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Six Months Later...

"Hey Weevil!" yelled Rex Raptor as he jogged across the crowded convention center. Kaiba Corp. was holding a huge gaming convention to preview several new products and such, and there were duelist and gamers from all over. Rex was surprised he actually found the short bug master, though his hair did kinda make him stand out.

"What the hell do you want?" Weevil asked rudely. Rex rolled his eyes. The two of them still didn't quite see eye to eye, but they were hardly enemies.

"Did you hear about Joey Wheeler?" Rex asked, not having the patience to beat around the bush.

Weevil scoffed. "Pfft. You mean that he was actually a she the whole time? Yeah, what about it?"

Rex sighed. "You don't believe it, do you?"

"Come on! Wheeler was clearly a guy! No girl is that good at being a guy!"

"You guys talking about Joey Wheeler?" interrupted Mako Tsunami, coming up to them. "Crazy story, huh?"

"I'm telling you it's not true," Weevil insisted. "Wheeler's a guy."

"Was a guy," corrected Esper Roba. He had been passing the group when he heard the conversation. "I just saw her at the front door. Does Yugi Muto have a twin or something?"

Rex shrugged. "How would we know?" He said bluntly. "So you saw Wheeler?"

Esper nodded. "Sure did. And he is definitely a she."

"I told you, Bug-boy," Rex said to Weevil. The blue-haired boy glared.

"Yeah right," Weevil said, folding his arms. "I did not get beat by some lame girl."

"You better watch it, Weevil," came Mai Valentine's voice. "There are plenty of girls here who are more than capable of kicking your ass."


"Like me!" shouted Rebecca Hawkins as she stepped forward.

"And that 'lame girl' your talking about happened to be the third best duelist in the world," Mai reminded the boy. "Not to mention my friend."

"Come on!" Weevil yelled in frustration. "There is no way Wheeler's a girl. He's way too guy-like."

Mai flipped her hair. "Maybe she's just good." A sly smile appeared on her face.

"But why would...she do it?" Mako asked thoughtfully. "You know, pose as a boy?"

"Maybe it was to be taken more seriously as a duelist," Rebecca stated. "It's still common that female duelists aren't respected as they should be."

"This is complete crap!" Weevil snapped. "No way is Joey Freaking Wheeler-,"

"Thought I felt my ears burnin'," said a voice behind Weevil. The entire group looked up. Everyone but Mai looking like they had seen a ghost.

Joey Wheeler stood before them, hands on her hips, an eyebrow raised, her group of friends standing behind her. She was dressed in tight, form-fitting jeans, blue converse and a t-shirt reminiscent of the one she wore in Battle City, only it clung to the curves of her slender feminine form, along with a blue jacket. Feathery, edgy blonde locks fell to her shoulders and amber eyes were line with black liner.

It was safe to say that Joey Wheeler was very much a girl.

An attractive girl at that.

"Hello boys," Joey said casually as if there was nothing wrong with the current situation. "And Rebecca and Mai."

"Hello to you, too, hun," Mai said, feeling a little impressed by Joey's demeanor.

"Wow," Rebecca gasped. "You look awesome, Joey!"

"Thanks, Beck," Joey replied. She turned her attention to the four boys. Four of her former opponents. She smirked. "If you guys keep yer mouths open any longa' yer gonna catch a fly."

"I think they're gone, Joey," Duke said.

"Well can you blame them?" Tea asked. "I'd be shocked, too."

"Maybe we should just leave them," Yami suggested.

Joey's cell phone vibrated and she pulled it from her pocket, prodding it with her thumb a few time before rolling her eyes and putting it back. "As fun as it is ta stare at yer blank expression all day, I gotta be somewhere." She turned to her friends. "See ya guys lata'. Squirt says da boyfriend's about ta blow a fuse."

"Boyfriend?!" The previously stunned group of boys chorused. Now they looked like they were about to have aneurysm. Yugi let our a laugh along with Tea while Yami joined in with a soft chuckle. Mai exchanged knowing glances with the rest of the group, noticing how Tristan and Duke were not-so-subtly holding hands.


The whole group turned, seeing a grumpy looking Seto Kaiba striding toward them, wearing his white business suit. His bouncy, raven-haired brother ran toward Joey's younger sister. The blonde sighed in frustration.

"Wheeler! I told you to be here at noon!"

Joey's hand flew to her hips. "And I told you, Moneybags, that we were stuck in traffic and we would get here when we get here!"

Seto's eyes narrowed. "You do realize how busy I am today, don't you? I don't have the time or the patience to wait for you to finally show up!"

Joey rolled her eyes. "I told ya, there was traffic!"

Mako, Rex, Weevil and Esper seemed relieved. This, at least, was normal.

"And I told you to take the damn chopper to avoid traffic!" Seto retorted, getting into Joey's face. He then noticed that they had an audience that consisted of four boys who didn't seem able to take their eyes off of something. "What the hell are they staring at?"

Joey smirked. "Me."

Seto's eyes jumped back to the blonde, darting between her and the boys. He gave them a glare so terrifying that Rex and Weevil involuntarily squeaked. Mako's eyes shifted. Esper audibly gulped.

With a primal growl, Seto wrapped an arm around Joey's waist and kissed her ferociously, a hand grasping blonde hair. The kiss went on for a good minute before Seto released her, glaring at the four boys lethally. They were now showing eye twitches and tremblings. Weevil fainted, and Mai couldn't help but smirk.

"Possessive bastard," Joey said, pushing Seto away.

Seto rolled his eyes. "If you want to go to that curry place we have to go now," Seto said, taking Joey's hand. "I have meeting at three."

Joey rose a brow. "Why did I need to be here at noon? That's more than enough time ta eat."

Seto smirked. "Because I wanted to squeeze in some other activities," he said close to Joey's ear. "Now I have to skip foreplay."

"Didn't need to hear that," Tristan said.

"Yeah, I'm leaving now," Esper announced, walking off to find his brothers.

"Psh. So immature," Rebecca scoffed as he left. Everyone stared at her. "What? I'm young, not naive."

Joey rolled her eyes before swatting Seto on the arm with her free hand. "Perv."

Seto sighed. "Come on, Pup." He began dragging the blonde away from the group.

"Call us if ya need anythin'!" Joey yelled to Serenity and Mokuba.

Mako and Rex continued to stare, no one bothering to help out the passed out Weevil. Finally Rex sobered, shaking his head and running after the couple. "Wheeler!"

Joey stopped, to Seto's obvious displeasure. He continued to glare at the short boy as he said, "What do you want, shrimp?"

"Pipe down, Seto," Joey told her overly jealous boyfriend.

Rex ignored them, pointing accusing finger at Joey. "How the hell did you pass for a boy for so long?!"

Joey blinked for a bit. She looked at her friends, exchanging knowing smiles with them, before answering.

"A lady never reveals her secrets."

Joey and Seto walked off after that, leaving Mako and Rex confused, Weevil still passed out and the others trying hard not to laugh at the entire ordeal. Once the couple was out of the building and safe in the limo, Seto pulled Joey into his lap and held her close. "So...have you told them yet?"

Joey smiled. "Tea knows. She noticed a month back how nauseous I was getting and I've learned I'm not very good at lying to her. I guess I'm worried how the rest of 'em will take it."

Seto sighed. "Yugi and Yami adopted Jaden as soon as they could after rescuing him. I don't see how this is any different."

"True," the blonde said thoughtfully. She lifted her shirt and smiled at her belly, putting a hand on it. "I guess I won't be able ta keep it from da other's for too long, anyway."

Seto placed his hand over Joey's, smiling softly. He lent down and placed a little kiss on her stomach. "Do you think it's too soon to come up with names?" he asked, a hint of excitement in his voice.

"Seto we don't even know what we're havin'," the blonde replied, amused by his excitement.

Seto shrugged. "Well then when we find out we'll be one step ahead."

Joey rolled her eyes. "You and bein' prepared."

"It is why you love me," Seto told her.

"Yeah, yeah," Joey said playfully. She looked down at her belly again, beaming. "I like Anastasia," Joey confessed. She'd been looking up names here and there. She liked Alexandra well enough, and had even considered a name similar, but eventually changed her mind. This was a new beginning, a new life. The past had had enough say in Joey and Seto's lives, she felt.

However, she couldn't help how fitting the name Anastasia was when she happened upon it.

Seto looked up at the blonde in his lap, raising a brow. "Anastasia?" It was a pretty name (and had Greek origins just like Alexandra, but Seto wasn't about to mention that), it just...seemed rather random.

Joey bit her lip. "It means 'ressurrection,'" she said, subconsciously rubbing her abdomin. She caught Seto's gaze with her own. She really hoped he liked the name. It made sense, didn't it? Ressurection. Rebirth. Both their lives had centered around such a thing, even if reincarnation wasn't a factor.

Seto nodded, understanding perfectly. "I like it," he said with a smile. "We could call her Ana for short."

Joey smiled in return. "We could have a boy, you know," she pointed out. "Or twins."

Seto grimaced. He was excited for his and Joey's child, but the thought of two babies at once was daunting. "Don't joke like that."

Joey laughed. "You're expressions're great, though."

Seto rolled his eyes before his face took on a more focused expression. Boy names. Well, they both liked dragons. "Draco."

Joey looked at him liked he'd lost his mind. "Like the punk kid from Harry Potta'?" she asked incredulously.

"No," he replied in mild irritation. "Like the constillation. Like 'dragon' in Latin."

Joey continued to look at him strangely, but gave the name some thought. "Well, Draco Kaiba does have a nice ring to it," she said with a grin. "I'll just call 'im Drake, though."

"You would," Seto scoffed. Joey found herself smiling stupidly before kissing his lips and touching her forehead to his. Yugi had been right. They got their second chance. They got their happy ending.

"I'm so happy, Seto," she told him, her voice quiet. Seto kissed her again, the kiss sweet at first before it slowly became passionate and intense. Joey barely heard the sound of the privacy window being raised, or felt her body being laid gently on the floor of the limo.

"It really doesn't take much for ya, does it?" Joey managed to say between kisses. Seto smirked.

"Well we have a bit of time before we get to the restaurant," Seto replied, kissing along her neck. "Besides, the fact that you're carrying my child only makes it harder for me to control myself." He kissed her lips again, his hands pulling off her jacket and shirt. He pulled away for a moment, locking his blue eyes with Joey's amber. "Marry me."

Joey stared. "Really, Seto? That's how you ask a girl ta marry ya?"

"Well I was planning on asking you at the restaurant," Seto explained, "but talking about our child seems to have gotten to me. If you want I can try again when we get there."

Joey sighed. For a genius, Seto really was stupid sometimes. For some reason she found it adorable. She sat up a bit to kiss the brunet again. She smiled and cupped Seto's face in her hands. "Of course I'll marry ya," she said softly. "Even if ya are a moron - Mmph!" Joey didn't get to finish her sentence as Seto kissed her fiercely, his hand roaming to her jeans to unbutton and unzip them. Joey, feeling like she was falling behind, nearly tore Seto's jacket and tie off. Once they had to break for air, Joey said, "Ya know ya can't call me Wheeler anymore once we're married. Even if ya mad," her voice became seductive, "Mr. Kaiba."

Seto made a growling noise as the two became more fervent in getting the other naked. "I'll call you whatever I want," he said with a smirk. "Mrs. Kaiba."



So, here you go. The major change to the story.

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