Doctor Whooves Episode 1

Warning: This one "chapter" is an entire episode so if you don't like reading really really long pages, PM me with your opinion and I'll fix it into each episode gets a few chapters.


Cue theme song!

Our story begins in Hoofdon, (pony London) a sprawling city just on the other side of the mountain which Canterlot sits. It's an old city, was the very first Equestrian capitol. Then it was Manehatten and then Canterlot. But, back to Hoofdon.

It's a large mainly modern city with a river cutting it in half. This river is the Thames, named after a very close friend to the Princesses in early days. So, Hoofdon, large city, very popular among tourists, and very very busy. Ponies of every kind hustling and bustling living their daily lives.

One pony in particular, Roseluck, was pretty happy with her position in society. She had a good job, a nice house, (where she lived with her mum Lilly-luck) and a smart boyfriend. Roseluck was earth pony, with a pink mane with dark and light pink streaks, and a cream coat. Her cutie-mark was a rose, with thorns mind you, her talent was growing lovely flowers but that doesn't make you many bits in a big city.

To make the money Roseluck needed, she had a job at a department store called "Hoofdon's Best". It sold all sorts of things, but mostly clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Her job was to fill the empty shelves. Roseluck going to work actually was what caused the whole plastic pony problem. (try saying that three times fast)

It was a Monday; Roseluck had been on time for work. She'd worked her flank off shelving clothing just so she'd be able to have a thirty-minute break at noon. Then she'd rushed to the nearest café where she met her boyfriend Gear for lunch. (A little about gear: he is a Pegasus stallion who is a light turquoise color with a short green mane and a cutie mark of four gears linked together.) After Roseluck's lunch break (which was more than thirty minutes) she went back to work and continued to shelve.

"Attention shoppers," the manager said over store-wide intercom around nine-O'clock, "The store will be closing in twenty minutes." Roseluck set down her last pile of clothing and trotted towards the door with the other workers and shoppers. The security guard, aka a pony called Night Shift who watched the doors for shoplifters, stopped her and waved a bag in Roseluck's face. It was the lottery money no one had turned in.

Roseluck grabbed the bag, stuffed it in her saddlebag, and made for the elevator. Stepping inside, she pressed the button for the lowest floor, storage and electricians office. The electrician, Spark Plug, had taken it upon himself to deal with the lottery money and extra stuff like that. Roseluck was on her way down to his office in the basement.

"Spark Plug!" she called hopping out of the elevator, "Spark Plug! I've got the lottery money!" She turned right and trotted down the hall towards Spark's office. Roseluck walked right up to the blue door labeled: chief electrician's office, and started pounding on it with her hoof.

"Spark Plug! I can't hang around too long cos' they're closing up shop," Roseluck pounded once more, "Spark Plug!" Crash! She whirled around; something had just fallen, broken, smashed, in a nearby room. Suspecting it was Spark, Roseluck followed the sound into the room where all the plastic dummies were kept. They stood there motionless, wearing different cloaks, vests, hats, and dresses.

"Spark?" Roseluck called once more as she ventured into the storage room. Slam! The metal doors that guarded the room closed. She dashed over and pulled hard on the handle, locked.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me." Then she heard hoofsteps.

"Is that someone mucking about?" Roseluck turned around, and saw one of the dummies moving.

"Yeah, you got me. Very funny," Roseluck said nervously chuckling, "Riiiiight I've got the joke! So whose idea was it? Was it Ginger? Well? Ginger is that you?" (Ginger was the most mischievous worker at Hoofdon's Best, he loved pranking anyone new, or the "seniors") More of the dummies began moving towards her, Roseluck backed up against the wall. She was cornered.

The lead dummy, and the few behind him, raised a front hoof as if to karate chop. Roseluck braced herself for a blow to the head, but somepony grabbed her hoof and tugged on her arm.

"Run," he said, and they ran. The doors had been unlocked, thank Celestia, leaving the two ponies a clear path. And the dummies. They darted into the lift, (which surprisingly was still open) and set the co-ordinates for floor one. But one of the plastic monsters got its front leg between the doors. The strange stallion grabbed it and pulled once, twice, and with the third tug, it popped off and the doors closed.

"You pulled his arm off!" Roseluck cried.

"Yep. Plastic," the stallion said tossing it to her. Roseluck was not convinced that those things were plastic, "Very clever. Nice trick! Who were they then? Children? Is this a foal thing or what?"

The stallion just stared at her, "Why would they be foals?"

"I don't know."

"Well you said it, why kids?"

"'Cos to get that many ponies dressed up and being silly, they got to be kids," Roseluck explained.

"That makes sense," the stallion said smiling, "Well done."


"They're not foals." Roseluck rolled her eyes, "Whoever they are, when Spark Plug finds them, he's going to call the police."

"Who's Spark Plug?"

"Chief Electrician."

"Spark Plug's dead." The lift doors opened into the back room of Hoofdon's Best, the two ponies exited. Now, before we go on (and since I really think you need to know) I best explain what this mystery stallion looks like. Simply: light blue coat, short black mane and tail, wearing a black jacket, and an hourglass cutie-mark. Now, on with the chase!

"That's not funny!" Roseluck cried, "That's sick!"

"Hold on, mind your eyes," the stallion instructed. He waved something at the lift controls causing it to spark.

"I've had enough of this now," Roseluck said as they continued to run, "Who are you then? Who's that lot down there? I said, who are they?"

"They're made of plastic. Living plastic creatures. They're being controlled by a relay device on the roof, which would be a big problem if I didn't have this." He held up what looked like a small bomb, "So, I'm going up there to blow them up, and I might die in the process but don't worry about me. No, you go home." They had reached a back exit, the stallion was practically shoving Roseluck out, "Go on. Go on and have your lovely beans on toast. Don't tell anypony about this, because if you do, you'll get them killed." He shut the door, leaving Roseluck standing in the street with a plastic hoof and a bag of lottery tickets.

Roseluck turned to leave when the door opened and the stallion looked out, "I'm the Doctor, by the way. What's your name?"


"Nice to meet you Roseluck," held up the bomb again, "run for your life!" The Doctor dashed back inside the building, leaving Roseluck outside once more. The mare turned and made a dash for across the street. She nearly got run over in the process but she made it across alive just before the roof of Hoofdon's Best exploded in a massive fireball.

"I know, it's on the radio! It's everywhere. She's lucky to be alive," Roseluck's mother Lily-Luck said into the telephone. Lily was an earth pony like her daughter, but the only resemblance they had was their talents being about flowers; Lily had a greyish a raspberry coat and a blond mane and tail.

Roseluck was slumped on the sofa, tired of all this attention. Her claim when anyone asked about what had happened was that she'd been across the street getting coffee. Roseluck stared at the squeaking radio in slight annoyance, they were making too big a deal about one building going down. But then again, this sort of thing didn't usually happen. Then Gear arrived.

"I've been phoning for hours. You could've been dead!" he sat next to Roseluck on the sofa, "It's on the news and everything! I can't believe that your shop went up!" Roseluck rolled her eyes, "I'm alright, honest. I'm fine! Don't make such a fuss."

"Well, what happened?"

"I don't know!"

"What caused it? Did you see?"

"No I didn't, I was outside I didn't see." The Lily came rushing in, the phone clutched in her hoof, cord stretched to the max.

"It's Daisy on the line, she says she knows a man who works for the paper! Five hundred bits for an interview!" she cried pulling the phone towards Roseluck.

"Oh good, hold for a mo'," Roseluck hopped up, grabbed the phone, and hung up.

"Well you'll have to find some way to make money," Lilly-Luck said picking up the discarded phone, "Your job's kaput and I'm not bailing you out." Roseluck sat back down on the couch.

"Hey Roseluck, I know what you need," Gear said, "How's about you and me go down to the café for a bite to eat?"

"No thanks, I'm not really that hungry," Roseluck said, "And could you take that with you?" she asked pointing at her plastic souvenir. Gear hopped off the sofa and headed towards the door, grabbing the hoof in the process.

"Bye bye!" he said waving the plastic leg. "Bye Gear!" Roseluck said as he left. Outside, Gear walked behind the apartment building and tossed the plastic leg into the giant rubbish bins.

It's seven thirty and Roseluck is wide awake, but she's got no job to go to so she's sitting around in boredom.

"There's Finch's, you could try them, they've always got jobs," Lily-Luck suggested as they sat down for breakfast,

"Oh great, the pet shop," Roseluck moaned.

"Well, it might do you good. That shop was giving you a big head, and I'm not joking about the compensation money. You've got genuine shock and trauma!" Lily got up from the table with that final word and left for her room. Minutes later, the sounds of a hair dryer buzzed from down the hall.

Roseluck groaned in frustration. It had taken her forever to get the last job, how was she supposed to get another? Tap, Tap-atap, something was rattling the cat flap on the door. Roseluck ignored it. Tap, tap-tap-tap-tap, as the little sounds sped up they got more and more annoying. Taptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptap, Roseluck finally snapped.

She leapt up from the table and ran towards the front door. Crouching down, Roseluck nudged the flap with her hoof. The flap rattled wildly then was pulled up. Roseluck gasped, on the other side, lying on the ground so as to look through the small opening, was The Doctor from last night. Roseluck shot to her hooves and opened the door. "What're you doing here?" he asked bewildered.

"I live here," Roseluck said.

"Well what'd you do that for?"

"Because I do. I'm only home because somepony blew up my job," she said. The Doctor glanced at the little silver device in his hoof, "I must've gotten the wrong signal. You're not plastic are you?" He tapped her on the head, "Nope, bone head. Bye then!" Roseluck grabbed his jacket, "You. Inside. Right now."

"Don't mind the mess, coffee?"

"Might as well then, thanks, no milk." Roseluck walked into the kitchen and put the coffee pot on, the Doctor walked into the living room.

"We should go to the police. Seriously. Both of us," Roseluck said as she brewed the coffee.

"That won't last, she's gay, and he's an alien," the Doctor said, glancing at a magazine in the other room.

"I'm not blaming you, even if it was just some sort of joke that went wrong," Roseluck explained pouring out the coffee.

"Hmm, that's new," the Doctor said after flipping through Roseluck's copy of Daring Do and the Dragon's Demise.

"They said on the radio they found a body."

"Roseluck, heh," the Doctor looked at himself in the hanging mirror, "Ah, could've been worse. But look at the color."

"All the same, Spark was a nice bloke," Roseluck muttered mixing her coffee up.

"Luck be a mare." Something scuttled behind the couch. "What's that then? You got a cat?"

"No." The Doctor peeked behind the lavender sofa, then the plastic hoof that Gear had "thrown away" flew out and wrapped itself around the Doctor's neck. (It would've been a headlock had there been a body attached to the arm) Roseluck walked in, carrying a tray with two cups of warm coffee. She took one look at the choking stallion and dismissed it as foals' play.

"I told Gear to throw that away," she said a bit angrily after setting the tray down. "You're all the same. Give a colt a plastic hand. Anyway, I don't even know your name. Doctor, what was it?" Roseluck stared at the Doctor, convinced that he was simply goofing around with the plastic limb, but when he unlatched it, the plastic flung itself at her and began trying to strangle her. The Doctor, grabbed the arm and began trying to pull it off Roseluck, both ponies pulled as hard as they could. The plastic wouldn't budge.

Needless to say, they got it off using that small silver device.

"It's alright, I've stopped it," The Doctor said after he'd scanned it with the silver thingy, shutting it off. "There you go, you see? Harmless."

"You think?"

"Hold on a minute! You can't just go swanning off!"

"Yes I can. Here I am this is me, swanning off. See you!"

"But that leg was moving, it tried to kill me!"

"Ten out of ten for observation." Roseluck was chasing the Doctor as he ran off to some unknown destination, she wanted answers.

"You can't just walk away. That's not fair! You've got to tell me what's going on!" she protested.

"No I don't," he just replied.

"Alright then," Roseluck said, "I'll go to the police. I'll tell everypony. You said, if I did that I'd get ponies killed. So, you're choice. Tell me, or I'll start talking."

"Is that supposed to sound tough?" asked the Doctor un-amused.

"Sort of."

"Doesn't work."

"Who are you?"

"Told you. The Doctor."

"Yeah, but, Doctor who?"

"Just the Doctor."

"The Doctor."


"Is that supposed to sound impressive?"

"Sort of, yeah."

"Come on then. You can tell me, I've seen enough. Are you the police?" asked Roseluck as they trotted through the park behind the flat complex.

"No, I was just passing through. I'm a long way from home."

"But, what have I done wrong?" asked Roseluck, "How come those plastic things keep coming after me?"

"Oh, suddenly the whole world revolves around you. You were just and accident. You got in the way that's all."

"It tried to kill me!"

"It was after me, not you. Last night, in the shop, I was there, you blundered in, almost ruined the whole thing. This morning, I was tracking it down, it was tracking me down. The only reason it fixed on you is 'cos you met me."

"So, what you're saying is that the entire world revolves around you?"

"Sort of, yeah."

"You're full of it."

"Sort of, yeah."

"But, all of this plastic stuff. Who else knows about it?"

"No one."

"What, you're on your own?"

"Well who else is there?" asked the Doctor, "I mean, you lot, all you do is eat muffins, go to bed, and goof around, while all the time, underneath you, there's a war going on!"

"Okay," Roseluck said, "start from the beginning. I mean, even if they really are living plastic, which that I don't believe, how did you kill it?"

"The thing controlling it projects life into the leg. I cut off the signal and, there, dead."

"So it's magically controlled?"

"Thought controlled." The Doctor glanced over at Roseluck, "You okay?"

"Yeah," she replied, "So, who's controlling it then?"

"Long story."

"But what's it all for? I mean, shop window plastic ponies, what's that all about? Is somepony trying to take over Hoofdon's shops?" asked Roseluck chuckling at her own joke.


"No. Course not."

"It's not a price war," The Doctor said, laughing a little bit. But the he got real serious, "They're trying to over throw the Equestrian race and destroy you. Do you believe me?"


"But you're still listening." Roseluck stopped walking, and just stared at the Doctor.

"Really though, Doctor. Tell me, who are you?" The Doctor turned to face her.

"Do you know how we were talking, about Gaia revolving? It's like when you were a foal. The first time they tell you about how night and day work and you just can't quite believe it because you've never seen it work. Well I can feel it. Every time Celestia and Luna do their thing, I can feel them moving Gaia to change the night and day. Every time, every twenty four hours. We're being pushed through space, you and I, clinging to the skin of this tiny world," he paused, and looked Roseluck straight in the eye.

"That's who I am. Now forget me, Roseluck. Go home." The Doctor turned around and walked off, leaving a stunned Roseluck standing on the street corner. Roseluck took one last glance at the stallion that'd saved her life, and walked in the opposite direction. Vrrrrrrm vrrrrm, Roseluck paused, what was that? Vrrrm, vrrm, it was getting louder, and coming from somewhere behind. VRRR VRRRR weeooo weooo, the sound changed, becoming mixed with sounds Roseluck had heard with magic. She ran back to the street corner, nothing.

Except the blue box that had been sitting on the other street was gone.

Gear opened the door, "Hey hey, there's my mare." Roseluck smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. She walked inside the flat, Gear shut the door behind her. "Coffee?"

"Yeah, but only if you wash the mug. And I don't mean rinse, I mean wash," Roseluck said, "hey, do you still collect old newspapers?"

"Yeah, they're in the living room," Gear said, "Why?" Roseluck ran into the room with the chairs, she quickly found the papers in a large pile behind the couch. Her search for answers had begun. Twenty minutes in, Gear came in with the coffee.

"Roseluck, what're you doing, exactly?" he asked pushing aside a pile of papers. Roseluck leapt up, "Yes! Oh baby yes! I found exactly what I was looking for!"

"And that is?"

"Information, and a stallion that's got it."

"You sure you want to do this Roseluck?" asked Gear as he and Roseluck walked through the Hoofdon neighborhood.

"Yes, I want to know more about The Doctor and Klondike seems to know what he's talking about," Roseluck and Gear stopped across the street from a small house with a red roof.

"You're not coming in? He's safe, got a wife and kids."

"Yeah, who told you that? No pony. For all you know he could be a psycho lunatic murderer."

"Yeah the Doctor could've been the same, yet he saved my life. You coming or not?" Gear stayed where he was on the sidewalk. Roseluck rolled her eyes and jogged across the street up to Klondike's house. She glanced back at Gear, and then knocked on the door. A colt answered it, he was wearing red soccer clothes.

"Hi, I've come to see Klondike? I've come to answer his add," Roseluck explained.

"Dad! It's one of your nutters!" the colt called into the house.

"That's him yeah?"

"Yeah, but this was years ago!"

"This one's the same stallion, but from even further back. Centuries."

"What d'you think is going on? Same pony appearing all throughout time."

"Yes, he's woven into some of the oldest Equestrian legends. When disaster comes, he's there. It's identical, every time. And one thing links them all together."

"What's that?"

"Death." Roseluck stared once again at the old yellowed paper. It was indeed the stallion she'd met on the street, but this was from so long ago that things weren't being recorded yet. It just wasn't possible.

"Roseluck, if you've seen the Doctor, one thing is for certain." Klondike said, "We're all in danger."

Outside: Gear was bored with waiting. He was sitting on the sidewalk humming a little tune as he waited. GRSCHK! (Grinding sound) Gear stopped humming, he looked around. No ponies in sight, only a small plastic garbage can. He did a double take, the trashcan was closer now.

Inside: "If he's singled you out, if the Doctor's making house calls, then Celestia help you," Klondike warned. Roseluck was officially freaked out now.

"But who is he? Who do you think he is?"

"I think he's the same stallion. I think he's immortal. I think he's an alien from another world."

Outside: Gear cautiously approached the can, aware that it kept inching forward. He gently tapped the can, no detectable movement. Gear then made the decision and threw the lid off, empty. He closed the lid and tried to leave, but his hooves were stuck. He tried flying, but that only stretched the gooey stuff keeping him stuck.

The trashcan started to pull back; it opened the lid, and whump! Gear was pulled inside.

At that moment, Roseluck came outside.

"Alright he's a nutter, completely off his head. You win!" she admitted to Gear, who was sitting in the same spot where she'd left him. He was smiling like an idiot, but Roseluck didn't notice.

"So, what'd do you want to do now? How about we get a pizza?" Roseluck asked.

"Pizza!" Gear said, "P-p-p-pizza!"

"Or sandwiches?"

"Pizza!" Gear got to his hooves and started walking off. Roseluck shrugged and followed him.

At a pizza parlor in downtown Hoofdon, Roseluck and Gear were seated by the window. Roseluck was talking away, Gear just smiled and nodded to everything she said.

"Do you think I could try the hospital? Lantern said they had jobs going in the salt lick. I could do A-levels. I dunno," she rambled, "What do you think?"

"So where did you meet this Doctor?" Gear asked, surprising Roseluck.

"Oh, I'm sorry, wasn't I talking about me for a moment?"

"Because I reckon it started back at the shop," Gear continued, oblivious to Roseluck's reply, "Am I right? Was he something to do with that?"


"Come on."

"Sort of…"

"What was he doing there?"

"I'm not going on about it Gear, really I'm not because, I know it sounds daft, but I don't think it's safe. I think he's dangerous," Roseluck said.

"But you can trust me sweetheart. Babe," his voice began changing, it sound sort of like a broken record, "sugar, babe. You can tell me anything. Tell me about the Doctor and what he's planning and I can help you Roseluck. Because that's all I really want to do," then his voice did the funky broken record thing.

"What're you doing that for?" asked Roseluck.

"Your champagne." A waiter said holding the bottle towards Gear.

"We didn't order any champagne," Gear growled, "Where's the Doctor?"

"Madam, your champagne."

"It's not ours. Gear what is it? What's wrong?" Roseluck was worried about her boyfriend's sanity, because something was definitely wrong.

"I need to find out how much you know, where is he?" Gear demanded.

"Doesn't anybody want this champagne?"

"Look we didn't-" Gear glanced up at the waiter, "Ah, gotcha." Roseluck looked at the waiter too, and gasped. It was the Doctor, and he was shaking the champagne bottle wildly.

"Don't mind me, just toasting the happy couple," he aimed the cork at Gear, "On the house!" POP! The cork flew into Gear's head, literally, into his head. Gear's face sort of, blorbed out of focus then went back to normal. Then he spit out the cork.

"Anyway," Gear leapt into the air, hovered, and his hooves became giant hammers. Roseluck jumped out of her chair and away from the table just as Plastic-Gear smashed it. The Doctor jumped up and grabbed Gear's head. It popped off.

"Don't think that's gonna stop me," it said as the body continued to fly around smashing things. Roseluck pulled the fire alarm switch, "Everypony out! Out now! Get out, get out, get out!" The Doctor took off, Roseluck followed him. They ran through the kitchen where terrified ponies were scrambling to get out. The headless-plastic-pony kept coming, destroying anything in its way.

They ran through the storage area and out the back door, which was metal. Roseluck ran to the gate, it was padlocked. The Doctor walked over the the blue police box in the opposite direction.

"Open the gate!" she cried beginning to panic, "Use that tube thingy."

"It's a sonic screwdriver," the Doctor said, fishing a key out of his pockets. Loud bangs told Roseluck that the plastic thing was trying to break through.

"Use it!" Roseluck cried trying to push the gates open.

"Nah, tell you what, let's go in here." The Doctor unlocked the box and went inside.

"You can't hide inside a wooden box. It's going to get us! Doctor!" She ran into the box, stopped halfway in, and went back outside. She walked all the way around the wooden box, she felt the sides making sure they were solid, and real. Crash! The plastic monster had gotten through the door. Roseluck made up her mind and ran in.

Inside the box, it was huge. Like someone had crammed a cathedral into the tiny wooden box. The room was fairly open, except for the odd twisting spires around the room. A large glowing console sat at the center of the room with a large column going from it to the ceiling. The walls were slightly curved and had little hexagonal pockets in them.

"It's going to follow us!" Roseluck cried closing the door.

"The entire Equestrian army couldn't get through there, and believe me, they've tried. Now shut up a minute." The Doctor was standing by the console thingy hooking a bunch of wires to Gear's plastic head.

"You see, the arm was too simple, but the head's perfect! I can use it to trace the signal to the original source," he glanced up from his work and over at Roseluck, she was staring around with wide eyes. The Doctor stepped away from the console and walked to the edge of the platform.

"Right, where do you want to start?" he asked.

"Um, it's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside?"


"It's magic?"

"Nope, alien."

"Are you alien?"

"Yes, is that alright?"


"It's called the Tardis, this thing. T-A-R-D-I-S. That's Time And Relative Dimensions In Space." Roseluck was definitely in shock now, (I wonder if you can get compensation for walking into a dimensional altered box?) her boyfriend was made of plastic, she was talking to an alien, and… and… Roseluck couldn't take it anymore! She started to cry.

"That's okay," the Doctor said, "Culture shock. Happens to the best of us."

"Did they kill him?" Rosleuck asked, "Did they kill Gear? Is he dead?"

"Oh, didn't think of that."

"He's my boyfriend! You pulled his head off! They copied him and you didn't even think? And now you're just going to let him melt?"

"What?" Indeed, the plastic pony head was starting to bubble and turn into a blob of green plastic.

"Oh no no no no no no no!" The Doctor yelled running back over to the controls. He began pressing buttons, flipping switches, and pulling levers rapidly.

"What're you doing?" Roseluck asked as the Tardis began to rock.

"Following the signal. It's fading. Wait a minute, I've got it," he checked the screen, "No no no no no no! Almost there. Here we go!" He ran from the controls and out the door.

"You can't go out there! It's not safe!" She ran out after him, expecting to see plastic Gear waiting out there. Instead see saw the river Thames, bright light of the city glinting off the surface. They were on a bridge across the from the Hoofdon Eye that rested on the south bank.

"I lost the signal," the Doctor was grumbling, "I got so close."

"We've moved," Roseluck said in awe, "Does it fly?"

"Disappears here and reappears there, you wouldn't understand." He replied turning around in circles looking around.

"If we're somewhere else, what about that headless thing? It's still on the loose!"

"It melted with the head. Are you going to witter on all night?"

"I'll have to tell his mother," Roseluck sighed, she got a quizzical look from the Doctor.

"Gear? I'll have to tell his mother that he's dead, and you just went and forgot him again! You were right you are alien."

"Look, if I did forget some kid called Gear-"

"He's not a kid."

"It's because I'm trying to save every stupid pony blundering about on top of this planet alright?"

"All right."

"Yes, it is!"

"Wait, if you are an alien, then why do you sound like you're from the north?"

"Lots of planets have a north." Roseluck still had questions.

"What's a police public call box?" she asked pointing at the Tardis.

"It's a telephone box from another planet, it's a disguise," he patted the Tardis affectionately.

"Okay then… um, and this living plastic. What's it got against us?"

"Nothing, it loves you. You've got such a good planet. Lots of smoke and oil, plenty of… stuff in the air, perfect. Just what the Nestene Consciousness needs. It's food stock was destroyed in the war, all it's protein plants rotted so, Gaia, dinner!"

"Any way of stopping it?" The Doctor pulled a small bottle of blue liquid out of his jacket, "Anti-Plastic."


"Anit-Plastic!" he cried excitedly, "But first I've got to find it. How can you hide something that big in a city this small?"

"Hold on, hide what?"

"The transmitter. The Consciousness is controlling every piece of plastic, so it needs a transmitter to boost the signal."

"Well, what's it look like?"

"Like a transmitter! Round and massive, slap bang in the middle of Hoofdon! Huge, circular, like a wheel. Radial, close to where we're standing. Must be completely invisible." Roseluck leaned a little to the left and looked around the Doctor. He happened to be standing in front of the largest Ferris wheel in Equestria. The Hoofdon Eye. He turned around and looked at it, then back at Roseluck, "What?"

She nodded at the wheel.


She nodded again.

"What? What is it?" Then the Doctor figured it out, "Oh. Fantastic!" He took off running, Roseluck ran after him, both of them were headed for the Eye.

"Think of it, plastic all over the world coming to life. Every plastic object waiting to live. Window dummies, the phones, the wires, cables,"

"Children's toys."

"Still, we've found the transmitter. The Consciousness must be somewhere underneath." Roseluck looked over the bridge's railing to a platform below. There was a metal door closed next to a bunch of odd machines.

"What about down here?" she asked pointing at the small metal hatch.

"Looks good to me." They found a staircase and ran down, the Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and pressed the button. The hatch popped open, red light glowed inside. He dropped down onto the ladder and started to descend, Roseluck followed shortly after.

The hatch led to a small brick room with lots of chains and stuff, the red light was coming from an open door connecting to another chamber. They walked into the room, in the middle sat a large vat of moving glowing hot plastic.

"The Nestene Consciousness. That's it, inside the vat. A living plastic creature," The Doctor said staring at the pile of goo.

"Well, then tip in your anti-plastic and let's go," Roseluck said.

"I'm not here to kill it, I've got to give it a chance," The Doctor said, he walked onto a nearby catwalk that hung over the vat.

"I seek audience with the Nestene Consciousness under peaceful contract of convention fifteen of the Shadow Proclamation." The stuff in the vat moved.

"Thank you, If I might have permission to approach?" Roseluck looked around the chamber, she spotted Gear on a lower level

"Oh Celestia thank you! Gear!" she cried running down the steps towards him, "Gear! It's me!" The Doctor face hoofed, ponies, they're in a chamber with a vat of living plastic and all they care about is each other.

"That thing down there, the liquid. Roseluck, it can talk!" Roseluck just hugged the scared stiff Pegasus.

"Oi!" the Doctor called, "Could you keep the domestics outside, thank you?" He turned his focus back to the plastic. "Am I addressing the Consciousness? Thank you. If I might observe, you infiltrated this civilization by means of warp shunt technology. So, may I suggest, with the greatest respect, that you shunt off?" A sort of face formed in the liquid, but it didn't really look like a pony.

"Oh don't give me that," the Doctor scolded the Consciousness, "It's an invasion, plain and simple. Don't talk about constitutional rights. I AM TALKING! This planet is just starting, these ponies have only just learnt how to walk, but they're capable of so much more. I'm asking you on their behalf. Please, just go."

"Doctor!" Roseluck cried. He whipped around and saw a pair of shop dummies, but they had already put him in a headlock and stolen the anti-plastic before he could do anything. The vat's contents roared with anger.

"That was just insurance. I wasn't going to use it. I'm not attacking you, I'm here to help! I'm not the enemy I swear!" he protested, "I'm not! What? What do you mean?" there was a loud grinding noise as part of the wall near Roseluck opened up to reveal the Tardis.

"No, oh no! Honestly no! Yes that's my ship. That's not true! I should know, I was there! I fought in the war, it wasn't my fault! I couldn't save your world I couldn't save any of them!"

"What's it doing?" called Roseluck slightly panicked.

"It's the Tardis! The Nestene's identified its superior technology. It's terrified. It's going to the final phase! Roseluck get out!" But Roseluck stayed where she was, unsure of what to do. Her mother could be in trouble, the whole world could be dying at the hand of plastic ponies. Was there anything one mare could do?

Energy shocks began blasting through the ceiling, plastic Armageddon had begun.

"Get out Roseluck!" the Doctor kept saying.

"The stairs are gone!" she yelled back as the metal staircase collapsed. She and Gear ran to the Tardis, it was locked.

"I don't have the key!"

"We're going to die!" Gear moaned. The plastic in the vast rippled with energy.

"No!" the Doctor cried. Then the Nestene spoke, "Time Pony." It said. Roseluck looked once more at the struggle below, and made up her mind. She ran away from the Tardis and around the chamber.

"Just leave him!" Gear cried, "You can't do anything." Roseluck stopped in front of a large chain. She turned around and bucked at the connection that held it in.

"I've got no A levels," kick, "No job," kick, "No future," snap! The chain was loose.

"But I'll tell you what I have got. Cherry Street Junior School under seven's gymnastics. I got the bronze." Roseluck grabbed the chain and jumped. She swung over the vat towards the Doctor and the plastic ponies. The Doctor ducked just as Roseluck passed, she knocked over both plastic imposters and sent the anti-plastic into the vat. The Nestene went from yellow and gold to red and green.

The signals stopped and the dummies froze. Roseluck leapt off the chain and landed by the Doctor. They ran for the Tardis, all three of them climbed in before the Nestene exploded.

The Tardis materialized not far from the restaurant where Plastic-Gear had run wild. The real Gear leaped out of the Tardis and ran twenty feet before hiding behind a trashcan. Roseluck stepped out of the Tardis too, followed by The Doctor.

"Fat lot of good you were," she said to him.

"Nestene Consciousness? Easy." The Doctor replied smugly.

"You were useless in there!" Roseluck said, "If it weren't for me, you'd be dead."

"Yes I would, thank you." He stepped back into the Tardis's doorway, "Right then, I'll be off, unless, er, I don't know, you could come with me. This box isn't just a Hoofdon hopper you know. It goes anywhere in the universe free of charge."

"Don't do it Roseluck!" Gear cried, "He's an alien! He's a thing!"

"And he's not invited," the Doctor said, "You could stay here, fill your life with work food and sleep, or you could go anywhere."

"Is it always this dangerous?" asked Roseluck.


"Yeah, I can't. I've er, I've got to go find my mum and someone's got to look after that stupid lump," Roseluck sighed.

"Okay, see you 'round." He walked into the Tardis and the door closed. Vrrrm, vrrrm, slowly, the Tardis vanished.

"Come one Gear, let's go," Roseluck said walking away. VRRRM VRRRM, Roseluck spun around, the Tardis had rematerialized. The Doctor opened the door and looked out, "By the way, did I mention it's also a time machine?" Roseluck smiled, then turned around and gave Gear a quick kiss.

"Thanks," she said.

"Thanks for what?"

"Exactly." Roseluck turned around and ran towards the open doors of the Tardis, let the adventure begin.

To Be Continued in "The End Of The World"

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