"We can do this all night, Turbo; just say it!" Ted said with a smirk.

"N-Never..." the red and white clad racer moaned.

Turbo and the twins were in their shared garage. The arcade had closed about an hour ago, and for Turbotime, there was reason for celebration; in Ted's mind anyway. After weeks of coming in second or third, Ted finally usurped Turbo from his first place reign. Ned had even beaten him to take second. Needless to say, Turbo wasn't pleased, especially since the only reason was because the player couldn't drive worth his salt.

Afterwards, Ted and Ned had pestered him, trying to get him to say they had bested him. He refused, which led to his current predicament. The twins had jumped him when he had his back turned, tied his arms behind him, and were now force feeding him pints of ice cream. It hadn't been that bad at first, he'd even laughed at them, but after an hour and half and two pints, he was feeling nauseated.

"Just say 'I'm a loser' and we stop." Ted said.

Turbo glowered at him, before smirking.

"You're a loser."

Ted rolled his eyes with a sigh, and jammed another spoonful of chocolate ice cream into his mouth. Turbo grunted a little, and he would've spat it out if Ned hadn't clamped a hand over his mouth, forcing him to swallow. Ted chuckled a little as he looked into the cup, and tossed it behind him where the other empty cups were.

"Welp, there went another pint; how ya feeling, Turb?"

"I hate you..."

Ted grinned, before getting to his feet.

"I'll be back with the pistachio!" he announced as he walked towards the makeshift kitchen area.

After watching him go, Turbo looked up at Ned almost pleadingly.

"Come on Ned, you're the nice one, I know he roped you into this! Just untie me!"

Ned merely smiled, and patted his head; his helmet had been knocked off in the earlier scuffle, revealing his short, disheveled black hair. Ted returned a few seconds later with another pint of ice cream in hand, and Turbo dropped his head back to the floor with a moan.

"Whatta you think Ted, should we let him go?"

"I dunno, is he ready to admit we were the better racers today?" Ted asked, crouching beside them.

"Ain't gonna-urp-say it!" Turbo muttered with a small burp.

"Come Turb, just say it. Otherwise you're just adding to that little belly of yours." Ted sighed, poking the racer's stomach. Turbo giggled and squirmed slightly, causing the twins to grin at each other mischievously. Ned poked it next, forcing another giggle from the lead racer.

"You know, I think it's already showing, what do you think Ted?"

Ted grinned and poked it again, followed by Ned, before both of them pounced, Ted continuing to attack his stomach, while Ned tickled his underarms. Turbo screeched before breaking into a fit of laughter, writhing in their grip.


The twins were laughing as well, keeping him pinned down while avoiding his flailing feet.

"Just say it!" Ted laughed.

Turbo continued laughing hysterically, twisting and squirming in hopes of escape, but his tied arms and the twins combined weight kept him down. Finally, after a few minutes had passed, he screeched out,


"You gotta say it!" Ted said.


The twins grinned, and ceased their ticklish onslaught. Ned undid the ropes around his arms, and Turbo's laughter slowly died down, before he turned onto his side with a moan, holding his stomach. Ted smiled softly, and placed a hand on his shoulder. Turbo cracked one eye open slightly, meeting his.

"You...you're gonna...p-pay..."

Ted snickered, patting his arm, before he and Ned picked Turbo up and carried him to his tire bed on their shoulders. They set him on it, and almost instantly he was out like a light. Ted snickered softly, while Ned rubbed his back.

"You know he's gonna kill us tomorrow, right?" Ned asked.

"Nah, he'll still be getting over the massive stomach ache we know is coming. At least the arcade will be closed tomorrow, otherwise, after driving five laps around the track, we'd be seeing that ice cream again."

Ned made a disgusted face, and Ted snickered.

"Well, we better get to bed. We'll definitely need to be out of here before he wakes up at least."

Ned nodded, and he followed his brother to their side of the garage.


Yeah, pretty much any story about Turbo and the twins will be pre-WIR, before Turbo went…Turbo. Anyway, this story was inspired by a pic I found online (don't ask where, I just googled them and it popped up on the page among hundreds of pics of the twins) and they were trying to make him say he was a loser. I decided to expand on that theory. ^^ R&R!