even though they are so very far up in the night sky." Sapphire commented softly, his dark blue eyes looking up, and Callum smiles faintly to himself. "Not to mention the moon."

"Careful otherwise you'll trip." Callum said calmly to him.

"I just feel like admiring the night sky tonight and walk at the same time." Sapphire stated to the silver haired elf.

"Your pace is slow like a snail." Callum said teasingly and glances at the blond haired elf. "Too bad we didn't bring any horses so you could watch the night sky with ease."

"Too much of a hassle. Horses need plenty of food, water, sleep, and I have read that some foul creatures eat horses." Sapphire informed him firmly. "I don't want to be responsible for their possible doomed fate of being eaten by horrible creatures."

"Get on my shoulders."

"Are you sure? I'm wearing a large bag on my back."

"I'm positive. You can admire the night while I test my endurance." Callum commented simply, he bends down, and Sapphire get's onto his shoulders. The silver haired elf has his hands firmly on Sapphire's thighs to make sure he doesn't fall off or anything. He could feel Sapphire's hands gently resting on top of his head.

"I feel rather tall." Sapphire commented cheerfully while grinning.

"Frightened?" Callum asked teasingly.

"Of course not. Callum, What is more beautiful the moon or the sun?"

"The sun."

"Even though the sun's light is really bright."

"I'm like a moth drawn to a flame."

Callum walked throughout the night with Sapphire on his shoulders admiring how everything looks in the dark. The sun starts to rise up.

"Alas the night is gone." Sapphire said somewhat sadly, he climbs off of Callum's shoulders, and stretched his arms. "However the day is also nice, but not as calm and soothing as the night. Do your shoulders ache, Callum?"

"No. I'm merely admiring the beauty of day."

"Want me to carry you on my back?"

"No, no. Your brother would kill me."

"He wouldn't do that." Sapphire stated calmly to him.

"I wonder what those eagles are carrying." Callum said out-loud.

"Let's find out!" Sapphire said to him, his eyes focused on the eagles, and started following them.

"Wait a moment!" Callum called out, but his voice went unheard by the excited elf.

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