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Chapter 4: Entering the Academy.

Going through a teleportation warp gate was something Johnny ever experienced. Since he never went through a warp gate back home, he felt jumpy at the entrance. There was a tickling feeling that failed to go away, almost like how someone's ear is blocked when they fly on a plane for the first time. Though the experience was brief, Johnny felt incredible.

Just as he disappeared, he reappeared in a different environment. He stood in a warp gate stand, similar to the one a player uses to entire a fusion lair, though this one didn't serve that purpose. He looked around his surrounding and was surprise to find himself in Fusionfall Academy. When he played the game, the area served as a training ground and Johnny knew it.

"Wow, I'm in the Academy." Johnny said with star struck eyes. He could see cadets marching nearby, being led by a senior officer. Everywhere he looked; it resembles almost a military camp, except it was for kids.

"Yeah, it is." Zak Saturday appeared right behind him, "I haven't been here in a while."

Johnny smiled and turned to him, "Where's Numbuh Five? She's suppose to be here with us."

"She got a head start by heading to Ben's office. Now come let's head there." Zak replied and began to leave.

Johnny only shrugged, knowing best to follow. He trusted Zak, though not in a best friend level. Feeling like a stranger made trust difficult to give. There was his home to think about along with his family. But until then, Johnny decided to go with things, maybe he might find a way home.

Zak and Johnny continued walking, passing different bases and cadets. A few stared at them, mostly giggling at the two. Johnny could see a few good looking girl, but he wasn't the one to flirt with them. Zak, however, was different from Johnny. The young Saturday would give a smile at a girl once in a while, but Johnny could tell he was doing it for fun.

Later, they arrived at a basic looking house. It resembles that of a suburban house, not even resembling anything like the academy.

"So this is where Ben lives?" Johnny asked, looking at the building. Obviously, it surprised him that such a normal looking house was in the academy.

"Yeah, but don't be fooled. There's a secret underground base that Ben uses." Zak replied. The two glance at the front a final time before Zak turned the knob and they went inside.

Once Zak and Johnny entered, they came to the appearance of a normal looking room. However, the room looked expensive. It had a flat screen television, an expensive wooden styled table and other stuff. Johnny was surprise about it, but shook it off. The two could hear voices, one of them belonging to Numbuh Five. They went to the direction of the voice and came to the door of Ben's office.

The door didn't have a knob, but Zak knew another way, "Presence 10 SP." He said to the door. No sooner, a beep was heard and the door slides open to the right, allowing the boys to enter.

The two boys came to the appearance of a normal looking office. There was even a table with Ben sitting on it. Along with him, Numbuh Five stood in front of him. They had their eyes on Zak and Johnny, having heard the door open.

Numbuh Five smiled humbly as she turned from Ben and to Johnny, "And here he is. Just as Numbuh Five said."

Ben resembled his Omniverse version, which kind of odd to Johnny. The last time he saw him, as a game character, he looked like his Alien Force/Ultimate Alien version. The teen superhero got up his seat with a smirk mainly at Johnny, "Agent Bannon, it's nice to see you again. Anyway, I got the message Dexter sent and I agree that you should stay here and train."

"Oh right." Johnny sighed sadly, "And I'm guessing you'll leave me here."

"Yeah, dude. But it isn't forever." Zak patted his on the back softly, "Besides, I'll come and visit when I get the chance."

Johnny looked back at him and grew back a smile, "Thanks."

****************************************************(LINE BREAK)*********************************************

After saying goodbye, Zak and Numbuh five left immediately, leaving Johnny to Ben's care. Johnny was sad about their leaving, though he tried to hide it. His expression didn't escape Ben who gave a warmly smile, "Don't worry, kid, I'll be here for you if you need me. How about we take a short stroll."

"Yeah, sure." Johnny shrugged, showing no interest.

Ben decided to let Johnny's behavior go, since he knew he was feeling lost. Ben never knew the feeling, but has come close to them. Johnny had a strange illusion and it was Ben's job to help him recover, that was according to Dexter's order. Ben was close friends with the boy genius and knew Dexter couldn't be wrong, despite a few times he was.

So, the two began to stroll with each, heading to Johnny's stay. It was a silent walk with no one speaking. The problem was that none of them could think of something to say. Johnny wasn't sure what to do. Now that he was in Fusionfall Academy, he was meant to train. But the question was after that what will happen to him? Will he be able to head home or note?

Ben noticed Johnny getting depressed and thought of something to say, "So, Johnny Dexter mentioned you might have a delusion about something, care to explain?"

"You wouldn't believe." Johnny replied in a low voice.

"Try me." Ben gave his usual smirk.

"Alright." Johnny shrugged and began to explain, "I'm not exactly from here, but from another universe. Back there, you and every hero are from different cartoon shows in an entertainment network called Cartoonnetwork. The network created an online world game called Fusion which stared you and everyone against Fuse and his fusion army."

"Wow that does sound unbelievable. Go on."

Johnny gave an unsure look, but continued, "So one day I was playing as my character Agent Bannon Clawson when something strange began to happen. The fusion acted weird and before I know it my character flies to the screen. That was the last thing I remember before I woke up in this world." Once he finished, he frowned, "You don't believe me, do you."

"Sorry." Ben smiled sheepishly.

"It's okay." Johnny sighed, turning away, "I wouldn't believe me either if I were you."

"I didn't say it wasn't possible." Ben said confidently, "I've gone through a lot of weird things so don't cut yourself short, kid. Dexter has been wrong a few times and I'll try and help you out."

Johnny faced the hero with a beaming face. For once somebody, other than the girl he met in DexLabs, believed him. "Really? Thanks, Ben Tennyson. So how are we going to get me home?"

"I'm not sure. I didn't say I believe you, but I'm willing to give your story a benefit of a doubt." Ben then placed his hand on Johnny's shoulder, giving him a look of confidence, "Trust me I'll help you, but we should keep this a secret between us. Is there anyone that knows?"

"Well there's this girl called TigerLeah."

"Good. By the meantime we should stay quiet about this. Agreed?"

"Agreed." Johnny nodded.

****************************************************(LINE BREAK)*********************************************************

Ben and Johnny talked some more while they made their way to Johnny's room. They brought up different conversation and soon found some trust in each other. Johnny never dreamed that he would be talking with Ben 10 in real life. It didn't feel like a dream encounter, with everything he went through. The teen knew better to be careful since he was in the universe.

"Well here's your room." Ben said. Him and Johnny stood before a metal door as it opened, revealing a normal room. It had a bunk bed and a few posters of different heroes on the wall.

Johnny stepped inside, taking a glance around. It looked good to live in, but with all the belongings he knew it wasn't his own room alone. With that in mind, he turned back to Ben, "This isn't only my room, is it? Someone stays here."

"Yeah, I just thought you should have someone to live with. Don't worry the kid is alright, though he is a bit clumsy once in a while. Besides, he's a great kid and I'm sure you'll get to know him better, especially the fact he has wings to fly."

"Wings?" Johnny stared at Ben shocked, "What do you mean."

"You'll find out soon." Ben snickered at his expression, "Now go to sleep, tomorrow you'll meet your roommate." Before Johnny could say a word, Ben closed the door and walked away, chuckling at Johnny's shock expression. He didn't have to worry much, knowing that Johnny and his new roommate will get to know each other.

Meanwhile, Johnny felt startled by everything. After going through everything, it just felt too much as a burden on him. The teen decided to shrug it off and check the room, since he would be living in it with someone. So far it had a clean toilet and a laundry machine. The place didn't have a TV which didn't surprise Johnny in any way. He went back to the bunk beds, feeling tired from everything that has happened. With all the mystery and strange encounters, he felt like going to sleep, despite he didn't know the time.

Johnny walked to his bed and slump on it, immediately falling asleep. A neutral look came on his face, which had the mix of happiness and sadness.

*******************************************************(LINE BREAK)****************************************************

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