Prompt: How about if Hannibal notices that Will is hiding a secret, which is he has an eating disorder, because, he hates himself, Hannibal confronts him but he denies it at first Hannibal insists that Will stays at his house so he can nourish him back to health.

"When was the last time you ate?"

Will looks up sharply from the DSM he had been glancing over and turns his focus to Hannibal. But the doctor isn't looking at him; he's staring down at his notes. Will tried to calm his racing heart as he replies easily, "This morning."

The deep inhale Hannibal takes is almost deafening in the following silence. He closes his journal, clasps his hands, and stares at Will from across the room. "When was the last time you ate a full meal? And don't lie. I will know."

Will swallows hard, hand trembling as he puts back the diagnostic manual. The silence is unbearably heavy and Will's certain Hannibal can hear the steady pounding of his heart. But the profiler doesn't say a word before Lecter rises from his desk and goes to stand just out of arm's reach. The doctor shifts his stance and puts his hands in his pockets in a conscious effort to make his body language less threatening. But it does little to ease Will's nerves and he's staring at the ground as his breathing increases pace.

"Please," Hannibal says quietly, "sit." And when Will complies, he sits beside him on the couch with less than a foot of space between. "I had noticed you had stopped eating months earlier thought I assumed it was merely stress from your work. It's become more frequent now."

Will feels his skin crawl in embarrassment and his cheeks turn red. "I…It makes me sick. Maybe I pushed myself too hard, thinking I'd get better. But I look at myself and I see Gideon and I see Hobbs." He finally turns to meet Hannibal's stare. "I feel like I'm keeping them alive and I hate it."

"It's not them you're trying to kill. Because of your anxieties and fears over becoming someone like these men, you would rather kill yourself." Hannibal is quiet for a moment. "Though unorthodox, I would suggest you stay with me."

Will's brow furrowed in confusion. "I don't understand."

"A sort of intensive therapy. Obviously, our weekly sessions would not be enough. With you close by, I can monitor your eating as well as help in any unpleasant thoughts you may have. Of course, it is only with your consent and you would be free to leave whenever you wish."

Will searched for words. "You don't….Why?"

"Because I want to help," Hannibal replies easily.