Okay Hey guys here is the first chapter of Kidnapped as Is said on the summary this is inspired by AJPUNKGIRL95 she's truly awesome and her stories are great check them out. Also I want to thank my co-writer Leah who is currently helping me write this Fiction. Enjoy!

Another headache again ''can I do anything right?'' she mumbled to herself. AJ loved her position as GM but tonight the stress had caught up to her greatly she had never experienced so much stress running the show, First she had Wade Barrett complaining and screaming in her face because ''apparently'' she wasn't giving him the push he deserved yeah right. Then after 15 minutes of screaming and wailing like a child to her he decided to storm out of the arena for no apparent reason. After this there was Jack Swagger who thought he'd leave the arena after AJ confessing everybody's leaving her he walked away. Then after this crisis she had a main eventer take a ''personal day'' with the walrus Paul Heyman; she shivered thinking of Heyman's name. She sat there haunched on her professional desk chair sobbing into the palms of her sweaty hands; questions running through her head ''Can I cope anymore?'' ''I can't do this job can I?''. She began to lift her head to look out of her office window the weather was appalling as it was thunder and rain, of course she wasn't scared but it did freak her out being the only WWE employee in the building, she slowly put her head between her knees beginning to start the tears again. Suddenly she heard the door squeak open she slowly lifted her head to see no other than CM Punk smirking with his arms folded she hissed at his presence. She screamed ''GET OUT YOU SON OF A BITCH I HATE YOU!'' Punk smirked by her aggressiveness towards him he said in a questioning tone ''Oh AJ, I wasn't here to annoy you I was here to ask you a favour actually''. AJ quickly pounced out of her chair and began pushing punk out the door he quickly pushed her back and she fell back on her office chair she shouted '' WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE GET OUT, YOU EMBARASS ME ON LIVE TV THENDEMAND A FAVOUR FUCK OFF PUNK !'' Punk sternly answered ''All I wanted was to ask you, I deserve a WWE title opportunity and you hardly promote me so I'm demanding you respect your main event superstar and give him what he wants!'' AJ tilted her head slowly and had the AJ crazed look on her face and simply replied ''Over my dead body, bastard''. With that she smirked and turned her chair to face her desk and began typing on her computer and said '' shut the door on the way out Punk''. Punk was furious and had a evil glare on his face and with that he slammed the door causing the bolt to clink he rubbed his forehead and walked down the corridor. Ten minutes passed and AJ still had not completed her reports on superstars that had to be completed by tomorrow she was in serious trouble, Vince would go ballistic if he found out she was not completing set work; with that AJ decided it was time to go home. AJ slowly slid of her chair and went to collect her coat and bag when suddenly she was lifted of her feet and up 6 foot and tightly gripped on CM Punk's shoulder ''GET OFF ME!'' she screamed Punk laughed and walked down the corridor of the abandoned arena and began making his way to the parking lot. Throughout the way AJ was screaming,cursing,kicking and punching but Punk didn't flinch. He finally arrived to his two million pound tour bus and began to unlock the door but what did he want with AJ for that matter?

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