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He Left Me, You Found Me


He left me, breaking my heart and stepping on the pieces when he told me he didn't love me. He left me for his past love, a woman who is not even alive anymore, who is but a shell of what she once was. I cannot even go to my time anymore to escape the pain I feel in my shattered heart. I cried that first day, wails of agony escaping my chapped lips. Sango never comforted me. She gave up when she saw there was no point. Miroku didn't even try.

I could not be helped. I would not be helped.


I spotted her through the trees, balanced on the lip of a well and crying like a little child. I stopped and stared at her. 'Why is she crying? Why do I even care?!' She looked up then, her brown eyes dull, full of unspeakable pain and sadness, staring at me like she didn't see me. I take a step towards her but still, she does not move. Her eyes are lifeless and red, the trails of newly dried tears present on her face.

I take another step towards her, watching her glazed eyes to see how she will react. She does nothing. I walk the rest of the way slowly, stopping in front of her. She still does not move. "Why do you cry, Miko?" I ask her in a bored voice though I am sure my eyes betray me. She jumps when I speak to her, looking up and staring into my topaz eyes. I feel something stir inside me when she bursts into a new wave of tears. The need to hurt the one who hurt her so horribly. I kneel to her level and ask again, "Why are you crying?" "Why should I a-a-answer y-you?!" she rasps in a voice that is not hers. "W-why do y-y-you even c-care?!" I growl quietly at the Miko. Her eyes widen in fear as her tears begin to dry, tracks running down both of her ivory cheeks.

I stop immediately for my intention was not to frighten the untrained Miko. "You did not answer my question, Miko." She closes her eyes as new tears begin to form in her dull, dead eyes. She takes a deep breath through her nose and breathes out through her mouth. "I-Inu-Inuyasha."

I growl at the given name of my half-breed brother. 'What had he done to this girl?! Why did I care?!' I cast my gaze on the frightened Miko again and ask, "What did my vile brother do to you?!"

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