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"Okay, it is time," Izaya announced loudly out of nowhere, gaining the attention of the other two in the room.

A little confused and startled by the sudden outburst amid the silence, Shizuo and Kasuka just stared at Izaya.

"I'm started to get annoyed by the lack of a proper bath that I haven't been able to have in days," Izaya crossed his arms annoyed. "I don't want to constantly have to sponge my body. I really want to take a proper bath."

Izaya sounded almost childish with the twinge of a whiny tone lacing his voice as he spoke. Shizuo actually felt that he understood this and couldn't help but feel the same about wanting to take a proper bath.

Kasuka put his hand on his chin and looked down in thought. He rose his head to aim his brown eyes at Izaya.

"The only problem is that you won't be able to remove one sleeve...perhaps I can help with that." He said eyeing the sleeves of the arms that had their connected hands.

Izaya cocked his head to the side and gave a mild smirk. His expression seemed to say 'I'm listening.'

"I can remove the stitching on that one side so both of you can get out of your shirts. After that, I can add hooks or buttons to that side so you can get into them again," Kasuka stated and got up, gesturing for them to follow.

They went to a room close to the bathroom and Kasuka pulled out a sewing kit.

The actor took the connected sleeves and turned out the edge of Shizuo's cuff. With a sewing needle, he carefully and quickly pulled out the stitching on the underside of the sleeve of Shizuo's bartender outfit. Then he pulled out the stitching of the vest of the outfit. The vest hung oddly, so Shizuo took it off with his hand. Then Kasuka worked on the side of the white shirt. He started from the place where he opened the sleeve and went down. In a matter of a few minutes, Shizuo's shirt, which he couldn't get out of before, was now rather easy to get out of now.

Taking a step back to examine his work, Kasuka eyed the area where he had undid the stitches. In his mind, he contemplated how he may add the buttons to that side of the cloth later. He gave a little nod at Shizuo before turning to Izaya, "Your turn."

Izaya gave a mild cringe at the thought of his precious jacket getting some of the stitching removed from it but obediently let Kasuka remove the stitching from his jacket sleeve and side. When Kasuka finished with that, he removed his jacket.

"Stitch this back up normally please," Izaya said, patting his jacket, "I'd rather not wear it, then having buttons that would make it look strange on the side,"

Kasuka nodded, "Alright," and continued to remove the stitching from Izaya's black shirt in the same way that the stitching was removed from Shizuo's shirt.

After some time, Kasuka, announced quietly, "Okay, I'm done. I'll put some clothes in the bathroom that I'll stitch up quickly with the buttons and wash these," Kasuka went to the bathroom and began preparing the bath by putting in hot water. After a few minutes he came back out and told the two of them to go take a bath.

Izaya and Shizuo gave each other an apprehensive glance and got up, their shirts on one side flapping awkwardly, as they head to the bathroom.

Izaya closed the door behind them and they both stood, not saying anything. "Um..."

Shizuo let out a sigh and removed his shirt with one hand. Following his action, Izaya removed his black shirt. Then, they unbuttoned their pants and slipped out of the pants and boxers. They refrained from looking at each other as they placed their clothes on the small counter beside the sink. Then, they opened the sliding area that separates the front of the bathroom from the bathing area.

Taking note, that Kasuka put in an extra stool, they both took one and sat down. Then, they began to wash and soap down their own bodies.

As they rubbed soap on their own bodies, they couldn't help but feel certain tingles elsewhere on there bodies which made both Izaya and Shizuo feel the slightest bit uncomfortable.

Shizuo took the small shower head in front of him and used it to wash away the soap on his body. Accidentally, some of the spray hit Izaya in the face.

"Hey!" The raven shot a glare at Shizuo. Izaya rubbed his soap filled hand on his thigh, increasing the lather and turning the soap into a larger, fluffy, white mass, before gathering it into his hand and flinging it at Shizuo's face.


The soap hit Shizuo's eyes, making the blonde grunt in surprise. He aimed the shower head at his eye to wash away the soap before it irritated his eye too much. After a thorough power wash with the shower head, Shizuo turned around and gave the chuckling raven a glare.

In their glares was an unspoken declaration of war.

Izaya grabbed the other small shower head and a mini shooting water fight began the two. Neither of them had any cover as they were in the bathroom and connected by their hands. It was rather easy to hit the other with the spray of water. Soon enough, they began to shout rather loudly.

All of a sudden, the door to the bathroom opened. The sliding door of the bathing area opened as well, and the a figure stood in the opening.

"What are you two doing?"

At that, Shizuo and Izaya stopped the spray of water and soap, and snapped their heads to look with startled eyes towards doorway.

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