UPDATE: Someone asked if this was a remake of 'Embracing Dark Desires'. The answer is no. I have never heard of this story and a if there are any similarities between my fic and that one, they are purely coincidental. I came up with this fic over a year ago after I finished the season of Thundercats 2011.

This same person also commented on the cover image for this story, I also would like everyone to know that I drew that picture and it can be found on my deviantart account. Listed on my profile.

Here it is. My ThunderCats 2011 Fanfic. It more than likely won't be very long.

It will however cover some rather graphic issues and the like. It's not a story for little kids, that's all I gotta say. I like a good MA fanfiction, I like the reality of it. It's not all candy and bullshit if you get my drift.

But, I did have to change a few things around to make this fic even possible. For starters.

It's a WileyKitXLion-O fic. So first thing first, if you don't like the idea, DON'T READ!


In this fic, WileyKit is sent into another demension where she spends ten years as MummRa's slave. In a sense she grows up but the the real world, only a few hours have passed. She's grown up but nobody else has aged at all.

Just really need to stress that, because there are people out there who might not agree.

Fair Warning-

There will be sex scenes later on.

There will be mention of rape, but more than likely, I won't actually write out those scenes.

If you are uncomforatble with a certain topic or scene in the story, it is all right to comment and write your thoughts, but please do not flame unreasonably. Be polite, please.

I accept all opinions but don't curse me please.

I think that's all in the warning department.

I will update as much as possible but there will be no set routine to my updates. You get em when you get em.

Read, have fun, and LEAVE A COMMENT! I love to hear just what people actually think of my work.

Thanks everyone!

Title: A Flower Of War

Author: Kitsune21809

Rating: M

Pairing: WileyKit/Lion-O (Read Description)

Summary: TC 2011, Ep. 16-. Mumm Ra attempts to rid himself of Lion-O for good by sending him to an Alternate pocket dimension. However, he doesn't expect WileyKit to intercept the attack before it can hit him. Now she is stuck in another world where Mumm Ra rules all and she serves as his personal slave. Meanwhile, having defeated the real Mumm Ra, Lion-O asks Jaga that he return WileyKit to the real world. When she returns, the innocent little girl they once knew is gone, only to be replaced by a war hardened woman, who wants nothing but revenge on the monster who enslaved her and she'll do anything to get it. Now, WileyKit struggles with her bloodlust for the monster who did this to her and her lust for the man who saved her.


There Goes My Hero

There is fire. There is fire and smoke and ash and she can't breathe, but she needs to breathe, needs to get oxygen to her lungs before her head explodes and She. Needs. Air. Wilykit is not stupid, is not a fool, and she knows that this is what must be done to beat Mumm Ra. Her brother is gone; she can't see him through the hazy smoke that lingers in the air. But she sees Lion-O. She sees him mounting the steps towards Mumm Ra, a snarl stretching his face as he shouts, "Mumm Ra! You have something of mine!"

The decaying corpse of a man smiles wickedly at him.

"Yes, and without it, you will never defeat me."

Even from this distance, she can hear Lion-O's growls.

She's not paying attention and because of this, a furious lizard-man lunges at her with a sharp dagger. It's not until Tygra knocks him to the ground by her feet that she realizes how close she came to losing her head.

"Pay attention Kit!" He calls to her and she nods mutely. Screams rip through the air and Wilykit , for a moment, wants to lie on the charred ground and press her palms flat against her ears and cry. But Wilykit is a strong girl, and she will not give in to her temptation, to the need to just surrender herself and cry, so she keeps moving, keeps going, because it is the only thing keeping her alive.

There's a tingling sensation in the air. The electric static that comes with Mumm Ra's magic and leaves her fur standing on end. A quick glance at him tells her that he has summoned his darker magiks. His body is three times the size it was before and she knows that if Lion-O doesn't hurry up and get the sword, it'll be too late.

Suddenly, the idea comes to her and making sure to stay firmly out of his line of sight, Wilykit sneaks around the two duelists, inching closer and closer towards the sword. If she can just get it to Lion-O…

"You may have the Sword of Omens, but I still have the Spirit Stone! And I am king of the ThunderCats!"

"Not for long! Soon, I'll be rid of you forever!"

Her fingers brush the handle as she jerks her head up at that last statement. What had he meant by that? Wilykit sees Mumm Ra's hand, raised high over his head. There's a dark energy growing around it. It grows and grows and she suddenly feels this horrible feeling settle in the pit of her stomach.

Something's wrong.

Fear clogs her throat, makes her choke, makes her cough and causes her eyes to water and oh she has never been so afraid. Her eyes shoot towards Lion-O. Why is he just standing there? Every instinct in her is screaming danger. Telling her to move her body; to move him. They only just got him back and she feels, she knows that if that thing hits him he'll be gone again. Gone for good this time.

Lion-O eyes widen as he sees her darting towards him, the sword in hand. He reaches out for her, whether to catch her or the sword, she doesn't know. Mumm Ra screams and they both know that he sees her.


Time slows. Wilykit glances back to see Mumm Ra fling the ball of sparking energy towards Lion-O and she jumps. The sword flies from her grip, slicing through the air towards him and miraculously, he catches it. But the ball keeps coming and in the few seconds she knows it will take to reach him she doesn't have time to think.

She's never run so fast in her life, but she makes it. Instead of Lion-O, the ball hits her with ferocity. There's a loud buzzing in her ears and someone is screaming, someone that suspiciously sounds like Wilykit herself. Her body temperature rises until she thinks she's on fire, burning from the inside out. She doesn't register Lion-O or the others screaming for her.

She can't hear or see anything.

Just the pain.

And then, when it feels like she might just explode from the intensity of it all, everything stops.

Lion-O watches in desperation as Wilykit disappears, along with the dark bubble of black energy that had encased her. One second, she's there and the next…gone. He's having trouble wrapping his mind around it.

She can't be gone.

Not Kit.

But there's nothing there, nothing except Mumm Ra's smirking visage.

"Oops, wrong target."

Behind him, Lion-O hears WileyKat's wails. "Kit! Kit where are you?"

When the other's try to quite him amongst the battle, he resists. "No, stop! We have to find her! Kit!"

A fierce growl resonates within the lion's throat and he snarls viscously as a red blast shoots forth from the war stone. "Where is she! What did you do!"

Mumm Ra screams as the blast hits him and he stumbles, falling back onto the ground. But he isn't down long. In the next instant, he's up and running towards the center of the room. Lion-O gives chase, cursing under his breath.

Far ahead, Mumm Ra laughes. "She's mine now! You'll never get her back!"

He dives into a trap door in the floor. A loud, whirring sound pierces the room and the floor and walls around them begin to hum with the sound of sirens. Red lights vibrate off the walls. Lion-O cries out in agitation and quickens him pace, trying to reach the escape before it shuts and Mumm Ra gets away.

He grinds to a halt as Panthro grabs his shoulder. "Forget him, Lion-O. We've gotta get outta here!"

With a fierce curse, Lion-O turns and flees with Panthro out the main gate.

I struggled with myself on weather or not I should post this on Fanfiction . net... originally it was posted on my deviantart account and though I will still update there first, I think it will be more organized here. The story anyway, all illustrations I have done and will do will stay on the other account.