Doctor Who: A Night To Remember...

Chapter 1: 101 Places to See

Clara Oswald was bored. And that was a monumental feat for someone travelling on board the Tardis with the Doctor. There was always some new planet to explore, a new time period to waltz in or some bug-eyed monster leering down at them.
And even when there wasn't, Clara could wander through the Tardis to her hearts content, exploring it's many nooks and crannies. She could go for a dip in the swimming pool, browse through the varied novels and tomes from across time and space that the library held or even play a game of golf on one of extensive courses with the Doctor, if he had time, that was. As Clara explored the seemingly endless rooms, corridors and surprises that the Tardis offered, the Doctor always seemed to busy himself. Checking statistics, tinkering with the console or retreating to his study to read or study a hologram of some strange new species.
Clara was sitting on the new leather seat the Doctor had had installed in the console room. There never used to be a seat, before whenever Clara and the Doctor wanted to sit somewhere in the console room they would have to slouch on the steps or dangle their feet from the semi-balcony that stood above the time rotor room.
She was leaning back, it was very comfortable, luxurious even, but before long she begun to fidget, tapping her fingers against her knee and leaning fowards, resting her head on her hands as she did so. She enjoyed being in the Tardis, the ship never ceased to surprise and amaze her, but she wanted to actually go somewhere! They had been relaxing in the Tardis for 4 days now, they hadn't landed since the whole incident with the robot King George I... The Doctor never was able to re-attach the head after the alien assassins slashed it off with a sword. They both managed to escape while the assassins were getting out of the palace and the robot double of George I fumbled with his rolling head.
Clara begun to tap her foot against the floor of the control room, she opened her eyes and looked up at the Doctor. He was bent over the console, seemingly deep in concentration. A quick analysis of his mannerisms proved that wasn't the case, however. He too was fidgeting, although unlike Clara he had an outlet for it, that outlet was, of course, the Tardis console. He was switching off a series of colourful switches, before immediately switching them all back on again. He was pulling the monitor towards him, checking the readings on it, before pushing it away again. He repeated this process several times, Clara was observant enough to catch the fact that the readings never changed, not once... Clara now knew that if she begun to talk to him he wouldn't mind, so she opened her mouth and cautiously begun speaking.
In a soft, quiet tone "Doctor?"
The Doctor immediately looked up from his intense stare at nothing in particular and replied "Yes, Clara?"
She replied quickly, speaking at that million-miles-per-hour tone she was so fond of "Can we go somewhere?"
"Did you have anything in mind particularly?"
Clara racked her brain quickly before replying "No... But there are still a few things in that book of mine that I'd quite like to go too. You know, '101 Places to See'."
The Doctor looked elsewhere around the room, before speaking slowly, he didn't want to offend her with what he was going to say, after all, that book was an important thing to her. "But Clara... I don't mean to hurt you or anything but... That book's 'places to see' are rather boring. I mean, they're all on Earth, well, of course they're all on Earth but don't you want to see something a little more... Strange and exciting?"
The Doctor started to wave his hands around animatedly, he had stood up and begun to look at Clara again.
He continued "I mean, we could go to the Pyramids of Egypt or we could visit the Celestial Solar Flares of Akaria..."
Clara walked over to the elevated section of the Console room that contained a series of cupboards and draws, there was a small wooden table beside them, that was were she had placed it last, and that was were it was. She walked up the stairs and picked up the treasured book. She knew the book word by word by now so she had no trouble finding the page she was after. She found the paragraph and began reading, she walked down the steps as she read out loud to the Doctor.

Of all the ships lost to the cruel waves of the ocean none is more famous then the RMS Titanic, which is the basis of what is possible the greatest- and most violent naval disaster that ever existed.

The first question the Doctor asked after she finished reading. "How are you meant to 'see' the Titanic, this book was first published years and years after it had sunk!"
Clara snapped the book shut, placed it on the leather chair she was sitting on previously and replied "Oh, I don't know, you can't can you? That is unless you've got a machine that can travel in time to any second or year on any world..."
The Doctor flashed a smile at her and gleefully bent over the console once more, this time he wasn't dully flicking switches up and down but instead he was doing a dance of excitement around it, pulling levers with enthusiasm and pressing little multi-coloured buttons like their lives depended on it. Clara still wasn't sure exactly what his final reaction to the suggestion was though. She tenderly walked up to him and asked "So, are we going?"
The Doctor looked up at her and continued to grin as he replied "Oh yes, you bet we're going. I've never been to the Titanic, well, not the real one at least. I visited a flying replica of it in space, saw the making of the film twice and even starred as an extra in it but I've never, ever been to the real thing!"
"Isn't it a bit dangerous though? I mean, the Titanic crashed into an iceberg, hundreds of people died, do we really want to see that?"
"Well, um, no, but this is a time machine, remember? We'll only get there and leave in the days before it sinks, it'll be fine, provided nothing sinister shows up..."
"Which is always does." Clara retorted.
The Doctor was about to defend himself, he waved a finger at her before retracting it and admitting, in a quiet voice "Actually, that's a fair point."
Clara giggled quietly before smiling back at him and bounding towards the console in delight, her fidgeting had ceased to be caused by boredom and had begun to be the result of excitement. Suddenly, after the Doctor pulled a lever up the whole ship began to shake and vibrant. The Doctor held on to the console while Clara retreated towards the balcony railing. She closed her eyes and mouth and tried to not vomit. It wasn't that she suffered motion sickness, just that she still hadn't quite got used to the Tardis's rocking back and forwards as the Doctor piloted it through the vortex. She heard the familiar wheezing and groaning sound of the Tardis preparing for a landing then all of a sudden the vibrations ceased to be. The Tardis had landed.
The Doctor pulled the monitor towards him and checked the readings on it, he read it out-loud "1912, Middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Onboard the RMS Titanic. The time is around 11:00 AM. The weather is fine and sunny with a bit of a chill in the air, that means the temperature is around 19°C."
The Doctor pressed one more button on the console and looked over at Clara, he was looking very smug indeed. Perhaps he was impressed at having landed the Tardis without any obvious or immediate problems. That was to be decided after they stepped outside however, and Clara could hardly wait. She ran up to the Doctor and grabbed him by the arm, she ran past the console and was coming up to the door when the Doctor stopped her in her tracks.
"Wait!" He suddenly exclaimed.
Clara turned around to face him and narrowed her eyes in suspicion "What?" She replied. "You might want to change your clothes first before you go out there..."
"Why what's wrong with my clothes?" Clara immediately bounced back.
In an effort to return the conversation back to a more pleasant pedigree the Doctor hastily attempted to correct what he had said. "Um, no, there's nothing wrong with them... I mean, you, uh, look very beautiful. It's just that you should change into something a bit more... 1912ish. We don't want the modern skirt to be invented 50 years too early."
Clara looked down at her current, modern clothes and agreed with the Doctor. She walked out of the control room and begun following the signs to the wardrobe. The Doctor looked down at his own clothes and decided the bow tie and Victorian overcoat would suitably blend in. He was currently wearing his Victorian-era clothes, minus the overcoat. He walked over to the railing where he had thrown it last, picked it up and slipped it on.
After a few more minutes of waiting Clara emerged from one of the Tardis corridors. Her hair was tied up in a bun with only a few loose curls falling onto her face. She was wearing a dark blue dress adorned with a complex pattern. The Doctor thought she looked rather similar to the time he had met her in Victorian London.
He clapped his hands together and simply said "Good."
Before opening the doors and stepping outside, Clara following him closely...