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Gazing At The Stars

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Year 2 of the mysterious 3 years…

The proud Prince of all Saiyans marched grumpily marched down the dark, vast hallways of Capsule Corporation. A scowl donned his tanned features, and his dark, onyx eyes flitted about the walls warily, an old a habit of his that he couldn't seem to break. Why was he awake in the late hours of the night, you may ask?

His stomach had so rudely demanded for the proper nourishment of a late night snack.

Well, a snack in a Saiyan's point of view; a full meal in a human's eyes.

Vegeta eventually found himself in the spacious kitchen, right were he wanted to be. He stalked over to the fridge and, gripping the handle gently enough to not crush it, opened the door swiftly, his hungry gaze sweeping across the contents.

It had been a least a year-and-a-half—two years at the most—since Vegeta had been reluctantly staying at Capsule Corp, home of the esteemed Briefs family…and the annoying blue-haired woman. Two years since the mysterious, lavender-haired boy from the distant future had told the Z Fighters of the horrendous threat of two mechanical beings of monstrous power—the androids. As the boy had said: all the Z Fighters, except the young hybrid Gohan, were killed by the two monsters. As for Goku, the mighty Super Saiyan passed away before the androids even arrived—defeated by a mere heart virus.

Vegeta scoffed at the thought. Kakarot, defeated by a measly virus and not by the almighty Saiyan Prince? And he, Vegeta, murdered by a bucket of bolts? Absurd!

The Saiyan's scowl deepened at the current matter. He found nothing that appeased him. So, did his stomach wake him up for absolutely no reason at all? Growling in frustration, Vegeta slammed the refrigerator door shut forcefully, hearing the faint clinking of glass bottles as they hit each other. Dang it! If the empty feeling in his stomach was not of hunger, then what was it?! Was his body trying to tell him something?

A puff of irritated air escaped from his lips, and he ran a large hand through his fiery, black mane. Things were getting awfully weird around the compound lately, besides him waking up in the middle of the night for supposed hunger. The woman was seemingly less…less…like "herself", ever since she and that scar-faced bandit called it quits on their relationship—mutual terms, he had heard—a few months ago. Vegeta was glad about it—that weakling was getting annoying anyways. Besides that, the woman's mother—Vegeta found it creepy how she was always happy and never opened her eyes—was blabbing on and on about how her daughter was all lonely and she was open and she would love if she had a strong, handsome, dark-haired man to protect her from the androids.

…The heck did she mean by that? He wished somebody would tell him what she was implying …

Vegeta blinked out of his thoughts and looked around curiously. He sensed a small, familiar ki coming from outside. His natural curiosity got the better of him, and Vegeta headed out of the house into the backyard, finding the source of the ki.

She sat motionless on the grass; one knee was bent, allowing her to rest her arm on it. Her head was tilted upwards a bit, gazing up at the vast dark blue sky littered with white flecks of light. A cool, night breeze brushed through her blue locks. Vegeta was inwardly glad she got rid of that ridiculous afro.

His feet suddenly carried him over to her, stopping quietly beside her. Her eyes closed, reopening to focus, and glanced up at her estranged houseguest.

"Oh…Vegeta, it's you," Bulma said, her cerulean eyes shifting about his face. "Couldn't sleep either?"

"Hn," the Prince grunted, crossing his toned arms.

The heiress resisted the urge to give a complete overlook of the Saiyan Prince. He'd been training rigorously everyday, preparing for the androids. Now, his body was looking like it was chiseled out of marble…

Pushing those thoughts back in the depths of her mind, Bulma spoke again, "You…you can sit down…if you want to…" shyly, ducking her head down away from the Saiyan's piercing gaze. She found herself surprised—happy even—when he actually sat down next to her.

Bulma looked at Vegeta, flashing him a small smile, but in response, he just scowled and looked away from her. He eyed a long blade of grass in the lawn, that seemed out of place. A feminine sigh followed in defeat. It was worth a shot…

Her eyes returned to the stars. They sparkled with beauty and a soft light, the reason Bulma loved coming out here to look at them late at night. It brought a soothing comfort to the heiress, and the gentle, cool breeze felt nice on her skin. "…Aren't the stars so beautiful?" Bulma offered a question to him.

Vegeta blinked and glanced upwards at the speckled sky. His dark eyes twinkled, whether from the stars' reflection or an unknown emotion, Bulma didn't know. "I always come out here whenever I have something on my mind," she pressed further, prompting at least a word or two from the silent Saiyan. A grunt in response. "Did you see stars like this at your home?"

Vegeta remained unmoving and silent. Bulma frowned, sighing inwardly. "…Yes." The blue-haired woman's gaze snapped to the alien man in surprise. She didn't expect an answer…! The Saiyan still didn't meet her eyes, but continued nevertheless, "Planet Vegeta had many stars in its sky. It was the most stunning sight one would ever see in his life…" He trailed off and looked at the woman, meeting her curious stare. "Planet Vegeta's skies were red, not blue like this mud ball of a planet's, not even at night." Bulma scowled. "But…I suppose…" Vegeta returned his gaze to the lights of the blackish-blue space, "it's the closest thing…that I have seen…to Planet Vegeta's…"

Bulma's eyes brightened considerably. A compliment—more or less—from Vegeta…? Point for her!

"Oh, that's nice," Bulma smiled gratefully, looking back up.



…Then a simultaneous sigh.

She held back a giggle, swallowing it back down into her throat. They sat in utter silence for a while more. If it was uncomfortable or not, no one dared to admit it.

Swallowing to rid herself of the nervousness, Bulma spoke up again, "Heh…you know, this reminds me of this one dream I had…"

Great, Vegeta scowled, off she goes…

"I can't remember all of it… I'm surprised I even remember having it. But, anyways, I was in this garden or something, staring up at the stars, like now. Then…" the blue-haired human sighed dreamily, "this boy came…"

Vegeta raised a thick eyebrow. Meeting someone in a garden under the stars? Why was this ringing a bell…?

"I can't exactly recall what he looked like…" she continued, "but, I do know that he had dark hair and eyes that could just suck you in… They were so deep… huhh…"

Dark hair…?

"He must've been a prince, because he was wearing this shiny, gold crown…"

Crown?! Vegeta's breath hitched in his throat, his eyes widening.

Bulma chuckled, "I once thought that it was Yamcha in the dream, but it wasn't. The dream guy's hair was way wilder than his and he had a tail—" Her voice was suddenly lost after that word, her blue eyes widening when realization came crashing down on her. Bulma's head slowly turned, meeting the exact same eyes as the boy in her dream, although these were filled with disbelief.

The two stared at each other in silent bewilderment, black and blue clashing…

…The same eyes…from…

Lost in their dazes, neither Vegeta nor Bulma realized that they were leaning in closer to each other. Vegeta's lips lightly grazed against Bulma's, his warm breath dancing across them. He paused in slight hesitation, wondering whether if this was right for him to be doing this. An unknown force seemed to be pushing and pulling him closer to the heiress, the girl from his dream. So, without another thought…

Their lips met.

The stars were the only ones who bared witness.

"May the stars be my witness..."

"When we finally meet…"

"But, until we do…"

"I'll be dreaming… and gazing at the stars…"

… … …

The End

… … …