I Own Nothing

10 Years Later

It was a peaceful day in Konoha, villagers were going on about their business, Shinobi returning from missions and hanging with friends. Academy students taking their graduation exam. It's been 15 years since Kyuubi attacked the village and the village was on a slow road to recovery, which was hampered with all the civilians and Shinobi dieing trying to attack Kyuubi's Jinchurriki Naruto Uzumaki.

10 years ago Naruto entered the academy.


Iruka along with his assistant Mizuki glared at Naruto who was leaning against a tree out in the yard of the Academy as the parents dropped of their kids.

"I can't believe Hokage-sama would allow the demon to be a Shinobi." Mizuki hissed to Iruka who nodded

"Tell me about it, and he wants me to act like I'm the demons friend. I'll do it because he can be a formidable weapon against the other Shinobi villages, but if he proves useless we can always kill him." Iruka said with a smirk as he touch the scar across his face, that Naruto made

"Yeah, we can always make his time here miserable." Mizuki agreed "Orochimaru-sama would reward me, if I were to give him the Kyuubi-brat!" he thought before he and Iruka led all the children inside the classroom, Once they were seated, Naruto sat in the back row by the window alone.

Iruka began to speak. "Alright welcome to your first semester and day of the ninja academy. I'm Iruka Umino the head instructor and your teacher. This is Mizuki Toji my assistant. We will be teaching you all the works of being a Shinobi. Now who would like to introduce themselves first? Tell us your name, likes, dislikes, hobbies, and dreams for the future."

"Oh! OH!" a boy raised his hand energetically, Naruto noticed he looked like that bastard he killed from the Inuzuka clan. "Let me go first! I want to go first!"

"Alright you with the puppy on your head you can go first." Iruka said with a chuckle

"Yahoo!" the boy cheered

"Why hasn't Tsume-chan put this idiot up for adoption?" Naruto thought to himself "This guy acts and looks just like that bastard Kohta. I wonder if he was told that Tsume and I killed his father?"

"I'm Kiba Inuzuka! I love my family, dogs, meat, girls, and being number one! I hate freaks like that Naruto kid my Tou-san told me to stay away from and arrogant jackasses like Sasuke! My hobbies are training with Akamaru and my onee-san! My dream is to be the next Inuzuka head and have many girls!" Kiba said excitedly while Akamaru barked in agreement

Many introductions were typical dreams from civilian born students, the fan girls all squealed that they would marry 'Sasuke-kun'. The other clan heirs also wished to become the next heads of their clan though when Hinata mentioned 'desires' she gave a discrete glance towards Naruto. Sasuke mentioned he wished to avenge his clan by killing those responsible and then revive his clan and glared at Naruto while doing it.

When Naruto's turn came he spoke in a bored voice. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I like training, my friends, and killing pathetic waste of human skin when they try to kill me. I despise practically everyone in this entire pathetic cesspool of village except for my friends. My hobbies are training, inventing things, and reading. My dream is to become the strongest man to ever walk the earth." Naruto said "Well I'm already am the strongest man to walk the earth." he thought with a chuckle while the civilian born children looked afraid

"As if a freak like you is strong! My Tou-san said you've been weakened by Yondaime-sama when you attacked." Kiba said with a snort

"You can come and see for yourself, members of all clans have tried and I've killed them without breaking a sweat." Naruto said causing the clan heirs eyes to widen

"As if a clanless loser like you can kill an Uchiha!" Sasuke yelled

"Clan less, please the Uzumaki Clan along with the Senju clan built this village, while you Uchiha's just rented out a place to stay. Tell me how come it took 2 hidden villages along with minor villages to team up to destroy my clan, and still the invading forces loss more than half of its men, while your clan was massacred by a 13 year old in a single night. Also for your information I killed 15 Uchiha's and almost killed your bitch of a father, the only reason he got away was because of Mikoto-chan begged me to spare him." Naruto ranted causing Sasuke to look at him livid "That reminds me I can use her as a path." Naruto thought

"Bring it on freak!/You Bastard!" Kiba and Sasuke both snarled getting out of their seats

"Kiba! Sasuke! Enough! You both have detention after class!" Iruka yelled although he was angry too since Naruto had killed a lot of his friends and he just spoke about it like it was nothing. Kiba groaned his mother would so kill him for getting detention, Sasuke glared at Naruto vowing he would take everything from him then kill him, and Itachi

Iruka checked his list and nodded "That's everyone. Okay class, normally we'd start learning the village's history." Everyone groaned "But because this is a special class with all the clan heirs in it, we will instead have our first sparring session, history can come later!" At that everyone cheered.

Getting the class to settle down Iruka announced. "Okay everyone let's go to the training field!" With that he and Mizuki led the class outside. The students all lined up. boys and girls all together. Naruto stood away from the others.

Sasuke glared over at Naruto who took out some type of devise and placed things in his ears as he leaned on the tree "What is that?" Sasuke thought to himself before Ino's and Sakura's squeal and hugs knocked him out of his thoughts much to the protest of the other new fan girls.

"SASUKE-KUN! I hope you and I get to train together!" Ino yelled

"Back off Ino-pig Sasuke-kun is mine!" Sakura screeched

Sasuke looked at them coldly. "Get off me."

Sakura and Ino obeyed both looking rather scared but their fan girl bravado came back and they quickly got over it.

"See Ino-pig, you made Sasuke-kun angry!" Sakura shrieked

"Me! He probably had bad thoughts about that billboard forehead of yours!" Ino retorted before Sakura could make a comeback Iruka came over

"Whoa calm down girls." He said trying to play peace keeper while the two girls glared at each other, when

Mizuki chuckled and placed a hand on Iruka's shoulder.

"It seems these two are fired up, Iruka maybe they should be the first ones to spar together." He suggested getting a sigh from Iruka

"Very well...Ino, Sakura do you two have any problems with that?" Iruka asked, Sakura and Ino shook their head still glaring at each other

"No!" they said

"Very well step onto the field." Iruka said while nodded


The girls stood in the field waiting for Iruka to start the match

"Are you both ready?" Iruka asked

"Hai!" they answered

"Hajime!" Iruka shouted

The next 3 minutes could only be described as pathetic, the two fan girls basically had a hair pulling, scratching, biting spar and knocked each other out of the ring.

"That's just fucking pathetic." Naruto thought with a twitching eyebrow, before he felt someone looking at him. He turned to see Sasuke looking at Naruto as if he was inferior.

"I'll show you dope, no one kills an Uchiha!" Sasuke thought before he walked up. "Iruka-sensei?"

"Yes Sasuke?" the Chunin asked.

"I want my opponent to be Naruto Uzumaki..." Sasuke demanded

Iruka nodded "Very well the second match will be underway. Naruto! You will be fighting Sasuke!"

Naruto shrugged and walked to the field as he and Sasuke faced each other

"That freak doesn't have a chance against Uchiha-sama!" Mizuki thought

"The second match between Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki will commence. Boys are you both ready?" Iruka asked them.

"Yes," The two boys simultaneously replied.


Sasuke smirked arrogantly. "You're going down Uzumaki," He declared. "It's only natural cause I'm an Elite."

"Yeah an Elite Fag," Naruto replied

Enrage Sasuke rushed at Naruto when he was in striking distance Sasuke swung his fist only to have Naruto easily dodge it. The Uchiha avenger growled and continued his assault only for Naruto skillfully dodge each one.

Sasuke's fan girls screamed cheering their 'hero' on.

"Beat that idiot Sasuke-kun!"

"Yeah you're the greatest Sasuke-kun!"

"No one can beat you Sasuke-kun!"

"Go Sasuke-kun!"

Naruto eyebrow was twitching before he turned to the fan girls "Shut the fuck up, you waste of space!" he shouted the girls all went quiet quickly "Your all the reason why people look down on Kunoichi's, why don't you all go and die in a ditch somewhere, instead of prolonging the inevitable when and if you pass the graduation exam." Naruto snarled while the girls looked ready to cry

Sasuke seeing a chance launched a punch at Naruto's face, when the punch made contact Naruto didn't move Sasuke redrew his fist and screamed in pain.

"W-what is your face made of" Sasuke shouted clutching his hand as Naruto turned to him and smirked

"Wouldn't you like to know." Naruto said before he kicked Sasuke in the chin, before Sasuke could go flying Naruto grabbed him by his shirt and delivered a barrage of punches to Sasuke's face and torso. Stopping his barrage of punches Naruto held the broken and battered Uchiha in front of him while the class looked shocked at the brutality that Naruto displayed

"You Uchiha's always thinking your hot shit, when you all are nothing but descendents of a street rat that the Sage of Six Paths took pity on. You aren't a elite without that pink eye called the Sharingan you wouldn't even be descent Shinobi." Naruto said "See ya." Naruto said as he reared his fist back and punched Sasuke in the face, sending him flying into a wall unconscious

It took a while for everyone to process that Naruto just destroyed Sasuke before they ran to pull him out of the wall. "No! Impossible! How did he beat Sasuke-sama!?" was the thought of the Chunin duo. "He really is a monster!"

"W-W-Winner...Naruto Uzumaki!" Iruka announced shakily.

The rest of the spars were boring so Naruto didn't pay attention, he looked to Iruka when he explained that it was time for the next part of the spar. Sparring with Iruka or Mizuki.

"Alright this is the last part of sparring you can choose to spar with either Mizuki or myself. You must last at least five minutes against us." Iruka announced

Mizuki smiled but it strained slightly as he looked to Naruto. He assured the students. "Don't worry we'll be sure to go easy on you."

Sasuke chose Iruka much to Mizuki's ire and lasted the full five minutes. Shino fought Iruka, then Shikamaru who used his clan's Shadow Imitation Technique, Ino used Mind Body Switch Technique, Hinata chose Mizuki and closed some of his tenketsu with her Gentle Fist after the five minutes she reopened them for him.

"I choose Naruto Uzumaki to fight me." Mizuki said and as soon as he finished, Naruto was in front of him with a dark smirk that caused the Chunin's to shiver

"Lets go, fool." Naruto said

Mizuki withdrew two kunai from his pouch and wrapped an Exploding Tag around each one's hilt, disguising them via genjutsu as blunt training kunai. He grinned darkly. "These will kill you and end your wretched life demon!' Mizuki lowered into a stance and got ready to throw the hidden kunai.

"Try to keep up, I don't want to end this to quickly." Naruto said calmly and took a step forward and vanished causing everyone to look around for him before they heard Mizuki grunt and turned to see Mizuki unconscious on the ground with Naruto standing over him. "Pathetic fool, acting all arrogant when a weak ass punch knocks him out cold." Naruto said shaking his head

"Unbelievable! I didn't even see him move, he beat a Chunin so easily!" Iruka thought

"How!? How the hell is he so powerful? I'm an Uchiha I deserve that power! I'll force you Uzumaki to teach me your tricks and use them to kill Itachi and then I'll rule this wretched village, just like Tou-sama wanted!" Sasuke thought enraged

"He's only an academy student like us yet he is strong enough to beat a Chunin!? He IS a monster just as Tou-sama said!" Kiba thought as he trembled

Everyone continued to watch in shock as Naruto stepped on Mizuki as he made his way to the class room.

End Flashback

Currently Naruto was sitting in the master bedroom after sending a clone to the graduation exam. He was watching over Anko waiting for her to wake up so she can finish her transition. Naruto had grown close to Anko and the other Ice Queens. He told them about his status with the penalty of death if they spoke about it. To tell the truth he had honestly expected Anko to back out of wanting to become a vampire but if anything she wanted it more. Naruto hearing the door being slammed shut looked up and walked down the stairs

As he walked to the top of the stairs Naruto looked over the rail to see his clone dropping a headband on the table, before placing his hand on the door where a seal lit up, and the clone burst into a cloud of blood before it was sealed away.

Hearing footsteps Naruto turned to see Anko using her hand to cover her eyes from the sunlight while her other hand covered her mouth as her gums were hurting, "Hungry." he said, getting a nod from her Naruto motion her to follow him

Entering the basement Naruto moved to a vault, opening the vault Naruto and Anko walked inside and Anko looked around in awe as she saw that each wall was filled with blood packs from every hospital Naruto could find in the Elemental Nations

"Catch." she heard, looking at Naruto she caught a blood bag,

Naruto watched as she opened the blood bag, before she took a deep breath and took a sip, before she started to squeeze the blood bag so the blood could rush into her mouth faster. He watched as she finished and looked at him, her face showing her vamp features.

Anko turned to the other blood bags and was about to take another, when Naruto appeared in front of her "That's enough of the blood bags." he said Anko looked at him for a moment and nodded

Naruto motioned for Anko to follow him, when they made it to the basement Naruto walked over to a wall, and bit his thumb, before he swiped it against a wall

The entire wall, seemed to hiss and slide to the side, allowing Anko to see a entire room stocked with blood bags, when Anko smelled something heavenly as if in a trance Anko moved forward when Naruto handed her a blood bag. Looking at Naruto, who nodded to her, and she immediately drunk from the bag


Naruto was now in a forest with Anko miles away from Konoha, Anko now sported two earrings that would protect her from the sunlight, although it was dark, he could sense a lot of shinobi running around the village while two of them were headed towards them almost like they were running, and he knew these two signatures very well. Smirking Naruto backed out of the moonlight, into the shadows "What's going on?" Anko asked

"It seems, that you'll get your first taste of fresh human blood, from the source." Naruto said before he motioned for her to stay silent

After a couple of moments Iruka, and Mizuki landed in the clearing in front of them, and stopped to rest "Are you sure Orochimaru, can resurrect my parents Mizuki?" Iruka asked, Naruto had to hold Anko back when she heard that name

"Yes, I saw it. He has mastered the 2nd Hokage's kinjutsu, once we deliver the forbidden scroll to Orochimaru-sama in Oto, he'll give us power, and he'll resurrect your parents." Mizuki replied

Iruka nodded before he looked back to the village and said "I wish we could've killed the demon before we left though." Mizuki nodded in agreement

"I know, but Kabuto-san gave us the ok for us to help in the upcoming invasion, and we'll kill him then." Mizuki said as he and Iruka smirked

Naruto and Anko who were listening smirked at all the info they just got, before Naruto whispered to Anko "So which one do you want to eat?"

Anko who was looking at the soon to be dead Chunins turned to Naruto and said "I want Iruka." Naruto nodded as Anko vamped out along with him, before they both sped out of the bushes and attacked the two nins,

After a moment Naruto dropped Mizuki's dead body, and took forbidden scroll from the corpse and opened it, as he glanced through the scroll, he smirked, and glanced over to Anko who was still feeding on Iruka

"You ok over there?" he asked

Anko dropped Iruka's body and sighed as she wiped off the corners of her mouth and turned to Naruto sucking on her finger "Never better. My body is literally bursting with power." she said as she looked at her hands and clenched and unclenched them

Naruto sealed the scroll away before he grabbed Mizuki's corpse, and walked over and dropped him on top of Iruka, before they both were pulled into a black dimensional void, before he turned to Anko and took her hand

"Ready to go back?" Naruto asked getting a nod from her, before they turned around and sped off


Wanted to do more, but I've got writers block big time