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"Huh?" Shizuo tensed up, "How do you know about that?"

Izaya felt the surprise that Shizuo had, "What are you talking about?"

"About...the cookies thing."

Izaya blinked then smirked, realizing something. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Shizuo was silent, trying to hear Izaya's thoughts, then his eyes widened in horror.

"You! You had the same dream as me!"

Izaya lifted his arm and scratched his head. "I guess none of us thought about the dream when we woke up so we didn't notice and..." Izaya lifted the hand connected to Shizuo's hand, "It's probably another result of Shinra's weird glue."

"I swear, when we get out of this, I'm gonna bash his glasses face into a wall," Shizuo grumbled.

"Anyway, were you conscious in said dream and could practically control yourself?" Izaya asked.

"Huh." Shizuo thought for a few moments then answered, "I guess...I kind of was."


Shizuo tried to listen to Izaya's mind, but nothing was there for him to hear. "What are you getting at?"

"Why were you grinning and laughing when I threw cookies at you, Shizu-chan?" Izaya's smirked returned.

"Wha?!" Shizuo cheeks turned a dusty pink in color. He looked away, resting his face on his hand. "I don't know,"

"Hm, are you sure?" Izaya prodded.

"Quit it. Anyway what about you?" Shizuo turned back to look at the raven again.

"What do you mean?" The crimson eyes glinted as a mischievous smile formed on Izaya's face.

"What do you mean by what do you mean! Aren't you the same? Why were you smiling like that when I was chasing you, it was seemingly...real,"

"Ah..." Izaya looked up at the ceiling. He looked back at Shizuo. "Did you know there are a lot of cobwebs up there?" He pointed to the ceiling.

"Stop changing the subject." Shizuo growled.

"Okay, okay." Izaya stopped messing around. "Truth to be told, I don't know either, it just occurred. I wasn't in full control of my dream body; I don't control my dreams."

A few moments of silence was shared between them. None of them said anything for awhile, and they both just stared at the table between them. Then, Shizuo remembered the first part of the dream, where someone was waving at him.



"Were you the one waving at me in that meadow in the dream?"


"You know that grassy meadow with flowers and butterflies and stuff."

"Were there unicorns and rainbows too?"

"Shut up! And no! There weren't any anyway!"

"Haha," Izaya snickered. "I don't think I dreamt of such a meadow."

"Oh," Shizuo sighed.

"What? Did you want that person to be me?" Izaya asked sarcastically.

"No! Why the hell would I want the damn person to be you?!" Shizuo yelled.

"Now, now Shizu-chan, no need to get so angry. Let's just play another card game."

"Fine," Shizuo grumbled, calming himself down before he started throwing things in the house.

They began to play Old Maid. They played several rounds for a few hours, each game resulting in Izaya's win and Shizuo grumbling.

Time began to pass quickly. Soon enough, it was practically lunchtime.

A grumbling sound emanated from Shizuo's abdomen.

"What are you upset about? We only just started this game. Or...are you mad that you lost to me 96 times." Izaya jokingly said.

"You idiotic flea, that's my stomach and I don't give a damn about your wins."

"Okay, okay."

Shizuo stood up. Izaya stood up as well and walked around the table.

They began to leave the living room.

As they made their way out, Izaya didn't notice the remote laying on the ground as he tripped on it.


Shizuo turned around at the sudden noise Izaya made and turned just in time to see Izaya trip forward, making them both fall to the ground.

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