A Little Wave, A Big Change

In a normal tidy street of Privet Drive; in a quiet normal house called number four; in the smallest of the four normal bedrooms; there were a series of noises.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

'Well this is fun' Harry mumbled to himself, tossing the little red ball he'd swiped from his cousin's room.

Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

'Happy early Birthday to me…'


'All I wants a family…'


'To love me for Harry…'


'Just Harry. Just me'.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

'Yeah… No one around who does that'.

The ball went lopsided and rolled out his reach. He watched it lazily.

'Well… Maybe Sirius. He seemed happy enough to see just Harry'.

Harry smiled. Pity Sirius couldn't come back to Privet Drive. Not that his relatives knew that. Only words they processed were mass murderer escaped and Godfather.

He glanced towards the yet again barred window of his little prison. Making threats about a killer on the loose didn't stop his Uncle taking away most of the room's assets and using them as kindling. Not Dudley's broken toys, they went into the attic. Harry had precisely two things left, three if you counted Hedwig's cage. His lovely broken bed, legs aside, and his lovely broken chest of drawers, missing three drawers. Not that it mattered. His lovely old tatty clothes all fitted into the remaining two. And his trunk with everything else was downstairs, in the cupboard, as normal. At least his relatives allowed Hedwig to go out and hunt this summer.

Harry started to sing the Birthday song again. He didn't know why. It was a week and a half until his special day

He looked back to the ball. Not like there was much else to do. He pondered for a moment as he tried to remember the spell.

'Accio red ball'.

He waved his hands dramatically, and of course nothing happened.

Harry grinned a bit.

'Accio red ball!' he called.

Idly he copied the wand movements with his finger.

'Accio red ball!'

Harry snorted and sat up.

'Accio red ball! Red ball come to me! Here ball, come here ball! I command thee red ball come to me!'

His relatives would kill him if they saw him. Good thing they were out for the day. Giggling he squinted his eyes and waved his hand, staring intently at the little red sphere.

'Accio red ball' he whispered with a giggle.

The giggle became a squeak when the ball flew into his hand. Harry dropped the thing like it was hot coal. Pressing his lips together he crouched and stared at it. He sat back up and looked thoughtfully as his hand.

'Accio red ball?'

It twitched.

Harry held his breath.

'Accio red ball!'

And again it jumped into his hand. He stared at it in wonder, falling back to his original position against the wall. Robotically he started throwing it again.


Was that wandless magic?!


I thought that was hard to do!


Oh crap I'm gonna get in trouble!

The ball lay forgotten as he scrambled to the window fearfully. After five minutes he started to breath easier. After ten minutes he relaxed. After twenty minutes he began to smirk. Harry looked back to the ball. What was it Hermione said?

It's all about intent.

She of course meant along with using the wand, but this was much better.

Harry struck his hand out and focused.

'Accio red ball!'

It flew to him. Harry laughed, this was much easier than using his wand. Tossing the ball up and down he looked at the door. He wondered if he could do other things.

Unlocking doors for example.

Focussing intently at the block of wood Harry concentrated.


He squeezed the ball in delight when the lock clicked and the door swung open. Harry smothered a giggle and stepped out. As he went downstairs a plan began to form. It wasn't long before he turned fourteen, he could manage by himself until school started. He'd need some money though.


The cupboard door clicked open and he dragged his trunk out. Bringing it into the kitchen he grabbed some string and rummaged around until he found his Gringotts key. He tied it securely round his neck and looked at the fridge. Well he was hungry.

Munching on a sandwich Harry ran back upstairs. He grabbed Hedwig's cage and his clothes. Running back down he stuffed the clothes into his trunk, looking thoughtfully at the cage. What was that spell again?


He giggled when it shrunk down and placed it in his trunk. His broom followed. After a moment the ball was tossed inside too. Harry crossed his arms and thought. Dudley didn't need the broken toys. Smiling Harry headed back upstairs and into the dusty attic. He found the boxes and rummaged through.

A gameboy colour with a few games, all cracked or with pieces missing. A stuffed bear, stuffing leaking out. A few children's books, pages torn out. Some toy cars, in pieces. An art set, most pencils snapped. Some action figures, mangled. And a little train, with tracks, practically smashed.


Harry watched gleefully as the broken toys mended themselves, broken parts flying from other boxes. He picked up the gameboy, slotted in a game and flicked it on. It needed batteries, but it worked. Harry made a quick summery. He needed sketchpads. It would be nice to have a couple more game cartridges as well. Nodding he took the things downstairs and found a place for them in his trunk. He also needed money if he wanted to get to the Leaky Cauldron. Digging around uncovered some galleons. That would do nicely for the Knight Bus. Taking out his wand he looked at his trunk. Maybe…


Smiling Harry placed the matchbox trunk in his pocket. This would make it a lot easier. He needed a disguise though. But he couldn't remember any spells for that. Maybe it could work without any spells. Harry went to the hall mirror and stared intently at himself. He closed his eyes and imagined. Blue eyes, brown tidy hair, no scar. He could see it clearly. He could see it better now that he'd opened his eyes. Harry rubbed his forhead, his scar was still there but he couldn't see it. Brilliant!

He spotted Hedwig as he headed outside.

'Hey girl. Think you could meet me in Diagon Alley? Try not to be seen'.

She hooted and flew off. She knew how to look after herself. And now her little Wizard was learning to do the same. Hedwig had lost count of the amount of times she wanted to attack the huge ugly human who harmed her Harry.

Fighting the urge to skip Harry walked away from number four Privet Drive. He walked until he reached the park, then stuck out his wand.