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Chapter 7: Our lives

Seven years later…

JJ shifted her weight and moved into the arms of her husband. It had only been four months since the wedding but she couldn't have been happier. Everything in her life had fallen into place. She didn't want anything to be different. She was truly happy this time.

''What are you thinking about?'' Hotch asked as he looked down at the blonde in his arms. He could feel the rhythm of her breathing calm down. ''You look happy.''

''That's because I am!'' she said happily as she pulled away from his embrace. ''Everything is exactly the way it's supposed to be. Don't you think?''

Hotch laughed at her response. ''Maybe, I could have had a chance to marry someone hotter than you.'' he teased.

JJ punched him in the stomach. ''If I were you I would be careful!'' she warned him, rising from the chair. They had been sitting on the porch, enjoying the wonderful weather while Jack was sitting in the front yard, reading a book.

''Where are you going?'' Hotch asked.

''Away from you.'' she smiled out.

''I will always love you no matter where you go!'' he called out as joke while JJ walked towards Lilly. The older woman was still their neighbor and Hotch knew she had become like a mother figure in JJ's life.

JJ sat down in a chair next to Lilly. ''Hey.'' JJ greeted kindly. ''How are you feeling today?''

''I'm doing better, JJ. Every day is a struggle but I just have to keep going.'' Lilly answered sadly. ''It's what he would have wanted.''

JJ nodded, knowing the loss of Lilly's husband was still affecting the older woman. ''You look good though.'' JJ complimented and she saw her face lighten up instantly. ''Would you like to come over for dinner tonight?''

''No, thank you, dear. You should enjoy some alone time with your family.''

''We wouldn't mind, Lilly. Your company is always our pleasure.'' she explained, leaning back in the chair as her eyes connected with Hotch's. She immediately felt the sparks going through her body. After seven years of being together at least that never changed and she knew it never would.

''Go to your husband, JJ.'' Lilly encouraged. ''Enjoy every single moment with him.''

''I will.'' she agreed, rising from the chair. She turned around to face Lily. ''Thank you for everything. You're a true miracle in my life.''

''No, I'm not.'' Lilly started. ''You are, JJ. You're the biggest miracle anyone can receive.'' she went on. ''You changed the lives of the Hotchner boys and not to mention that you changed mine as well.''

''They changed me as well and so did you.'' JJ said emotionally, looking at the older woman. Lilly was someone who JJ had been able to confide in when she needed someone else to talk to. ''I'll see you later.''

''Have a nice evening, dear.'' she said, watching JJ run towards the Hotch and Jack.

JJ stepped next to Jack who was still reading his book. ''Is it good?'' JJ asked curiously.

Jack looked up at JJ in annoyance. ''Yeah, it's good.''

''I think he doesn't want us hovering around him.'' Hotch hinted. He grabbed JJ's wrist and dragged her back inside the house. He opened the door and closed it as he pressed JJ body against it. ''Maybe we could hover around each other.'' he groaned out as he felt JJ's lips descending on his. He returned the kiss with full force before he pulled away to catch his breath.

''I really want to do this Aaron but it's almost time for dinner.'' JJ said as she escaped his hold. She turned around on her heels, swaying her body to make Hotch crazy.

''Oh, but we'll make time for it tonight.'' he said as he followed JJ into the kitchen. ''You owe me one.''

''I'll make it up to you, I promise!'' JJ whispered. As his arms wrapped around her, she knew that this was it. There was no other place in the world she wanted to be. And she wouldn't have changed anything in her life. Not even her marriage to Dale. It made her the person she was now and she felt good about it.

After Hotch found out about what JJ had gone through, he didn't wait for one second before he had Dale arrested. Charges were filed against him and he went to jail. The defense decided to make a deal with the prosecution to spare everyone the pain of a lengthy trial. JJ had finally realized she had a protector in her life instead of an abuser. But her past came back to haunt her every single day. She still had the nightmares but with Hotch by her side she felt safe and she nothing would ever happen to her. He held her when she cried out in pain. And she did the same for him when his job was too much for him.

JJ finally went back to college when her life got back on track and she finally started to live the life she wanted as she was leaving behind the memories of her old life. College was everything she always thought it would be. And after four years of hard work she decided to join the police force. Being in a relationship with an FBI agent inspired her to do better things. It turned her life around in ways she could never have imagined.

Their lives had turned into a true fairy tale and neither of them would change the circumstances that led them to one another. Even though they were already married they knew they had much more time ahead of them. They talked about having more kids to fill their house. But the most important thing was that they would grow old together and live happily ever after…