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Death Does Not Kill

Chapter 1

The dagger straightly slid into his flesh. It was killing him. Finally. Then the corpse of Raoul Silva fell onto the cold floor of the chapel. It's been a few seconds until the three remaining and at least living people in there began to breath again. James took a little step towards the dead body on the ground and his boss who was still standing there in fear and clearly in pain as well.

"M?", he whispered worriedly before the elderly woman let out a sharp gasp and suddenly collapsed onto the ground.

"M!", James said a little louder now and quickly headed towards her. He caught her in his strong arms, kneeling beside her and holding her. M was looking into James' blue eyes while he desperately tried to stop the bleeding of M's wound.

"I guess it's over now", the woman in the agent's arms whispered and tried to smile a little, but failed. James knew that his eyes were slowly getting more and more wet.

"You mustn't die", he told her with his low voice becoming quite shaky. They both were looking into each other's eyes for a little while of silence before M eventually whispered,

"You don't need me." After that her breath and heartbeat stopped, her muscles slackened a little and her eyeballs moved, seeming to focus on some invisible point in the cool air.

"I do", James whispered and he knew that M didn't hear him anymore. He knew that it really was over now. And he felt how more and more tears were building up in his bright blue eyes and how they were eventually streaming down his cheeks. It took him quite a moment until he slowly shut M's eyes and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead afterwards. James abruptly felt empty inside, he felt lost and as if he was falling into a deep hole. But all of a sudden the double-O agent sensed a soft breeze touching his skin. He immediately pulled back and noticed that his boss's chest had begun to move up and down slowly again. Bond's eyes widened.

"M?", he asked as his hand softly ran across her cheek. Then his fingertips trailed down to her neck and he felt a low pulsating underneath his skin.

"You're alive", James whispered in disbelief and quickly looked up at Kincade who was still standing quietly in a corner of the chapel.

"Kincade, she's alive", the agent stated a little more aloud than before. The other man nodded, feeling quite useless right now.

"We need to get her into hospital!" This has been the moment when Kincade reacted. He nodded once more before heading towards the door and then he said,

"I'll get my car!" And Kincade was quickly rushing off. Meanwhile, the double-O agent needed to stop the bleeding himself. He ripped off his jacket and shirt and took that shirt to wrap M's hip into it tightly. Afterwards while still pressing his flat palm on the woman's wound he said to her,

"You'll make it, M." Then James just held her, desperately waiting for Kincade to arrive back with his car. It took about five minutes until the agent heard an engine outside. He got up and looked in direction of the door, spotting Kincade.

"James!", the older man said, "You better hurry up!" And James did as he's been told. He bent down and picked the still unconscious M up to get her onto the back seat of Kincade's car. He then turned back to Kincade.

"Thank you", James said, quietly.

"No need to, boy", the other one replied as he softly hugged James. He then pulled back and said,

"And now go on and save Emma." With a small smile on his lips Kincade watched as James got into the old car. The secret agent glanced at his old friend one last time before driving off.

Every now and again whilst James sat in the car, the engine running, he gazed over his shoulder back at M who was still laying there unconsciously.

After some time has passed by - that time seemed to last eternally for James - they eventually reached civilisation and finally a hospital as well.

The double-O agent got himself and M out of the car and he carried his boss through into the massive building where some slim, blonde-haired nurse walked towards them both.

"What's the matter with her, sir?", the nurse asked as her eyes scanned M laying in James' arms.

"She's been shot", James stated and the young woman in front of him widened her eyes. She immediately turned and ran over to some microphone at the reception. After pressing a little red button she called,

"Doctor Harland, there's an emergency in the lobby." And only about one minute later a tall man with greying hair rushed in. He was followed by two another nurses.

"Thanks Mary", the doctor said, looking at the blonde woman at the reception before turning towards James again and saying,

"What happened to her?"

"She's been shot."

"Shot?", the doctor asked, a little shocked.

"Yes. Could you please help her now?"

"Of course, Mister-"

"Bond. James Bond."

"Alright. Well, we'll take her into surgery. Quick, ladies", the man in front of James told the two nurses behind him and it was only a few moments and M had been brought into surgery.

"Will she be fine?", James asked worriedly and the doctor nodded.

"She'll be." After that the man in that white coat rushed off and James and the blonde nurse named Mary were alone again. The young woman smiled at James as he walked back and forth, obviously nervous.

"She will be alright, believe me." There wasn't anything other to do for James than waiting.


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