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Izaya and Shizuo waited, and at exactly 9pm, the doorbell rang. They both went to go open it to reveal a boy with a look of suspicion on his face and he stared at the two.

"Well, I'm here, so what did you want me for?" Mikado asked, still standing outside the door.

"No use talking about it out here. Come in, come in," Izaya gestured into the house.

After a moment of staring at the informant's face, Mikado stepped into the house. "Excuse me for intruding," he mumbled as he followed the two into the living room.

"Why are you acting as if this is your house?" Shizuo asked Izaya with a slight glare.

Izaya ignored him as Mikado made an expression, with a slight demand to know what he was needed for.

"Well, Mikado," Izaya smiled, "We need you to broke into a house for us." He said it as if it was the most normal thing to do.

Mikado just stared at the raven in shock for a few moments. "W-what?"

"I said that you need to break into-"

"I know, but...why?"

"Just do it and we'll reward you later,"

Mikado thought before answering with a sigh, "Fine. Okay, tell me the details."

"Well, we want you to break into Shinra's house and find the superglue that well did this to us," Izaya lifted the connected the hands.

"Wait flea, didn't Shinra say that he was the only one who could remove it?" Shizuo asked, realizing only now a possible flaw that would make their entire plan useless, "What use is the superglue when we need the antidote that we have no idea how it looks like?"

"Che, I thought you weren't asking any questions cause you evolved from one-celled into a two-celled organism, but it looks like you are still one-celled," Izaya looked at Shizuo, who glared at the raven. "With the original, you can make an antidote, and before you ask, I do happen know some people who can do that."

Shizuo sighed, "Okay, okay,"

"Anyways, back to what we were talking about," Izaya began again, "You will break into their house. Actually first ring the doorbell and if Shinra opens the door, give him that," Izaya pointed the box with the creepy doll in it. "If no one opens the door, pick the lock and enter yourself."

"Wait, wait, do you even know how to pick a lock, Mikado?" Shizuo interrupted.

Mikado gave a small smile to Shizuo before he gestured for Izaya to continue.

"Now you should already know the basics of what to do when you break into someone's house."

Hah? Shizuo thought interjected. Why would he know that?

Izaya shot the blonde a look. Don't question me, protozoan.

Watching the exchange, Mikado couldn't help but feel a little confused on what was happening as neither said anything, but both had some sort of reaction.

"Now, the object you are looking for is a-"

The front door opened suddenly and a pair of footsteps could be heard coming down the hallway. A familiar head poked itself into the room. The brown eyes scanned the people sitting there, before he opened his mouth and asked in the same monotonous voice, "What are you guys doing?"

"We're planning a break in, Kasuka-chan!" Izaya cheerfully greeted.

"I see, just don't get into too much trouble. I'll going to sleep now. Goodnight." Kasuka exited.

"'Night, Kasuka," Shizuo said to his brother.

When Kasuka entered, Mikado was rather surprised as he recognized him as the famous actor Hanejima Yuuhei, but he didn't ask anything, just looked curiously at him with a few glances placed at Shizuo.

"Okay!" Izaya was a little annoyed by all the interruptions, "You are looking for a spray can. Just take all the spray cans you find. Now mission start!"

Mikado just stared at Izaya strangely for a few moments before picking up the box and heading out the door.

"Good luck!" Izaya waved and he closed the door. Again, they just had to wait, but Mikado knew to call if something went wrong.

Mikado knew where Shinra's house was located as he had been there before. He walked quickly, but not so quick as to attract attention from anyone who happened to be on the streets. Why am I doing this? he couldn't help but think as Shinra's home finally appeared in his line of sight.

At the door, Mikado looked around him, to be sure no one was around, and rung the doorbell. He waited for a minute or so and when no one opened the door he let out a sigh of relief.

He glanced around again and put the box down on the ground before fishing for something in his pocket. When Mikado found what he was looking for, he gave a little chuckle, "I haven't done this in a while." He brought out a pick and a tension wrench and set to work picking the lock on the door. In about thirty seconds, he was done and had swung open the door.

Mikado picked up the box, went inside and closed the door, locking it again. Then he turned on the lights and went further into the home and opened a window and placed the box on the ground outside, as he didn't need it. He left the window open as he needed an escape route in case either Celty, Shinra, or anyone else for that matter came back.

Taking a deep breath, Mikado looked around the room. The house was fairly neat and organized. Releasing the breath he took in, he began to look around the house.

First he went to the bathroom, a place where one may find spray cans. He opened the cabinet and sifted through the items held there. Finding nothing, he placed the items just as it was before and looked at the shower. Again, no luck. He spent quite awhile checking the bathroom, before moving on.

This could be easier if I knew what the can looked like, but all they said was that it was a spray can, Mikado thought as he made his way into the kitchen.

He looked at the counter tops and opened all the cupboards. There, he found one thing that was a spray can. I bet this is just cooking spray, he thought with a sigh as he picked it up and went checked the fridge and pantry as well. In the fridge he found another one but found nothing in the pantry.

Mikado passed back into the living room, where he had opened the window. Leaning partially out of the window, he set the two spray cans that he found atop the box and backed out of the window to keep searching. He shot a glance at the clock on the wall, 10:47. Mikado still had plenty of time, hopefully, to do a full search.

He continued to check all the other rooms in the house with complete thoroughness. As it was late, he was a little tired. In the time that he spent searching, he didn't find that many spray cans in the house.

He was almost done checking the entire house, just a few drawers left to open and check when he heard a noise, possibly someone entering the house.

"Oh shit," Mikado ran as fast as he could to the window that he opened and climbed through. He closed the window and picked up the spray cans and the box he deposited outside the window and cut through the backyards of several people before emerging onto the main street. He let out a a breath that he didn't realize he was holding in.

"Glad that's over," Mikado sighed before returning to Shizuo's home with the items cradled in his arms.

He came to the door and was uncertain as to how to ring the doorbell as his hands were full. He sighed and settle to ring it with his forehead. Mikado pressed his forehead to the doorbell and it rang. Moments later the door opened and Mikado stepped in.

Shizuo took some of the items from Mikado and they went to the living room to see if any of the seven spray cans Mikado brought was the right one.

In the room, Mikado watched in curiosity and they sprayed the substance in the cans on two papers and put the papers together. They went through them quickly and unfortunately, none of them were the right can.

Shizuo and Izaya sighed. It was truly disappointing that they couldn't get their hands on the superglue.

Izaya fished in his pocket for something and pulled it out. He held it out to Mikado, "Here's your payment, though your work didn't bear any fruit,"

Mikado took the two pieces of paper that Izaya gave him and stared at them with an eyebrow raised. "...Amusement park tickets?"

"Yes, you can go with Kida-kun on a date. I thought you'd like it," Izaya smirked resting his chin on his hands.

Mikado's cheeks became red and he stood up suddenly, "I-i think I s-should be going now!" He practically ran to the door and put his shoes on before running out.

With a light chuckle, Izaya closed the door and two went upstairs to go an sleep because well, it was one in the morning.

Izaya climbed on the bed first and Shizuo just stared at him.

"What? It's too cold on the floor," He turned the other direction, "'Night,"

Shizuo sighed and got in as well, turning off the light before he did so. "Good night,"

The next few days passed with not much happening and Shizuo and Izaya not really leaving the house. Then one day, a fated event happened.

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