Sensory overload.
Kagome blinked at the heavy smell of hot chocolate and cinnamon. She shivered at the types of heat radiating from everyone and everything, from the soothing touches she tentatively let Tooth give her hair, not yet willing to admit she loved her, or the soft way the fairy braided her hair and stroked through the strands. She smiled nervously at Aster, only allowing him near her father and herself because of the way he'd been moping after apologizing profusely, and tensed whenever North looked sadly at her dolly, which she clutched tightly. And Kagome nearly fainted when all of these senses hit her at once, straining her senses and causing her bundle of nerves to become even more frazzled at the edges.
Sensory overload.
Her face grew sweaty and her limbs trembled in protest as she tried to stay calm. The word in her head kept bouncing around, and her lips tightened to not let it out.
"What're you thinking about, Sweet Tooth?" Tooth asked gently, softly so as to not startle the little girl.
A nick name.
An endearment.
"Home!" Kagome blurted without thinking, causing everyone but her father to startle. "Um...I...I just..." Oh, god. Everything had to be so difficult with her, didn't it? So awkward. "It's just that Daddy and I...we travel a lot, and..." She trailed off. "It's stupid," She mumbled ashamedly, embarrassed beyond belief, "Just forget it."
North walked over to the tiny child, leaned down, and said in the most serious tone he could muster through heartbreak, "There will always be a home for you here."
"You're, uh...You're always welcome at tha Warren. But keep Frostbite from freezing everything, alright?" Bunny scratched his nose.
Tooth squeezed the little girl from behind, saying, "There'll always be a place for you two."
The little girl leaned in on herself, allowing one or two tear drops to fall down her face. "It's really hard." Kagome mumbled, not meeting anyone's eyes.
"What is?" Bunny asked softly.
"Before Daddy was told he was Jack Frost, he didn't remember anything. Anything at all, and I don't either, all I have is images and emotions!" Her eyes ranged wildly from each adult in view but not stopping on a single figure. A flurry of cold wind flew by anyone as Jack nearly dove to his child, wrapping her in his arms. Tiny fists gripped the material. "I see faces of people I loved, people who loved me, people who I was enemies with-but I get no names! I was someone's sister, I had brothers and sisters who weren't related to me! I see my mom's face and all I feel is fear, because I don't remember what she did but she hurt me! She hurt me and hurt me and I wish I could remember at least that because it's something. I used to be human!" Her eyes looked up to Jack's, desperate and pain filled. Jack's blue eyes were shiny with tears. "I see faces, Daddy, and I don't understand-I loved these people! So why-?"
Tooth wrapped her arms around the pitiful pair of spirits, soon followed by Sandy, Bunnymund, then North.
"We never got closure," She choked out. "Daddy 'n' I, I mean. We-we never...why is Manny so mean?"
Jack just squeezed tighter, and watched as Tooth's feathers slowly fell, determination building up slowly.
"I don't know, Snowflake," He said softly, "But if we defeat Pitch, we help Tooth, and we get our memories back soon."
"Easter can wait until tommorow," Bunnymund intoned wisely, and everyone sagged in relief. "Let's just get some sleep."
Sandy took care of that.
Aster's eyes drifted closed, his last thought before the days of Pookah being, 'I...meant when we go to our own beds...Sandy..gumby...'