Peeta's Point-of-View: The 74th Annual Hunger Games

Chapter 2

As I walk up to the stage, the smile that I tried to suppress is long gone. In its place, sheer terror has come. I stand on the stage as Effie Trinket asks if there are any volunteers. As I look at my only valid brother. I know what will happen, but I don't care. He is the only one that I told about Katniss and he will not get involved. Katniss' face has gone cold, but has a distant look in her eyes. Perhaps she is remembering that day so long ago… It was January, the coldest one that anyone can ever remember. As Katniss and Prim would come to school, I noticed that they were getting thinner and thinner, like they weren't eating. I wondered and wondered, when finally I decided that I had to do something or they would both die. But what could I do? If I hoarded my food and gave it to her.. no that would take too long. I found my answer on a cold, dreary day. The rain was persistent, never letting up with its icy drops. I don't know what Katniss what doing, but she stumbled up our lane and just stared out at our shop. She was starving, I could tell because she started rummaging through our trash bin, only to find it bare. All of the sudden, my mother screamed at me to finish the bread she had started in the oven, and started mumbling about those Seam brats scrounging around in her trash day and night. Mother screamed at Katniss to go away, but I wanted her to stay so that I could help her. I knew then what I had to do. Mother came back in and told me to take the bread out, just the two loaves in the front. And as I picked them up, I dropped them in the flames, because I knew Katniss wouldn't care. Mother watched the whole thing, screamed at me and hit me. She told me to go feed it to the pig, that no one in the right mind would eat burned bread. But the pig never got the bread. As I walked outside into the rain, someone customer walked I, so my mother when to deal with them. I could never thank that person enough for coming to buy bread in this storm. I went to through the bread at the pig but, without looking at her, I threw Katniss both loaves, and turned, and went back inside. MY eye blackened during the night and hurt really bad. My friends didn't ask and I didn't say. I didn't talk, or even look at Katniss all day, but as school let out, I just stared at her. I guess she felt me staring but she looked away when I did, both of us embarrassed. I looked up in time to see her pick a dandelion. I've always wondered what that stood for in her head. I came to right before it was time for us to shake hands, and I looked her in the eye, and squeezed her hand. A truce, no, a symbol that I will not fight against her.