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Gazing At The Stars

… … …

His eyes fluttered open and he found himself in a mystically beautiful garden. He blinked in confusion. Strange…

The teenager looked down and, once again, was confused. The armor that he usually wore had a different color scheme then he was used to. Instead of the usual yellow-and-white color design, which was fairly common among the soldiers of his "master's" army, the breastplate and the other part the covered his midsection were a shiny obsidian color and the shoulder straps—weird, they weren't supposed to be straps—and the section that covered his abdomen—front and back—were a vibrant red. His jumpsuit, however, was still the same dark navy blue. What's more, he noticed the crimson, anchor-like insignia engraved onto the left breastplate that had long ago been discarded from his original armor.

Even stranger…

He frowned and brought his gloved hand to his head, his fingertips lightly grazing something hard and metal-like. He froze. His fingers curled around the metal object on his head of flaming black hair and slowly pulled it off. He brought it down into view and he gasped softly.

In his hands, he held a shiny, gold crown adorned with expertly cut rubies and sapphires. His onyx eyes widened with awe as he gazed at his face reflected in the crown's shiny surface. His tanned, sharp features were tinted gold in the crown and were bloomed with genuine curiosity.

His eyebrows furrowed and he sighed softly. A dream—that's what it was. Just a dream… His long, furry tail flicked its tail tip as if to confirm it. He sighed again, putting the crown back on his head, and began walking forwards towards a maze walled by tall hedges.

Just go with it… he told himself simply, and enjoy it while you can…

He walked deeper into the maze, looking about at the emerald-green walls decorated with tiny rosebuds in different shades of pink, red, and white.

I'll admit, this is quite a peaceful dream, even for me…

His feet had guided him to the center of the maze. It was a lovely little courtyard; it smelled of roses. His tail swung back and forth contentedly as he passed by a rose bush "fence". He ran his fingertips over the dark green leaves until they brushed the petals of a single blue rose. He fingers rested there for a couple more seconds and then he slowly reached a tad bit further into the bush, plucking the delicate flower from it.

He brought the blue rose towards his nose and breathed in its sweet scent. He let out a breathy, content sigh. He hadn't smelled roses like this in a very long time. His eyes lazily drifted about the courtyard until they fell on a silhouette. He lowered the flower from his face and he stared with eyes full of wonder.

A young teenaged girl—who looked about 16-years-old or so—sat on a marble bench, staring up at the stars. She wore a flowing, silver gown that sparkled in the moonlight and a sapphire necklace to match it. Her hair was a peculiar shade, one that he had never ever seen. It was a soft, blue color and it fell to her shoulders. Her complexion was a pale, creamy color and her lips were the softest of pinks.

And her eyes—oh, gosh, her eyes—were a pulsating blue, not exactly like her hair, but much deeper. They sparkled with intelligence and—call him crazy—sadness. His lips settled into a soft frown as her quietly padded over to her.

The girl blinked out of her trance and glanced over at him. She didn't seem to be scared or frightened of him, just simply curious and awestruck. Seemed to be one of the dreams were everybody ended up mesmerized…

She opened her mouth and spoke out softly, "What are you doing here?"

It was then that he was completely lost. Her voice…such a sweet voice! An unfamiliar feeling fluttered in his chest when he heard her voice and stared into her innocent, cerulean eyes.

He blinked and shook his head slightly. Now was not the time to get lost in this dream girl's eyes. Besides, she asked a question.

"I…I don't know," he responded honestly. She blinked for the umpteenth time and uttered a simple "oh". He felt the urge to ask her what her name was, but he couldn't find the right words to say. So, he settled for the next best thing. "May I sit down?"

Again, she blinked and looked down at the cobble stones. "Sure…" she murmured. He nodded and sat down next to her. The girl didn't meet his piercing gaze and he couldn't tell whether she was uncomfortable or just playing shy. His tail wavered behind him curiously.

"Are…are you cold?" he asked. What kind of conversation starter is that?!

The girl raised her head and looked at him. Those eyes again…

"A little bit…" she said softly.

He smiled a bit—hadn't done that in ages either—grabbing a fistful of his cape—another thing he hadn't worn in ages—and wrapped it around her slender body, while pulling her closer. The blue-haired dream girl blushed a bit when his body heat hit her.

His tail snaked around her waist—the stupid thing had a mind of its own!—and pulled her even closer, so close that their sides touched. Both of them blushed harder and he smiled nervously at her.

"Uh…sorry…I swear that thing has a mind of its own sometimes…"

The dream girl smiled back—such a sweet smile! "It's alright, I don't mind."

That fluttery feeling again…

The teenage girl leaned over and rested her head on his fairly muscular shoulder. She started petting his monkey tail soothingly. He could swear that the minute she touched him, his heartbeat sped up.

Oh, what the heck, it's a dream…

He allowed a purr to rumble from his throat and he rested his head on hers. He heard her sigh softly in happiness and her slender arms wrapped around his muscular one. He sighed and closed his eyes. Who knew dreams could be so comforting?

Too bad it was only a dream.

He frowned again, opening his eyes again, and raised his head. Look at him, a little dream girl was making him so soft! How was this even possible? It hardly took her even two seconds to weave her way into his heart, causing that strange fluttery feeling to pass through his chest.

Dang, she was good

The aqua-haired girl raised her head too and quizzically looked up at him. "What's wrong?"

"Hn?" he grunted and glanced down at her face. Why did she seem so perfect to him? Stupid dreams, making girls so darn beautiful! "Oh…nothing," he said. "Just…thinking."

"Oh, okay," the girl smiled again, snuggling closer to him.

Seriously, if his heart fluttered on more time, he swore he was going to explode.

Wouldn't want the dream to end like that, now would we?

He sighed inwardly and, with the dream girl snuggled so close, he drifted of into his thoughts. What was the fluttery sensation that she always gave him when they were so close? He remembered his bodyguard Nappa and his other fellow warrior Raditz mentioning something when they had "the talk" with him that Saiyans could sort of tell who their future mate would be. One would usually have a strange sensation in the chest and feel a sense of protectiveness towards said future mate.

Great, he was going to be mates with a dream girl…how perfectly cliché…

Hey, he didn't say he minded it, did he?

"Girl, why are you here anyways?" he brought up the original question.


He heard the girl whimper and sniffle and he got worried that he had crossed the line. She looked up into his ebony eyes, her own glimmering with unshed tears, and she spoke, "I'm on my own…"

He didn't need an explanation to know what that meant…

"Family?" he prompted her hopefully.



"Only because I'm rich…"

He frowned, feeling a sense of sympathy—gosh, what was wrong with him?—wash over him. She implied that they were all still alive, but, it seemed like she was saying that nobody cared for her true self.

He didn't know what was worse: having family and friends not realizing that the real you you was even there, or having nobody at all.

He lowered his head, nuzzling her forehead, and whispered, "I'm on my own too…" Her eyes widened and tears started beading at the rim of her eyes.

"You…you are…?"

"Hm mm," he grunted, "my family's dead."'

Her tears started to flow freely now and her bottom lip quivered. She suddenly threw herself at him; he nearly fell of the bench and dropped the blue rose in his right hand. She started crying in his embrace, gripping the collar of his jumpsuit and burying her face into his chest. He grunted in surprise and started awkwardly patting her back with his left hand, letting the cape slide off of her.

The tears soaked into his clothing—for crying out loud, why couldn't he just tell her to shut up?! Stupid dream!—and into his skin. They were cold and hopeless, that much he knew. And you know what? He was going to make them warm.

I must be insane, but, forget pride—

He set the rose on the spot beside him and gently took her chin into his hand, lifting her head up to meet his eyes. They were rimmed red from crying and trails of the cold tears were still evident.

He leaned his face towards her face, their noses touching and their lips a hairsbreadth away. He stared into her shining, blue eyes and whispered, "Don't cry." Their lips met.

And gosh, did it feel good.

For starters, he never kissed a girl in his life. How sad, really, a mere 17-year-old boy—almost a man—didn't know what kissing felt like. He did now.

And boy, did he like it.

He kept the kiss simple, not wanting it to push it any farther—he was tempted to. Hey, he's a teenage guy—than he already had. After all, they had just met, even if it was a dream.

Finally, he reluctantly pulled away from her and looked at her carefully. Her eyes were wide with wonder and he could tell he made her speechless.

Score one for me!

He smirked inwardly, but smiled outwardly at her and glanced over his shoulder at the blue rose. Letting go of her chin, he gingerly picked it up by the stem—strange, he noticed, how this rose had no thorns—and held it out to her. She blushed a bit with her own smile and gladly took it.

"Girl," he asked—dream, dream, dream—warmly, "what's your name?"

The girl blinked a couple times to pull herself together and looked up at him. She smiled, saying, "I'm—"

Vegeta's eyes flew open and he shot up into a sitting position. He rapidly blinked his eyes and looked around frantically. Where'd she go?!

Then realization hit.

"GOSH DANG IT!" he yowled at the top of his lungs. He froze and clamped his hands over his mouth. His eyes darted around the room and he then heard heavy footsteps coming down the hallways outside the door.


He slammed himself back down into a laying position, sprawled his limbs out, closed his eyes, and started to snore.

A palace guard opened the door suspiciously and saw the former Saiyan Prince fast asleep, snoring. The guard scowled. Stupid teenagers… The alien guard shut the door behind him, locking it.

Vegeta cracked his left eye open, making sure the coast was clear. He let out a sigh of relief and sat back up. His bangs hung in his face and he shook his head exaggeratedly to rid them from his vision. They fell back into place and he scowled. Never mind the stupid hair…

He sighed softly and quietly got out of bed. He didn't really need to be so quiet, the walls were practically sound-proof…unless one screamed really, really loud.

The teenaged Saiyan silently opened the doors that led out to the balcony. Every single room in the Colds' Palace had a balcony—they were on temporary stay, of course, until Frieza's ship got fixed. One would think they were stupid enough to let the estranged Saiyan Prince have his own balcony, where he could just fly off and escape the planet by space pod, but no, the balconies had force fields around them. Vegeta wasn't that stupid either, if he got so much as a couple feet into the air…ZAP!

He padded out to the edge of the balcony and rested his hands on the railing. He gazed up at the dark, purplish-blue night sky that was littered with stars. He frowned. He missed Planet Vegeta's sky—it was the perfect shade of red and it was the most stunning thing he'd ever seen at night. Its skies rivaled no one's—that much he knew.

Vegeta could vaguely remember his mother saying that stars were his ancestors watching over him. He believed it then, he was only 4-years-old, but now he thought otherwise. If his ancestors were really watching over him, wouldn't they be able to stop the destruction of his entire planet and race?

The stars glimmered in his sharp, onyx eyes. The girl in his dream, she was looking at the stars too, he recalled. Her special gleam rivaled the stars' and that was really saying something coming from him.

Sighing for at least the five millionth time, he ran his hand through his black flame of hair thoughtfully. That girl was pretty and he was so close to learning her name that it made him mad that his body decided to wake up at that very instant.

Vegeta started going through all the female Saiyan names that he knew to name the mysterious dream girl, but none seemed to fit her. Of course none did, that girl wasn't Saiyan; her coloring was off. Unless that was a special type of coloring…


His tail waved behind him, frustrated. Dreams were so unpredictable.

His eyes caught sight of a bright, glimmering star in the sky. His eyes were filled with wonder, like so many times in the dream, and his mouth formed the shape of an "o". It sparkled brilliantly.

Could she really be out there? he asked himself.

"Are you out there?" he said out loud. His only answer was the twinkling of the star.

Bulma's eyes fluttered open and she sat up. Blinking the sleep from her blue eyes, she glanced around expectantly, hoping to find the boy in her dream, but found him to no avail. She scowled heavily.

Darn it…

The 16-year-old girl quietly got out of bed. Her hot pink nightgown fell down to her knees as she stood up. She exaggeratedly stretched out her arms, yawning loudly, and mumbled out sleepy gibberish. What a strange dream that was…

Bulma rarely had dreams like that. If she ever did, she never remembered, but this one…this one was different. A teenage boy, who was barely an inch taller than her, wearing a shiny, gold crown had kissed her. Kissed her. An actual prince had kissed her! She blushed a little at the thought. Every girl's dream was to fall in love and marry a prince! Oh, but Bulma had kissed a dream prince. She smirked. She would just love to rub it in her friends' faces…

She shook her head and lightly stepped her way towards her balcony. She opened the French doors and she was greeted by the stunning view of the city at night. Lights from windows and cars glowed like artificial stars. Instead, she looked up at the real ones.

The stars lit up the dark-blue night sky and reflected in her eyes as she gazed up at them. She placed her hands on the railing and sighed thoughtfully.

Why are dream guys always so hot…? she thought fondly.

It was true, that boy was one of a kind. He had flaming brownish-black hair with a fringe that hung down to his thick eyebrows. His dark, onyx eyes were slightly slanted and they had a deep, mesmerizing look to them. He wore a blood-red cape with weird red-and-black armor, a dark navy blue jumpsuit, and pure white boots and gloves. He even had a tail! A tail! And, might she add, that tail fur was soft…

Whoa, off topic.

Bulma sighed again and stared at a bright, shining star high in the sky, the brightest one of them all. The prince with a tail burned within her mind and she almost felt like—believe it or not—she had known him her whole life.

Bulma smiled and said to the bright star, "I can't wait for the day when he'll come my way"

"But until that day," Vegeta told the star.

Both of them simultaneously, without even knowing, whispered the same exact phrase…

"I'll be dreaming…and gazing at the stars…"

… … …


… … …

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