*The Next Morning

*Stefan's POV

I woke up to Care's phone ringing and everyone else was asleep. I grab it from the night stand and see that it's Bonnie. Knowing Care she would not want to miss this call so I answer it and head to the balcony.

"Hello," I say sleep evident in my voice.

"Well Stefan I wasn't expecting you to answer," she says surprise and suspicion in her tone.

"Care's still sleeping so I answered for her," I say rubbing the back of my neck getting nervous at how Bonnie is reacting. I hear her shuffle around and tell someone they can't have the phone.

"Look Stefan, Elena is here and she really wants to talk to you," she finally sighs out. Great it's always a fantastic moment to talk to your ex first thing in the morning.

"Stefan," her voice sounds sweet laced with innocence and for a second I forget she has the flip switched. "When are you coming back?" Before I can answer the phone is snatched from my grip and Caroline is saying something in her snarky don't mess with me tone. Then she hangs up and puts the phone down on the patio table.

"Good morning," I say going to pull her into a hug but she stops me.

"Stefan Salvatore you stood me up last night," she snaps at me. I rub the back of my neck again and look at the ground. Before I can get out an apology she starts rambling, "While you were gone Klaus called. Prom is totally ruined and now I have to deal with the devil. I need to find a new dress. You went running back to Katherine. You were supposed to be with me…" I cut her off by pulling her into a kiss.

I rest my forehead on hers and look into her beautiful blue eyes. "I made a mistake last night and I won't ever make it again." She smiles and gives me a quick peck on the lips.

"Mr. Salvatore let it be known you can't just kiss me and expect to be forgiven just like that," she says returning to being angry. I nod and grab her hand and pull her out the door.

"Let's go get breakfast and you can tell me exactly what Klaus told you," I answer.

We go to a quiet little diner a block from the hotel where no one will judge us for being in our pj's still seeing as that was Care's main concern.

"So Klaus called and said Elena stole my prom dress and I was totally freaking out," she starts and I love the way her nose crinkles up in disgust as she talks about the whole ordeal. "He told me he could help me get and even better dress on one condition."

"And what is that one condition?" I ask looking up from the menu.

"I have to be escorted to prom by him," she gags out.

"Tell him to get in line I asked you first," I say shrugging my shoulders.

"Well see I originally told him that but after I saw you with Katherine last night I sent him a text where I agreed," she says twirling her hair nervously.

"Hmm," I say, "What if we snap his neck after you get the dress and go to prom together anyways."

"Or we could lock up BitchLena and you could take Katherine and no one would be the wiser," she says.

"I think Damon would notice," I say going back to the menu.

"Well lucky Katherine has two Elena experts who can teach her," she says getting excited, "Plus she is already a bitch so she doesn't even have to work that hard. C'mon Stef the three musketeers take on Mystic Falls Senior Prom, doesn't it sound nice?"

"But I want to take you," I pout.

"I'll save you as many dances as you want," she says, "besides think about poor Katherine she's probably never gone to a prom before."

"Didn't you just say she was a bitch?" I laugh out.

"I'm a girl I change my mind fast," she shrugs, "Plus if she comes there won't be any Elena drama at my… our prom."

"I'll think about it," I say returning to the menu one last time.

AN- Thanks for all the reviews sorry this is another short one but I wrote this while procrastinating on hw. I promise next time I'll upload two chapters that are much longer. What do you guys think about Care's new prom plan? I wouldn't mind seeing Stefan get jealous over Klaroline and Care getting even more jealous over Steferine. Love you guys xoxo