the Hunger Games

Peeta's Perspective: Chapter One

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Today is the beginning of a day that I have dreaded for weeks. Today is the reaping for the 74th annual Hunger Games, and thankfully, I have yet to be chosen. My name will only be in the bowl four times because my family does not need tesserae. My father and mother are the owners of the towns bakery so we always eat the leftovers for that day. I stretch in my undersized bed that has long since been too small and sit up to face the day. I can hear my brothers in the room over arguing about something, probably a girl. Who knows what it could be this time. Both of my brothers are older than me, one a year older and the other three. He is lucky, not having to face the reaping this year. He never got picked. I have always worried about this, but not to the extent of other, starving families, like Katniss'. 'Katniss.' Her name is like a melody of feelings and emotions on my lips. She is the most beautiful, most confident person that I have ever met. And that's the thing. She doesn't care about what person think about her. She is herself, her stable, self-dependent, strong, self. I could think about her all-day and I would be perfectly alright, but now it is time to get ready. I got to sleep in today, so I am a bit behind. I bathe in our small, well-used bathtub and dry off. I sift through my closet to the back where my good clothes are stored, waiting for the time to be used. I settle for a simple white button down shirt and brown pants. Yeah, it sounds simple but it's all I got. I eat a small breakfast of stale bread and almost-spoiled milk, and then sit until it is time to go to the Square, basically outside the door. I have heard them set everything up for today for the last couple days. I finally get up and walk out the door, to impatient for this day to be over with to sit still any longer. I am one of the first to sign in at the station and stand at my place, talking to some of my friends from the school. As more and more kids sign in, it gets more and more claustrophobic. Eventually, the flow of sign-ins stops and I know the horror is about to beginning. Effie Trinket, our districts' escort walks onto stage and begins to announce the Reaping. "Happy Hunger Games! And.. May the odds be ever in your favor!" Effie's happiness is repulsive to all of us here in District 12, but we handle it each and every year. "Ladies first!" I always feel bad for the tributes, because they are forced into celebrating such a horrid event. Effie pulls a slip out of the girls bowl very dramatically and walks back to the podium. "Ahem. Primrose Everdeen!" Katniss's sister... "Where are you dear? Come on up." I see the horror on Prim's face as she tucks the back of her shirt into her skirt, both much too big. And my eyes find Katniss, frozen in horror. I freeze. I know what Katniss is going to do. "I VOLUNTEER!" I hear her scream. I knew it. My lovely Katniss, going to the Hunger Games. "I volunteer as tribute." Prim screams for Katniss not to go, and Gale comes and carries Prim to Mrs. Everdeen. "Well, it seems District 12 has it's very first volunteer. What is your name darling?" "Katniss. Katniss Everdeen." I cannot believe my Katniss, going into the Hunger Games. I miss everything until I see Effie is already back at the podium. "Peeta Mellark." I don't respond right away, but when I do, I do my best to suppress a smile. I will die, yes, but I will go with my Katniss. I make it my personally goal to get her, to get my love and Prim's only sister, Katniss, home alive.