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Things in this fic I usually don't do:

Genderbending: Joey's a girl. Repeat, Joey will be a GIRL in this story

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Yaoi: I'm a hardcore puppyshipper, but Joey's girl so it doesn't really count. Puzzleshipping, Tendershipping and bit of Chaseshipping at the end.

OOCness: Though to be honest I don't consider it such.

OCs: Joey's past self and the villains

Dub names: Yeah...not gonna use them Japanese names.

Screwing Canon: Don't tell me what actually happened in the show if I get something wrong or something is changed. I have a bad memory and just rewatched the series about a month ago so I forget things. This is fanfiction. The whole point is to twist something we love into something we love more. So pipe down.

Anyways, enough my ramblings. Hope you enjoy the story. If not...well...it might make a good coaster for your drink?

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The sorcerer could feel the magic rising, filling the temple with an aura that so dark it could have put Zorc to shame. He knew he was being reckless, he could see it in his apprentice's eyes. She would never say so, however. She was far too loyal.

He stood in the middle of the etched runes on the floor, mumbling the incantation. He was almost happy Pharaoh Atem was no longer here. He would not have approved of any part of this. The harnessing and twisting of a magic older and more dangerous than the Shadow Games.

"Mahado." The voice nearly made the sorcerer jump. He had not expected her to come here. She was not supposed to know about this. "Mahado, I beg you, stop this."

Mahado didn't turn around. The slightest wrong move and this ritual could destroy everyone here, if not half of Egypt. "You know I cannot," he told Isis. It was true for many reasons. If he stopped now, not only would the future stay in great peril, but now it was impossible to reverse this. If he stopped, who knew what damage it would cause?

"Why would you do this?!" Isis pleaded in outrage. "I understand that you want to serve the Pharaoh! We all do! But this...this," Mahado could hear the tears in her voice. "Why would you dare tamper with the Oricalcos? No good can come from it!"

"I know what I am doing," Mahado snapped, angered by Isis' lack of faith. "You said it yourself. The Pharaoh will return in the future, and a darker evil will rise and only-,"

"And only three powerful hikaris will have the power to stop it," Isis finished for him. "Please, Mahado. What are you trying to do? What could manipulating the Oricalcos do for anyone?"

Mahado was silent for a moment. "It will give them the power they need," he replied, a sense of finality in his voice. He then heard other voices and scowled. "The guards, Isis?" It was more of a statement than a question. He should have expected this. He just hadn't thought Isis would be the one to bring them.

Isis' voice had gone very soft. "I had no choice. His Highness-,"

"Is barely king for a season and believes I serve him."

"He is the Pharaoh! You do serve him!"

"I serve Atem!" Mahado shouted. "What I am doing is for Atem! You saw yourself. If we do nothing to help the future than anything else we do here is for naught!"

"And Atem would never want you to take these measures!" Isis screamed, he voice choking, "Set is Atem's cousin, Mahado. He is the Pharaoh. Please..." Mahado almost couldn't bear the sound of her voice.

"No, Isis. You must trust me on this," he told her more calmly. "Besides, if our current Pharaoh truly understood what I was doing, he would not mind as much."

"Why would you say-,"

"He was there in your vision, was he not?" he asked, already knowing the answer. "If I do this, he gets to see that devil woman again."

"You should not speak ill of the dead, master," Mana said in a small voice. "Besides I rather liked her."

Mahado smiled a bit. He had meant "devil woman" as a term of enderment. She had been as sharp and fiery as her dragon. It was no wonder Set had fallen for someone such as her. "As did I."

"Enough of this nonsense, Mahado!" Isis yelled. "Stop this now!"

"It is too late, Isis," he said, the runes and symbols that encircled him beginning to glow. It was not bright green, as stories of the Oricalcos told, but a frightening blood red. "Isis," Mahado continued, looking over his shoulder, "I beg you to forgive me."

The glow became brighter, blinding everyone else in the temple. Mana ran forward as the light began to consume her master.

"No! Mana stay back!"

"Mahado!" Isis hollered.

And then the light was gone, the temple going completely dark. There was flurry of confusion from Isis and the guards. "Mahado?" Isis called. "Mahado?!"

When the darkness finally cleared, Isis gasped and calling more desperately for both the sorcerer and his apprentice.

However, both were nowhere to be found.


Well, that was dramatic.

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