Second Thoughts and a VERY Ticked Beast


I pretty much forced myself to sit down and write a chapter. However, in my defense;

I've had writers block

My computer died. When it literally started smoking, I knew it was time to get a new one, and that took some time.

When I finally got my new computer I, in just a few weeks in, got a pretty bad virus. Listen up folks, if something pops up on your screen called 'GEEKbuddy' saying that your computer is going to crash; IT IS A SCAM! DO NOT PRESS 'FIX NOW' OR YOU WILL DOWN LOAD THE VIRUS!

Ahem. Now, onto the fic.

I'm not sure how good this is…



Bobby had never been a fan of teleporting.

He had done it a few times (as a passenger, of course) but his stomach had never quite gotten the hang of it. So when the three (3) of them suddenly appeared in the warehouse/hideout/prison, the 'Great Ice Man' promptly fell to his knees and vomited…right infront of a VERY startled Cerise.



The daughter of Raven Darkholm (alias Mystique) wasn't exactly sure WHAT to think when the trio of a man who looked like the Grimm Reaper (minus the scythe) a very scary hag who looked as if she had come right out of a 'Tales from the Crypt' episode, and her own crush appeared out of nowhere.


Then Bobby fell to his knees puking and she definitely knew what to think; `…..Ew…..`


"Ah, my dear," the black-robed man said, stepping forward smoothly and completely ignoring Bobby who was now dry-heaving on the ground. "I see you have my serum."

Cerise had been turning the blue vial over and over in her hands, thinking and, at the same time, trying so hard NOT to think. Thinking about Bobby and the life they would have together, (rosy, dreamy thoughts in pastel pigments of a daydream) but also thinking about Lewis Evans and his daughter away at Sara Lawrence college who probably didn't even know where her father was (darker thoughts, these were; grey tinged with black). Thinking about this strange Thanatos who wanted the infinity serum and who was, as Bobby had told her, their ticket to a new, wonderful life together.


But, seeing this black-robed man in person stirred something in her. For the first time some of her mothers cunning and survival instinct rose in her and she thought; `If this man gets the serum, he's going to kill me…`

Running with the serum was a bad option; it would only make him give chase, but if she ditched the serum…..


"You want it?" Suddenly bold, Cerise held the serum high. "Here, CATCH!" She threw the vial in the opposite direction of Thanatos and ran.




…..Ororo turned just in time to see her husband barreling down the aisle on all fours, scaring shoppers into hysterics.

Her jaw dropped.



Hank McCoy, who prided himself on his ability to reason and his capabilities of logic, despite his feral nature, how gone almost completely animal.

All he could feel was fear; fear that his mate would be harmed and he wouldn't be there to protect her.

Higher reasoning was eliminated. Only one train of thought was going through his mind; `Get to the mate. Protect the mate. Return her to the pack.`


The sight of her standing in the aisle, her tall, svelte mocha form with that cloud of white hair, her shell-pink lips parted in shock and SAFE helped him put the breaks on his charge. With a grace and flexibility that only his mutated form gave him, Hank managed to slide right up to his mate and take her smoothly into his arms before stopping.


"Hank! What on Earth!"


The blue-furred scientist gave a slight warning growl and buried his face into his mates neck, breathing in her scent of rain-water and white gardenias and the scent, barely there, of their cub nestled warm in her womb.


Shoppers were still running around screaming. Several had pulled out their phones and were, no doubt, dialing the police.

Ororo bit her lower lip. This was not good.


"Hank?" she spoke softly, running a hand through her mates soft, blue fur. "Hank, darling, we need to get out of here. You've caused quite a commotion." Getting into just what had been in his head to get him to act like this would have to come later. Perhaps back at the mansion with some tea; then she would DEFINITELY chew him out for causing such a panic. They were supposed to culture human/mutant friendship, not scare everyone to death!


But her normally loving, conversational mate said nothing for the moment, simply picking her up and cradling her protectively in his arms before bounding off.





Well, they had made it so far.


The twenty-year old brunette chewed on her lower lip anxious, clutching her plane ticket in her hand and feeling as though her mate was about to jump out of nowhere from the crowd, roaring and whisking her back to the mansion before she could even properly THINK! The sheer number of people there wasn't exactly helping either, and neither was the bump on her head.


For once, she actually wished for her former-captors purr, it would be nice not to feel so …….high-strung, like a simple poke would shatter her into a million pieces.


"It's almost our time to board, Cat." Bunny said soothingly, putting an arm on her hand.


That was good. She had a feeling that, once on the plane, she would be able to think better. Able to plan.

This was the right thing…..Wasn't it?


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SVELTE: slender, especially gracefully slender in figure; lithe

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