A small, ravenette trembled, her bare feet sliding a bit to keep the flesh from freezing to the surface of the ice. "Daddy," She whimpered, her eyes widened drastically.
A skinny, pale boy, only a teenager, darted out onto the ice instantly, yelling out in frustration as the ice broke and her body half sunk. "Daddy-!"
"Kagome!" Jack grabbed her small form from the water, flying them into a snowbank, where he grabbed her close, hushing her softly with quiet promises of "No more, Snowflake, alright? No more, no more, I promise. Shhh..."
"I was so scared, Daddy, I was so scared!" Large wails escaped the immortal child's mouth in heaving gasps, and she shuddered in fright. "It was so-so-"
"Shh, Snowflake, I've got you. You're alright, I promise."
"You've got to believe in me. Would I ever trick you?"
The commonly used phrase recieved a watery giggle, and the child managed to smile. "Not on purpose," She whispered quietly, settling into the crook of his neck. The words, unintentionally vicious, had Jack clutching tightly to his Kagome, his Snowflake, his daughter. Realizing her words, Kagome's eyes looked panicked, and she pushed Jack away to look at him worridly. "Oh, Daddy, I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it!"
It was his turn to laugh weakly, and he carried her back to the cave they'd created together. "It's fine, 'kay? It's fine."
"Promise," replied the frost spirit, wisely not repeating the earlier phrase. "Now to bed with you, alright? I've got to pick up a present or two for a special little snowflake."
Would I ever trick you?

Why did those words haunt him so much?