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Shinra tired of it. He was tired of having to stick around idiots who couldn't be honest with each other like he was with Celty. It annoyed him to no end. He had no idea why they hadn't admitted to it, but it was clear Shizuo and Izaya loved each other. Why else would they be that close and at each others throats all the time?

With a sigh he shuffled the papers on his desk and leaned back in his office chair. What could I do for these people? He glanced at a picture that he took with Celty. He was clinging onto Celty's arm, and the black shadow that came out from her showed signs of embarrassment. Ah, I got it.

Later that day...

Izaya was walking the streets of Ikebukuro whistling a nonsensical tune. He was taking a break from his work as an informant and came to Ikebukuro to look for his favorite playtoy Shizu-chan.

It didn't take too long for soon a vending machine came flying out of nowhere and would've hit Izaya had he not quickly jumped out of the way.

"I~ZA~YA~KUN" A deep voice enunciated each syllable in a pissed off sort of tone.

"Ne, Shizu-chan, you know it's nice to throw something as a greeting," Izaya smirked.

"Get over here and let me kill you, you damn flea," Shizuo chewed his cigarette angrily. Then he wrenched the nearest street sign from the ground and threw it Izaya at an attempt at skewering him. As usual, it failed as the raven jumped away and landed lightly a few feet away.

"Now, now Shizu-chan, you have to do better than that," Izaya threw switchblades at the blonde, but Shizuo caught them in his mouth, his bite snapping the metal in bits.


A black shadow caught the fighting duo and restrained them.

Shinra stepped out in front of the constrained two with Celty next to him.

"Oi Shinra, what the hell are you doing," Shizuo growled while futilely attempting to free himself from Celty's shadow's hold.

Shinra didn't answer him as he stepped forward with a spray can and sprayed the palm of Izaya's left hand and Shizuo's right hand. He then grabbed a hold of the same arms, careful not to touch the newly sprayed areas, and brought them together, cautiously intertwining the fingers. The two hands stuck together and no matter what the constrained duo tried, they just wouldn't come apart.

"Okay Celty, you can let go of them now," Shinra smiled contently.

The black shadow shrank away from Izaya and Shizuo and returned to Celty. Quickly Celty pulled out her phone and began typing into it.

I'm sorry I did this, but I'm tired of it as well. She held it up in front of the raven and blonde to read. They just had confused faces, not understanding what the dullahan meant. Then she began typing again. Shinra, you have to stop involving in your crazy schemes. This time she held up to Shinra to read.

"But Celty, if I don't do this they probably won't ever change!" Shinra whined.

The dullahan got onto her black bike and rode away. The neighs from the bike faded into the distance til the only noise left was the wind and the grunting from Izaya and Shizuo as they continued to try and pull their hands away from each other. For once they were actually working together.

"Shinra, what the hell are you trying to do?" Shizuo demanded, "Why did you get me stuck to this flea of all people?" He glared at the lab coat clad man.

"Now Shizu-chan, I have more of a reason to complain. If I'm stuck this protozoan for who knows how long, then how do you expect me to do my work?" Izaya sighed.

Shizuo held up his fist ready to punch the life out of the raven while Izaya pulled out his switchblade prepared to slit the throat of the blonde.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Shinra calmly stated as he began his explanation. "You see, I sort of super-glued you guys together. Ah, but don't think this is ordinary superglue, after all I made it. Only I can remove it." He smirked at the two, an expression he rarely showed. "Also, this kind of super-glue is really special. Since I stuck you two together that means all physical pain and all feelings felt by one person will also be experienced by the other, so if you try to kill the other person, it's likely that you'll get killed too."


"Oh right. You guys aren't honest at all with each other," A look of blank confusion was again on the faces of the blonde and raven. "You guys are clearly in love each other. I'm not freeing you guys until you learn to admit your love for each other." Shinra walked away, slightly chuckling at the look of shock that had appeared on the faces of Izaya and Shizuo. Oh this will be quite fun, Shinra thought.

Izaya and Shizuo looked dumbfound at Shinra's retreating figure and slight blush on each other's face. They turned to look at each other and immediately became infuriated. Furious they turned back to glare at Shinra's back.


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