Chapter 2

It was a never-ending span of time that James was spending in that bloody bleak relatives room. Either he was sitting on one of the chairs, his face buried in his hands or he was walking back and forth, clearly being nervous. There were some significant questions racing through James' head. Was M going to survive? Would she be fine? The double-O agent was truly afraid of losing his boss. And he knew that he was always denying how much she really meant to him. James just couldn't stand to lose that woman. He needed her. Desperately. And that's why he begged for her to make it through that surgery alive.

It was about two hours after James had entered the relatives room and right now he was sitting on a chair when he heard footsteps and then a male voice saying,

"Mister Bond?" James immediately got up and stared at the doctor.

"How is she?"

"Alive", the man in the white coat said. This single word caused that the double-O sighed heavily with relief.

"Thanks to god, I swear", James said, then questioningly looked at the doctor.

"May I see her, Doctor Harland?"

"She's sleeping at that time, but yes, I suppose you can visit her", the man explained with a small smile on his lips. He then brought James to the room in which M was laying.

"Thank you", the MI6 agent said to the doctor before he carefully opened the door and entered the room. He instantly glanced at M and at all those wires and hoses that were surrounding her.

"M", James whispered lowly after closing the door and he slowly walked towards the elderly woman. He then pulled a chair next to the bed and sat down. Blue eyes were watching M for a few minutes, how she seemed to be peacefully sleeping. Then James began to smile on seeing her chest moving up and down tardily. She was breathing. She was alive and James didn't lose her. The double-O agent slowly raised his hand and ran it across M's soft cheek.

"You don't know how happy I am", James said to her and two of his fingertips gently moved across her face, first her temple, her cheekbone, her chin, her lips...
Suddenly he felt his heart beating faster and there was some kind of prickling inside of his tummy.

"You look beautiful", the man whispered to her before carefully pulling back, certainly not trying to wake her. He looked at her, knowing that he obviously wouldn't get any other chance of being so close to her again.

"I guess I'll let you sleep then." The agent stood up, still watching his boss.

"I'll be back in the morning, M", he told her and then bent over her and kissed her forehead.

"Sleep well", James breathed before finally leaving the room.

It was still dark outside when Bond left the hospital and thought of a place to get some sleep. Since it was about three in the morning James knew that he wasn't going to find a hotel anymore and he just got into Kincade's car on the hospital's parking area and decided to spend the night in there.

It was about quarter past ten the next morning when M heard a sudden knock on her door.

"Come in", she said lowly and watched the door swinging open.

"Good morning, M", the man coming through the door said and he saw a smile growing on his boss's lips.

"Bond?", M said and she tried to sit, but felt a heavy pain torturing her.

"Don't move that much", the double-O told her, smiling cheekily.

"How are you feeling?", he then asked.

"Alive", M stated, sounding a little sarcastic. Only a few seconds later James already sat on a chair next to M's bed.

"Bad pains?"

"Feels like nearly killing me", the white-haired woman said and gave him a wry smile.

"But it doesn't. You are alive and that's all that matters."

"Is it?"

"Certainly", James said, suddenly becoming more quite while saying,

"I'm so glad you're alive. I just couldn't bear to lose you."

"I feel honoured, Bond", M replied, rolling her blue eyes.

"I mean it, M", James said, giving his boss a warm smile. Suddenly there was a questioning look on M's face.

"What are you talking?", the elderly woman asked then. The man in front of her just tilted his head. It took him quite a moment until he answered,

"I care about you."


"Honestly. Why won't you just believe me?"

"Why should I? I'm just your boss, there's nothing for you to care about, except for your job."

"And what if I think that this isn't true?"

"Then you're probably quite insane, I guess."

"I'm insane because I do care about my boss?"


"But M, you certainly do mean a lot more to me than you think you do."

"I do?" The head of MI6 raised her eyebrows and James sighed softly. He then gently took M's hand in his.

"You do." Feeling a little sheepish, M watched her agent as he slowly bent down and placed a tender kiss on the back of her hand.

"James...", escaped the woman's mouth within a sigh and he looked up at her.

"I meant what I said, Ma'am." Now James let go of M's hand and he got up, smiling softly at her. The woman stared at Bond, still perplexed.

"I'll let you rest now. And hopefully we can get you back to London tomorrow." And without giving his boss a chance to reply to his words, he left the room and a really confused M inside.


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